An inconvenient truth

brussels.jpgBack in 2009 I travelled to Europe to see the impact of their immigration program and how it had affected the cultural and social fabric of a number of countries.

I was horrified by what I saw because the inevitable consequences were obvious to anyone prepared to confront reality. At the time there were very few prepared to do so. One was Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whom I met in Amsterdam.

Wilders lives under 24-hour security because he has dared criticise the impact of migration, specifically Muslim migration, on the Netherlands. I am still amazed that he is considered an extremist whilst those that want to kill him for his views are rarely condemned.

For the record, I found Wilders a charming and personable man, vastly different from the media’s portrayal of him.

Whilst my meeting with him created national headlines here - and the inevitable calls for me to be sacked by Liberal and Labor colleagues, the media and an assortment of appeasers and apologists - the meeting wasn't the most memorable part of my trip.

That took place in Belgium immediately after alighting from the Brussels train station. I hopped in a cab from the rank on the street and asked the driver to take me to my hotel.

After some pleasantries, he asked me the purpose of my trip to Brussels. I told him I was an Australian politician interested in seeing the impact of migration on European nations.

Well, that started him off! He told me story after story about his personal experiences and drove me around for over an hour showing me things that I am sure the Brussels tourist bureau would prefer no visitor see.

He also issued a very clear warning about the danger that faced Belgium and the possible consequences unless changes were made.

Unfortunately his premonition was realised this week. Bomb blasts in Brussels killed at least 34 people and injured many more.

As of writing, the SMH reported that “a witness said he heard shouts in Arabic and shots shortly before two blasts struck a packed airport departure lounge at Brussels airport. The federal prosecutor said one of the explosions was probably triggered by a suicide bomber.”

Responsibility for the blasts has been claimed by Islamic State.

This is a tragedy, just like so many other diabolical acts by extremists justifying their actions in the name of Islam.

I imagine it will only be a matter of time before the first mealy-mouthed, cultural-relativist politician will say religion has nothing to do with these most recent attacks.

They are wrong, but it is the inconvenient truth that too few are brave enough to confront.

The conditioning of these suicide bombers is done in the name of their religion. Their actions are justified using their religious texts. The fruits of martyrdom in the afterlife are drawn from their religion. I could go on, but the point is that this has everything to do with religion.

Even the name ‘Islamic State’ should provide the most clueless of apologists with some idea as to what underlies the greatest terror threat we face today.

Now here’s the disclaimer for all those who are leaping out of their skin to claim ‘racist bigot Bernardi is picking on the Muslims again’: I am not picking on anyone – most Muslims live peaceably – but I am merely stating the bleeding obvious for anyone who cares to see the truth.

We have a growing global problem and its origins lie within the Islamic community.

Maajid Nawaz – a former Hizb ut-Tahrir radical, now a counter-extremist commentator – has said:

“…the Islamists, those who want to impose a version of Islam over society, and the jihadists, those who use force to bring about Islamism, have a plausible reading of scripture.

It's incorrect for we, as Muslims and generally, actually, I'd say, those on the left of centre in this debate, to insist that Islamists and jihadists have nothing to do with Islam. That's actually an exercise in dishonesty. Of course they have something to do with Islam. I would argue it's equally incorrect to say that they are Islam per se because of course I'm a Muslim and I'm not ISIS, I'm not an Islamist. And so I think the answer is somewhere in the middle and that is that they have something to do with Islam.”


The big problem is that the West alone cannot fix it. Only the Muslim population can do what needs to be done: reject, refute and reform Islam.

They need to reject the verses of war contained within the Quran and the Hadith and state they are not relevant to the modern world.

They need to publicly and perpetually refute the claims of the theocratic devils that their actions are justifiable under any circumstances.

Then they need to reform Islam to ensure that the Ummah are united in peaceful religious belief free of the theocratic state.

They also need to lend their support to an open discussion about the problem and the solution without the cacophony of abuse that inevitably follows questioning Islam.

Only then can we hope to restore the peace and goodwill that our world so desperately needs.


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    To get an idea what can happen to a country when Muslim populations increase,see Brigitte Gabriel who describes what happened in Lebanon in the 70’s and 80’s. Also the “Three stages of Jihad” by David Wood, is eye opening. 1. Immigrate. 2. Infiltrate. 3. Caliphate.
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    How can a lie be re-formed? By telling the truth it is exposed for what it is. The lie is chaos. The truth is the light of life.
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    WRAP THEM IN PIG SKIN!” Hungarian Academic Miklós Maróth on Stopping Illegal Migration
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    Before Obama, There was virtually no outlandish presence of Islam in America.

    • All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools. Christianity and the bible are banned in schools.

    • All of a sudden we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islamic prayer in schools, airports, and businesses.

    • All of a sudden we must stop serving pork in prisons.

    • All of a sudden we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by American culture.

    • All of a sudden we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who or what is covered up under them.

    • All of a sudden Muslims are suing employers and refusing to do their jobs if they personally deem it conflicts with Sharia Law.

    • All of a sudden the Attorney General of the United States vows to prosecute anyone who engages in ‘anti-Muslim speech’.

    • All of a sudden, Jihadists who engage in terrorism and openly admit they acted in the name of Islam and ISIS are emphatically declared they are NOT Islamic by our leaders and/or their actions are determined NOT to be terrorism, but other nebulous terms like ’workplace violence."

    • All of a sudden, it becomes Policy that Secular Middle East dictators that were benign or friendly to the West, must be replaced by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • All of a sudden our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and the middle east, giving rise to ISIS.

    • All of a sudden, America has reduced its nuclear stockpiles to 1950 levels, as Obama’s stated goal of a nuke-free America by the time he leaves office continues uninterrupted.

    • All of a sudden, a deal with Iran must be made at any cost, with a pathway to nuclear weapons and HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars handed over to fund their programs.

    • All of a sudden America APOLOGIZES to Muslim states and sponsors of terror worldwide for acts of aggression, war, and sabotage THEY perpetrate against our soldiers.

    • All of a sudden, the American Navy is diminished to 1917 Pre-World War I levels Of only 300 ships. The Army is at pre-1940 levels. The Air Force scraps 500 planes and planned to retire the use of the A-10 Thunderbolt close air support fighter. A further draw down of another 40,000 military personnel is in progress.

    • All of a sudden half of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unguarded, NONE are in the Middle East .

    • All of a sudden Obama has to empty Guantanamo Bay of captured Jihadists and let them loose in Jihad-friendly Islamic states. He demands to close the facility.

    • All of a sudden America will negotiate with terrorists and trade FIVE Taliban commanders for a deserter and Jihad sympathizer.

    • All of a sudden there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans but there is endless money for Obama’s “Syrian refugee” resettlement Programs.

    • All of sudden there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.

    • All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do after a mass shooting by two Jihadists, is disarm American citizens.

    • All of a sudden, the President of the United States cannot attend the Christian funerals of a Supreme Court Justice and a former First Lady because of previous (seemingly unimportant) commitments.
    All of a sudden, I’m sick to my stomach. I’m not sure the majority of Americans recognize the seriousness of the situation and how much “progress” has been made by Islam these last 7 years, a very brief time compared to a 75 year lifetime!🇺🇸 Yes, this IS Obama’s legacy.
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    There are reformers in Islam but they live with death threats. Why? Because Islam cannot be reformed. To say it can is tantamount to saying that something is wrong with it in the first place.
    To Question the teachings, actions and choices of Mohammed, and the words of the Koran even in the light of the Modern world, is Apostasy, and Blasphemy. Punishable by death.
    Rather than do so, they will use interpretation very loosely and add a lot of whitewash, choosing to ignore details acceptable in the Middle East and rejected in the West.

    The chief of these is the Marriage of Mohammed to Aisha.
    For them to denounce his actions of taking a child bride and the condoning of this by his god Allah, along with Surah 65:4 is to denounce Allah himself and his prophet.
    Impossible. And so they vehemently declare it means something else rather than admit that it condones child marriage both in the 7th C and in 2016.

    Or place the blame squarely on others.
    eg: All wars fought by Muslims were defensive. Muslims were merely defending themselves.

    What we need is education in the West as to the truths of Islam – not Western Islam – but the Islam at the heart of the Middle East. This is the Islam that beckons our Jihadists and the Islamists. The one that demands that the whole world submit to Allah as Mohammed himself declared.
    Quran (8:38-39) – “Say to those who have disbelieved, if they cease (from disbelief) their past will be forgiven… And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world ].
    You cannot reform the words of the Koran. You can only reform the hearts of man.
    Bukhari (53:392) – "While we were in the Mosque, the Prophet came out and said, “Let us go to the Jews” We went out till we reached Bait-ul-Midras. He said to them, “If you embrace Islam, you will be safe. You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land. So, if anyone amongst you owns some property, he is permitted to sell it, otherwise you should know that the Earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle.”
    There will be no reform.
    There will only be more push toward Sharia.
    There will only be conversions of our people, births and immigration until like Mohammed said: “You should know that the earth belongs to Allah and His Apostle, and I want to expel you from this land.”
    This is what is happening to Christians and Jews in the Middle East. It will happen next in Europe.
    Then our turn will come.
    Unless we stand up and dare to face our critics with the truth. But we have to be absolutely sure of that truth when we declare it.
    OR…the Islamists reveal themselves for who they really are – Muslims.
    This is what we are truly up against.
    Gert Wilders and many like him pay the price of speaking up both from our side and Islam’s.
    But so did Winston Churchill…and finally he was proved right!
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    Well said! I feel really sad that many in our nation are blinded by ideology or afraid of speaking if their opinion is contrary to current wisdom. Thanks for being one of those willing to stand against this tide.
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    I believe that Geert Wilders has spoken the truth in a Speech (in Feb 2011): “It is not only the privilege, but also the duty of free people – to speak out against any ideology that threatens freedom. Hence it is a right and a duty … to speak the truth about the evil ideology that is called Islam.”
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    The essential ingredient behind ISIS’s barbarity is all based in the Koran and the Hadiths and certainly needs reformation, Islam is an ideology headed by a medieval religion. A world caliphate is the objective and what better way to achieve this, in the absence of a conventional army, is to embark on forced migration through creating terror and destruction in Islamic countries. Slack border controls, political correctness are the incentives, and this is likely to continue for a very long time. Australia must resettle Arabic speaking Syrian Christians and Coptic refugees, they will assimilate, contribute towards our security and help weed out terror cells already established in the country.
  • commented 2016-03-25 20:27:18 +1030
    Cory, this message needs to be shouted out throughout this country. It needs to be openly spoken about in our houses of parliament.
    In the past few days I have become aware of the media, both mainstream and social, censoring many comments that have things to do with encouraging awareness of the dangers of the Islamic Quran.
    You are a very rare individual in this country in that you have a voice that cannot be censored in Parliament. Thank you.
    P.S. I have honestly started to mourn for our country because of this massive censoring of a topic that desperately needs to be brought into the light.
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    Consistent with many comments, I submit this – Victor Orban’s speech for the consideration of all. I have a full transcript should anybody desire – just ask and I will post it but am not sure this page will accept a relatively long piece.

    For decades I have described this now accelerated program as “Invasion Without War” – and that’s exactly what it is. I trust the Brits observe closely Hungary’s position as PM Orban is on the mark. The recent hit on the heart of the grand social engineering scheme should see Brexit initiated promptly.

    Next target must be – the UN and it’s UNHCR that’s behind the “global homogenisation” program.

    Orban’s historic speech puts Hungary on war footing

    13 minute video:

    Published on Mar 18, 2016
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    Cory, you are a shinning light in a house of gloom Keep up the good work I just hope you get an increased majority on July 2nd I have read Wilders book. It is frightening to think that without people like you it may happen here.
    This morning I read the International Express in lieu of the West Australian and am now in a temporary state of depression for my old Motherland and Europe in General But when you have political correctness so far entrenched that the Police cannot ‘raid’ property after 1700hours (5pm) it is pure madness. and some of these Green and Socialist cretins would have us do some thing similar given the opportunity Please God forbid it will replicate here.

    Nick CARTER
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    You can see the problem confronting the world, I can see it and the majority of mankind can see it, including peace loving Muslims. Why is it that the Left, including the media cannot? The ABC and Fairfax refuse to lay the blame at the feet of Islam as it is being interpreted by radicals, for the deaths and destruction inflicted on the world. They refuse to mention Islamic radicals or Muslim hate preachers in their reporting, but go out of their way to condemn those who do. They keep reminding us that Islam is a religion of peace and that we must respect those who follow it. It is hoped that the SMH and The Age will disappear by the end of the year as Fairfax self implodes and that a strong leader will take back the ABC from those who have turned it into a Left Wing pulpit, from which each and every left wing lunatic from here and around the world is given an open microphone to espouse on their favourite topics. Turnbull is not strong enough to tackle the ABC and put in place honest reform where both sides of any debate are given equal time, not stacked to benefit one side or another. A strong leader needs to put a broom through the ABC to remove the smug, self-anointed preachers of what is right and just in this world, thinly disguised as journalists from THEIR ABC and return it to OUR ABC.
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    To: Robert Lunnnon: Your comment" There is a simple thing being missed, the Old testament of Christianity had this sort of Rhetoric in it, but Christianity had the reformation and the “Word of God” was reinterpreted. " is entirely inaccurate I would like to say. The “Old Testament” was not full of Islamic style rhetoric that was “Reformed” by Christianity. The words of Jesus reiterated the rightful place of the Law of God because as he stated..“I did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfil it” Your comment seems to be implying that God somehow got it wrong and Jesus somehow corrected it. Jesus said “I and the father are one” Jesus didn’t reinterpret anything. Although the false churches of today, the biggest one being the Roman Catholic Church have certainly tried to reinterpret what was written in both the old and the new. For example an ordained priesthood is totally unbiblical. The problem with Theologians, armchair and professional, who do not have the spirit of God in them, is that they interpret the bible with their own minds.

    As Jesus said quite see the Kingdom of heaven..(see as in understand it)…you must be born from above. As for can interpret or reinterpret the Koran any way you is still a false gospel about a false God with a false prophet. So the question for you is…why did the ordinances of God change with the coming of Jesus? ..which was THE most significant even in History..
  • commented 2016-03-25 11:07:00 +1030
    Thank you Cory for your insight. We definately need to stop Islamic Migration to Australia, as by always claiming they are discrimated against they keep getting sympathy from the Leftists in the Media. This enables them to quietly change our culture bit by bit. Ultimately their high birth rate with all the help from Centrelink will eventually overtake us. There should be no further money from Centrelink after 4 children & no extra wives.
  • commented 2016-03-25 09:12:18 +1030
    Isis McIsis – Too gutless to be identified and just a troll.

    Clearly Cory’s words haven’t got past your firewall of prejudice. Nothing Cory stated can justify your ignorant reaction – accordingly a response is not justified.

    But this will raise your hackles!
    Islam is fundamentally flawed. It’s benchmark is the values of the 7th century toward which each "true muslim’ is obliged.

    Importing Islam since ‘The West’ meddled in their affairs for strategic and resource reasons has proved to be akin to spraying the inside of a hospital with golden staph and hoping nothing would happen.

    As Cory pointed out, the solution to the problem of islam lies within muslim ranks. But change can never occur whilst it is forbidden to adjust or alter those archaic writings that are not only problematic but irrelevant in today’s society. Thus, a ‘clash of civilisations’ is underway.

    This IS a war on the Infidel West from within Islamic ranks, and ultimately it will come to this as noted by Scipio Africanus (a Roman General who did a number on Hannibal) “Dead enemies are the firm foundations of peace.”

    To bring that into perspective – that is demonstrably the attitude within the islamic based organisations that we call ‘terrorists’. But one mans ‘terrorist’ is a ‘freedom fighter’ in other eyes. Thus war in some form or other is inevitable.

    Appeasement as demonstrated in classic terms by Chamberlain is not a solution – it is the single largest issue that will assist what we know as ‘terrorists’. PC
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    In reply to Isis, I wonder if the victims and their families of the perpetrators of this cowardly attack were suffering from paranoia, it is all well and done sitting on the backseat and blaming those who protest loudly at these insidious attacks by followers of Islam. It has to be said that unless Islam is reformed as has the Christian church, then for the foreseeable future we will continue to be threatened by Islamic extremism. Where are the imams the mullahs denouncing these horrific acts of atrocity, where are the moderate Muslims marching in protest. I have seen none !!
    Until such time as reformation takes place in Islam and it’s teachings then Islam will never be at peace with those who do not follow it. ,!
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    An inconvenient truth: this type of baiting to cause division in the community, stir up violent reactions, and score cheap bigot votes is EXACTLY what the terrorists want. Congratulations on making things so much worse, Corgi. And bonus points for taking a tragedy involving the loss of human life and making it all about you. Very Christian of you (speaking of which, when will Christianity reform? All this child molesting is a bit gauche …)

    We can respond to events in Brussels with a quiet and dignified sympathy, with candles and silences. To downplay something is not to ignore it. The terrorists have specific aims, deploying their atrocities for a political cause. There is no sensible defence in a free society against atrocity. But there is a defence against its purpose. It is to avoid hysteria, to show caution and a measure of courage, not Cameron’s lapse into public fear. It is not to alter laws, not to infringe liberties, not to persecute Muslims.
  • commented 2016-03-24 21:16:20 +1030
    Good on you Cory for speaking it like it is, Islamic immigration must stop.
  • commented 2016-03-24 16:58:47 +1030
    Google “the three stages of Jihad” for a very informative analysis on Islam and Jihadism. I believe Australia is in stage one and heading into stage two.
  • commented 2016-03-24 16:32:08 +1030

    What are we asked to consider and decide?

    The opening words of your Common Sense letter about the impact of an immigration programme, hint that “the inevitable consequences were obvious to anyone prepared to confront reality”. From your comments, our country is not alone about the concerns that such an immigration programme can bring, with implementation of “bandaids” to solve the great complexity, that such a programme brings with it.

    Many of our peoples have been reluctant, and feel helpless, to bring this important issue to a head, and “do” something. We feel that we must decide because our freedoms which result from our own beliefs are now under threat and compromise. We have freedom of religion in our country; we must be sure that our freedom remains. But the great differences between the two religions of Islam and Christianity, bring enormous conflict between them. How can we compare favourably? The differences are too great.

    We are not unique in these modern times. The historical record of our own religion is on record for six thousand years, since Adam and Eve. Leaders, kings and prophets were numerous in number. Perhaps we can consider today the writings of one of the greatest prophets of all – Elijah the Prophet – and what he prophesied to the peoples more than two-thousand years ago. People were to ask to make a decision then, just as we are now considering the safety of our countries and peoples. The historic record reads:

    “And Elijah came unto all the people, and said, How long halt ye between two opinions? if the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. Then said Elijah unto the people, I, even I only, remain a prophet of the LORD, but Baal’s prophets are four hundren and fifty men.
    (I Kings 18.21-22).”

    “Barnes Commentary reads: The people were mute. They could not but feel the logical force of Elijah’s argument; but they were not prepared at once to act upon it. They wished to unite the worship of Yahweh with that of Baal – to avoid breaking with the past and completely rejecting the old national worship, yet at the same time to have the enjoyment of the new rites, which were certainly sensuous, and probably impure.”

    Are we facing a similaar situation today? Or is it a case of “The immovable force facing the immovable object”? Who is the “force” and who is the “object”? It seems to me that based on current government attitudes that the immovable force is Islam, which will destroy the immovable “object” (us).
  • commented 2016-03-24 15:45:48 +1030
    Good reading, I enjoy reading your blogs, Cory. Just one thing though. Islam is not a religion. The god of islam is not a covenant keeping deity. Islam itself means ‘submission’ and so there is no faith in Islam. It is a socio-economic, political, jurisdictional, educational, militaristic ideology which is cloaked and garbed in religious terminology. It is through this deception that the soft-underbelly of our democracy is being exploited.
  • commented 2016-03-24 15:04:34 +1030
    It’s good to have politicians like Cory Bernardi who are not afraid to speak the truth. Congratulations on your stand on the terrorism issue and the so-called Safe Schools program. We need neither of these things in Australia.

    Who comes to our country should be regulated by Australians with an unbiased attitude to religion. Cory, you’re absolutely right to draw attention to the fact that Islamic terrorism is a direct bi-product of Islam and hence the Q’ran.

    For religion to exist there must be a practical outworking otherwise it becomes introverted, private and otiose. Brian Haselum’s quote from Winston Churchill bears this out.

    I recommend a book by international bestseller “Ayaan Hirsi, Infidel, my life” (published by Pocket Books, UK, 2008). Her upbringing was strictly Somalian Islam but she extricated herself from these familial strictures to end up in Holland and became a very vocal politician. She wrote the script for the short film, “Submission”, produced by Hugo van Gogh for which he lost his life to an Islamic murderer. This happened despite continued pleas on her part to get security for Hugo. Deaf Dutch ears and a dead Dutch film maker! The Belgians knew something was brewing before Wednesday’s massacre at the airport and railway station. Hugo’s murder even was enough to to motivate Geert Wilders to set up screening for immigrants to Holland. Surprisingly, he was given a disgraceful reception here on his first visit to Australia. Surely the Lakemba riots, the murderous attack in Martin Place by Man Manis could have been ‘stopped’ were we as a nation not so committed to being ‘multicultural’. Weirdly and politically we still pussy-foot around the issue. No one seems able to recall the legislation (announced by Bob Hawke on my arrival back in Australia, 1981). I would have no problems with being multi-ethnic. I have lived 13 years in Europe and know what I’m talking about.

    Ayaan wrote (p.307)
    ‘Many well-meaning Dutch (substitute Australian, American, British etc.) have told me in all earnestness that nothing in Islamic culture incites abuse of women, that this is just a terrible misunderstanding. Men all over the world beat their women… In reality, these Westerners are the ones who misunderstand Islam. The Quaran mandates these punishments. It gives a legitimate basis for abuse, so that the perpetuators feel no shame and are not hounded by their conscience or their community… I wanted (via her art exhibition) secular, non-Muslim people to stop kidding themselves that “Islam is peace and tolerance”’.

    Islam uses religion to back domination of people and countries with a global view of instituting Sharia Law. Non-Moslems would then either be killed or reduced to a form of slavery called ‘dhimitude’. Australians for one would find thus abhorrent.

    The practical outworking of this religion can be seen not only in terrorism but also in the more peaceful territory claiming in Western countries like Australia for the purpose of building mosques or schools. There is no understanding in Islam of the Christian Gospel, the inheritance we have (or used to have) from it in terms of freedom to criticise and debate religions and beliefs. Worse still is the blindness of the West to realise that Islam and Democracy do not and cannot mix.

    I trust you can continue to fight hypocrisy and non-truth, like Christiansen did regarding “Safe Schools” infiltration. As a country we must be on our guard.
  • commented 2016-03-24 14:52:46 +1030
    There is a simple thing being missed, the Old testament of Christianity had this sort of Rhetoric in it, but Christianity had the reformation and the “Word of God” was reinterpreted.

    The Islamic Religion has never been reformed – Muslim leaders need to move through a reformation process where essentially infidel is reinterpreted to be “The Devil” so that rather than waging war on the non-believers they wage war instead on “The devil” as Christianity does. Arguably you could interpret Muslim writings that way.

    But it hasn’t been done.

    Cory, you are right, it MUST be changed from INSIDE, only Muslims themselves can change this, but it needs a demand from the congregation, by constantly excusing the bulk of the Muslim congregation from any responsibility we destroy any real chance of change happening. Only when the congregation becomes annoyed enough with being tarred by the extremists will they demand change. Yes, the bulk of muslims are peaceful, but they also bear the responsibility for changing the culture that accepts this evil extremism within their religion.
  • commented 2016-03-24 13:20:55 +1030
    It seems to me that since Muslims are required to obey the Koran and as the Koran was written by the God Allah it cannot be changed. Therefore it is unlikely, if not impossible, to change to contents of the Koran as you suggest. Those Muslims that do not literally follow the Koran will be removed by those that do (currently called the fundamentalists).

    In any case how long do we wait for the Koran to be updated and relevant to the modern world.
  • commented 2016-03-24 11:31:46 +1030
    Thank you Cori Bernardi for speaking the truth in a hostile world. I hope/pray that many other leaders/politicians will follow your brave example. You have my utmost respect.