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This website is dedicated to restoring common sense and conservative principles as the best way forward for our nation.

I make no apologies for defending the important things that have made our nation great: our families, our economic freedom and the traditional values which have been the cornerstone of our society.

Subscribers to my e-letter receive a weekly dose of common sense that is almost guaranteed to entertain, amuse and infuriate. I also share my regular column of ‘controversial ideas’ that political left would prefer you didn’t hear about because they challenge their radical agenda.

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About Cory


About Cory


SenCoryBernardi_5468Senator Cory Bernardi was sworn in as a Senator for South Australia in May 2006.

Cory has had over 25 years’ involvement in the Liberal Party in Australia. From 1998 to 2000 he served as the youngest ever State President of the Liberal Party in South Australia. He was also the youngest ever Federal Vice President of the Liberal Party of Australia.

Before entering Parliament, Cory was a member of the Australian rowing team, a publican, an investment portfolio manager and venture capital entrepreneur.

An accomplished author, Cory has written six books including two children’s books: Fit for Life!, a book which encourages children to be active and engage in a healthy lifestyle and The Money Tree, which teaches children responsible money habits.

Annual compilations of his weekly opinion columns As I See ItNo Left TurnOn The Right Track and Outside The Beltway can be purchased here.

In 2009, Cory founded the Conservative Leadership Foundation – a not-for-profit educational, research and training organisation dedicated to developing Australia’s future leaders around the guiding principles of limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and traditional values.


Cory's Values

Cory’s Values

Cory's Foundation


Cory’s Foundation



HiRes-Logo-2013In 2009, Cory established the Conservative Leadership Foundation (CLF), a leadership development and training organisation for young conservatives.

The CLF’s mission is to inspire, develop and support Australia’s future leaders who identify with the guiding principles of limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise and traditional values. The Foundation’s training and leadership programs aim to increase the number of leaders supporting these principles and help them to be more effective in engaging with the public policy process.

The CLF assists men and women who are prepared to be a public voice for the traditionalist conservative perspective to take leadership roles in business, the media, academia, political and community organisations. It believes that having more leaders committed to these enduring values will build a stronger Australia.

You can learn more about the Conservative Leadership Foundation here.





A strong and consistent voice in Federal Parliament,

standing up for the silent majority



Cory’s Blog


Dangers of privatising key assets

November 25, 2015
There has been some discussion lately about granting a lease of the Darwin port to a company associated with the Chinese government.…
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A man lights a candle in Republique square in Paris Nov. 14 in memory of victims of terrorist attacks. Coordinated attacks the previous evening claimed the lives of 129 people. The Islamic State claimed responsibility. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-PARIS-TERROR Nov. 14, 2015 and PARIS-ATTACK-LOMBARDI Nov. 13, 2015.

Denial must stop, Islam needs reform

November 18, 2015
My apologies for the length of this missive. It is longer than usual because there is a lot that needs to be…
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Remembering our fallen this Wednesday

November 11, 2015
Today is a special day for so many of us. It is the day we remember our service men and women and…
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Halal certification corruption

November 4, 2015
This week marked the final hearing for the Senate inquiry into food certification. The focus of the day was the fast growing…
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Fighting for traditional values



Cory in the media

Throughout his time in politics Cory has become one of the most recognisable Senators across Australia. Cory has gained a reputation as a passionate advocate for traditional values, limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. His determination to lend a voice to the silent majority has gained him a large and diverse support base who seek to defend the values upon which Australia was founded.

Cory makes regular appearances on TV, radio and in print media. His blog posts are read by thousands of Australians every week. As a proud activist for common sense, Cory calls out political correctness and the creeping nanny state where government wrongly restricts the freedom of the individual. Cory is one of the most frequently heard political voices in Australian federal politics.

If you would like to submit a media inquiry, please fill out the contact form below or call Cory’s electorate office on (08) 8362 8600

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     Campaigning for lower taxes and less red tape



Buy Cory’s books


The Conservative Revolution

conservative revolution coverIn The Conservative Revolution Cory Bernardi presents a bold vision for a stronger nation that is founded on conservative principles. He takes the fight to the political left and calls for an overturning of the existing moral relativism that threatens Australia’s way of life. Bernardi argues that the best way to tackle this threat is to protect and defend the traditional institutions that have stood the test of time.

Bernardi’s work courageously promotes the conservative cause and sets out a path to a better Australia through a commitment to faith, family, flag, freedom and free enterprise. This volume reminds us that conservative principles – not the populist whims of the left – generate enduring stability, success and strength.

$29.95 AUD

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Outside The Beltway

beltway cover

Outside The Beltway is the fourth compendium of thoughts, opinions and views of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

His weekly comments embody common sense conservatism and traditional values and have repeatedly earned him the ire of the progressive left. His forthright advocacy and refusal to conform to the suffocating doctrine of political correctness does not always sit well with those inside the beltway of Canberra politics but they resonate strongly with mainstream Australians.

This volume comprises writings beginning in 2012 and takes the reader through to the 2013 election. It contains perspectives on culture, society and politics from a politician firmly committed to reflecting the views of the silent majority.

$19.95 AUD

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On The Right Track

right track cover

On The Right Track is the third volume of the thoughts, opinions and views of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

His weekly comments present an unapologetic stand for conservative values and common sense.

Addressing culture, society and the economy, this compilation of columns has sparked debate and discussion on many of the important issues facing contemporary Australia.

$19.95 AUD 

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No Left Turn – More Thoughts of a Conservative

no left turn cover

No Left Turn – More Thoughts of a Conservative is the second volume of the thoughts, opinions and views of South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.

Through his weekly comments, Bernardi has carved a niche as one of Australia’s leading conservative voices who attaches a healthy dose of common sense to a strong philosophical framework.

His columns have sparked national debate on a number of important social, cultural and economic issues. While many have sought to portray his conservative views as controversial, the passage of time often reveals a prescient understanding of the hopes and concerns of mainstream Australia.

$19.95 AUD 

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As I See It – Thoughts of a Conservative


As I See It – Thoughts of a Conservative is a compilation of Cory’s comments, ideas and opinion pieces that cover the major events of 2008 and 2009.

The book provides a conservative narrative across a multitude of contemporary issues including climate change, the global financial crisis, men’s health, leadership, society and the future of Australia.

As I See It also includes a previously unpublished epilogue that gives an insight into some of the events leading to Tony Abbott becoming Federal Leader of the Liberal Party.

$19.95 AUD 

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Striving for smaller government, economic freedom and greater government accountability




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