At last! - free speech reform

It’s amazing what a bit of leadership tension does for intestinal fortitude. After months of obfuscations and prevarication the beleaguered Prime Minister has finally put forward some sensible reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act.

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Beware of the Smooth Salesman

This week the monorail salesman from The Simpsons paid a visit to South Australia. Only this time he was selling giant uneconomic batteries instead of shooting people through vacuum tubes.

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Housing affordability foibles

Eight years ago I wrote in my weekly e-mail that the first home owners grant should go. I argued that it drove up the prices of housing to the advantage of existing owners and did nothing to make first homes more affordable.

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Free Speech reform stumbles

It is easy to understand why so many people are disappointed in politics. At every turn, your political representatives avoid the ‘tough’ decisions.  Actually, many of them avoid even making the easy decisions.

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UN beholden to Israel-bashing

Nikki Haley is the new US Ambassador to the United Nations who recently attended her first Security Council meeting on Middle East issues. Her comments in the press following the meeting were scathing. 

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Time to Clean up Canberra


I owe you all an apology.

In a flurry of activity during the launch of Australian Conservatives, some of you did not receive your weekly dose of common sense.  Rest assured it won't happen again!

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There is a better way

Bernardi_110208-17.jpgSTATEMENT TO THE SENATE


7 February 2017


**Check against delivery**


Mr President, I rise to inform the Senate that this morning I have resigned as a member of the Liberal Party.   

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Time to get back on track



Parliament resumes next week for what will be a testing year for the government and opposition.

Media reports indicate our national debt will hit $500 billion in coming weeks with no sign of slowing. The irresponsible approach by the opposition and populist Senate crossbench to proposed spending cuts loads our children and grandchildren with an economic burden they do not deserve.

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Stand firm and celebrate Australia Day

ausday.jpgYour Weekly Dose of Common Sense is back for 2017 - and what a year it promises to be!

Who would have thought one of the first battles for conservatives would be to defend Australia Day from the ravages of the perpetually disgruntled.

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Thank you for your support in 2016

christmas-513476_1280.jpgAs we head into one of our most significant cultural celebrations, there is time to give thanks for abundant blessings and to reflect on the year past and contemplate the year ahead.

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