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Whenever I write about world events there usually follows a flow of emails telling me how wrong I am or questioning why I bother discussing non-domestic affairs.

640px-Bethlehem-hamasrally.JPGI have no problem with those who disagree with my perspectives (as long as they are courteous) but those who tell me what to write about actually miss the point. 

This is my personal blog. It always has been and always will be a documentation of my views, not anyone else’s. Hence I have written about my family, sport, politics, food, wine….in fact I have probably touched on most subjects over the past ten years or so.

Sometimes I return to the same subjects and thus I can predict what will be the likely reaction (hence the preamble). The mere mention of the word ‘Israel’ generally prompts a flood of responses and I expect this week to be no different.

It is reported this morning that former Foreign Minister Bob Carr is behind a push for the Labor Party to recognise the ‘State of Palestine’. Notwithstanding that the only place such a state exists is in the virtual reality of the United Nations, the language used by Carr is both intemperate and unwise.

Carr was recorded speaking of Israel’s ‘cruel’ and ‘foul’ occupation of Palestinian land, and Israel’s ‘ruinous path’ in rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

I profoundly disagree with Carr’s sentiments. Israel is a beacon of democracy and hope in the Middle East. It is surrounded by enemies who are openly anti-Semitic and want to wipe the Jews from the face of the Earth.

The ‘State’ that Carr and his ilk want to recognise are direct sponsors of terror attacks in Israel. They encourage their people to attack Israelis by any means possible. They produce vile propaganda to indoctrinate their youth with hatred of the Jewish people. They name sporting stadiums after mass murderers and serve up an alternate version of history eagerly swallowed by the gullible.

For a person of Bob Carr’s stature to overlook such menace and to instead blame the victims of perpetual assault is just extraordinary.

Now I know that there are two sides to every story and I am sure many readers will have their own perspective. However, as a supporter of freedom, democracy and civilised conduct I unashamedly stand in support of Israel. It has every right to exist and it has an obligation to protect and defend its citizens from acts of terror.

If Carr succeeds in getting Labor to recognise a Palestinian State, it will be tantamount to excusing the inexcusable.


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    Bob Carr is one of those ex politicians who has had his opportunity and should retire from public comment but the lefty media is looking for all and everyone to support thier opinion. One cannot deal with domestic situations without looking at the international political cause.
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    Clearly Bob Carr is a rabid anti-semite who supports fascist islamic jihadists in their mission to destroy innocent jews and the nation-state of Israel. Israel is a light in a region shrouded in complete darkness. May the wicked plans Israel’s enemies have for Israel fall upon their own heads for a just punishment.
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    We have get to the grass roots of the problem which is Antisematism . Unfortunately this is so entrenched in the populace, it will take generations if ever . Meanwhile, millions will die by the bombs . If God and Allah stop playing games things may improve but one can’t trust those bastards !
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    What Palestine State does NSW Labor what to recongnise? Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestine where he was elected twelve years ago for a four-year term? Maybe the Palestinian State led by the terrorist group Hamas that vow to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth?

    Will the ALP get their soul mates at the ABC to help Hamas produce indoctrinating children’s programs, teaching young children how to kill Jews? We could have Bananas in Pyjamas showing how to detonate a suicide vest.
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    I fully support Cory, his views are spot on Israel is a democracy very peaceful people they have every right to protect themselves.
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    I have commented on this article on YouTube for some unknown reason – your comment: “For a person of Bob Carr’s stature to overlook such menace and to instead blame the victims of perpetual assault is just extraordinary.”

    I do not believe Carr is overlooking anything. To my observations he is deliberately and actively campaigning for Palestinian statehood and by default, prompting and supporting the two terrorist organisations Hamas and Hezbollah.

    I think you’re being a tad kind to him, Cory. His behaviour on this is deplorable.
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    I support your stand in relation to Israel. Israel is the only real democratic nation in the Middle East. The surrounding Muslim nations keep the Palestinian cause active to create problems for Israel. They could easily absorb the Palestinians into Jordan if they wanted to. Israel has an historic right to all of that territory. I hope Israel never gives up any of the land currently held and also that it makes Jerusalem – undivided – its capital. In relation to Bob Carr, he should just go away; he is a has-been in politics.
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    Dear Cory, I just wanted to say….GOOD FOR YOU!

    I have followed your weekly emails for some time now with great interest and your opinions on different matters are the reason I joined the Conservative Party. I believe you are indeed a man with common sense, something very rare in today’s politics and will back you and the Conservative Party 100%

    I too support Israel in their fight against extinction at the hands of the Palestinians, but regardless of my opinion regarding this matter, I solute you and will also defend your right to express your opinion.

    If I can be of any assistance in the your campaign to restore this country to where it should be, please feel free to contact me.


    Allan McConnelly
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    Dear Cory, Thank you so much for having common sense about Israel. I reiterate – I am an atheist, but I have a fairly sound knowledge of history and the nonsense that we sometimes hear about Israel is preposterous (history being rewritten). There is no State of Palestine as you so correctly state. And you are absolutely correct, the Palestinians (aided and abetted by those Middle Eastern countries around them) do indeed perpetuate a skewed notion of history and do indoctrinate their youth with a hatred that is pure poison- almost to the point of it being child abuse in my view. Surely the nonsense put out by the UN about Palestine and Israel is yet another example of why such a club is less relevant and indeed perhaps harmful to world peace. It is the Palestinians who do not want Israel to exist at all and will not negotiate a two state solution in any case. The Israelis on the other hand are at least prepared to negotiate.

    I agree that Bob Carr and the emotive language he uses is breathtaking. I also think that Israel is a lighthouse for democracy in the Middle East. It is interesting that the Israelis have won more Nobel prizes than any other country in the past ( I wonder if now they are being politically sanctioned by the likes of Carr when Nobel considerations are being made).

    I too stand with Israel. The Israelis show the rest of the world how to behave, against incredible odds, as a civil democracy no matter what. They are to be admired and respected for the amazing achievements over the last few decades.
  • commented 2017-07-06 11:25:27 +0930
    You are spot on with your views. It is unfortunate that Bob Carr bows to emotion rather than the facts. I question whether he is actually anti semitic or whether he sees himself as a beacon of hope for the Palestinians. Once they change their manifesto and desire true democracy, so many lives will change for the better.