Broken Vows

I have been on the road again this week gathering insights and information ahead of parliament resuming. There are so many significant issues that need addressing but all the media chatter is about redefining marriage.

It’s been led by a group of self-interested MPs and Senators who have been supported in their backroom plans by some senior government ministers.


In effect, these ministers have been plotting to undermine their own government and deny the Australian people a say on the matter.

My position on marriage is crystal clear and I don’t need to re-state it here. Many self-identified conservatives have a different view and it is one area where allies can agree to disagree.

However, the intriguing issue is how some members of the executive government have been collaborating to undermine their own policy position.

How far have we fallen into the abyss of relativism when a government cannot even trust themselves? How can any of us have faith in our decision makers under such circumstances?

We have seen repeated cases where whatever some politicians say publicly may not be the same as their agenda advanced behind closed doors (or in public bars late at night). This is a level of egoism and hubris that has damaged faith in politics and shrouded all politicians under a fog of distrust.

It will be particularly challenging to restore confidence in the system given the sustained behaviours of the two major parties.

One way we can do so is to actually focus on the important issues rather than be distracted by third-order matters.

A report this week indicated what Australian Conservatives have been talking about since we started. Our country has been going backwards over the past ten years and most of the reason can be traced back to government decisions.

It seems an increasing number are waking up to the fact that government is no longer an ally of the people but an impediment to freedom and prosperity. Every government ‘fix’ creates more problems which entails a further ‘fix’ which only creates further problems… and on and on it goes.

Last week at a meeting in Sydney I asked a group of people if they trusted the government. Of the more than 450 in attendance, not one raised their hand.

That begs the question: if you don’t trust the government why do you want more of it?

Australian Conservatives know that the best form of government is self-government. We need to trust the people to make decisions for themselves and in return expect them to take personal responsibility for those decisions. That is a better way.


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    Spot on. Studies on what makes nation prosper and what sends them in to poverty or keeps them there, does not bode well for the path our major parties are leading us.
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    “all the media chatter is about redefining marriage”
    Don’t waste my time!
    We elect members to represent us: to run a balanced budget, protect our borders from unwanted gate-crashers and our citizens from those who would do us harm.Why on earth od we allow immigrants from cultures that are totally opposed to our own?
    Scrap the Paris agreement and wake up to the global warming scam (aka “Climate Change”)
    Pull the unions into line so our under-employed youth can get a start in a productive life.
    Sort out the energy crisis: we have abundant coal, gas and uranium to fuel us for centuries.
    Pollies, get on with the job you are elected to do, and stop this silly squabbling.
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    Below is an exchange from Andrew Bolt’s blog today pointing out the total hypocrisy of the Left, including the Coalition Left on this issue.

    A person’s post on the Bolt blog today, together with my reply… I reckon this absolutely salient point is being overlooked everywhere, and when it is pointed out completely changes the way the People pushing the SSM vote are perceived by the average punter, not as “heroes for a cause” but as the total hypocrites they are….

    PSFR5 hours ago
    Staunch Abbott ally, Eric Abetz, ducked, weaved, bobbed and squirmed on Sky News yesterday as he continued to demand a SSM plebiscite but refused to support the outcome of such a plebiscite.

    Whatever happens in the party room next week if Turnbull does not change his current position on a plebiscite there will be no leadership spill. If he does, SSM will be legislated before Spring.

    David2 hours ago

    Tell me PSFR – If this issue went to a plebiscite and the vote came in as a “NO”, do you reckon any Parliamentarians would vote “Yes” in the House and refuse to support that vote of the People?

    Before you throw stones at people of faith or conscience, go and ask Bill Shorten and Labor, the Greens and the Coalition Leftists how they would vote if such circumstance prevailed. I think you already know the answer. It is the reason Labor and the Greens blocked the plebiscite in the first place.

    They want to be hypocrites, not be identified as same…. Be careful to not expose a certain tarring with the same brush mate

    Why don’t reporters and commentators ask Labor, the Greens and the Coalition Leftist agitators how they would vote in this circumstance and let Australia see exactly who they have voted for and how much each respects “Government for the People, by the People”, notwithstanding the fact that conscience objectors can and should abstain at the time???

    Time has come for Coalition Conservatives to either join Cory or form their own Party (“Conservative Liberals” perhaps?) and enter a Coalition Agreement with Cory and perhaps Pauline. Then we might be able to begin repairing the damage and destruction to our once great Country and Culture caused by the loony Left: -
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    My Reaction is no doubt similar to many other Aussies – thousands of People are living on the streets, probably a million or more are living below the poverty line, and many single parents and pensioners can’t afford to keep their electricity on – and all our government leaders can talk about is gay marriage and a republic? Disgraceful……And add to this the fact that Julie Bishop is swanning around the world giving away millions $ to countries like Indonesia and even Palestine! At an earlier time in history this would be enough for the general population to rise up and overthrow the government…….how much longer are we willing to put up with this insanity?
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    Forgive me for spelling your name wrong Cory!!
  • commented 2017-08-02 13:04:22 +0930
    I see particularly, the greens movement, as the tail which has wagged the dog in government for far too long.
    Therefore a Party such as the Australian Conservatives is more necessary than ever to at least counter the evil influence the greens movement is having on the running of Australia.
    I see every vote Australian Conservatives get as a watering down of the green influence until their influence becomes totally castrated in keeping with the very limited voter support for their appalling behaviour and policies.
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