Curing the sickness that has captured society

sickness.jpgI don’t know how many times I have written the following statement in recent years but it is succinct, accurate and more relevant than ever.

“The world has gone mad.”

Wherever you look, the signs of societal decline are evident. Acts of Islamic terror are now a seemingly everyday event. Mental health issues are increasingly prevalent. Substance abuse is growing. Respect for the rule of law and those that enforce it seem lower than ever. The children of dysfunctional families are incarcerated with little hope of a positive future…and I could go on.

These are the results of a sickness that has captured society; a culture where personal responsibility has all but disappeared, personal failings are excused by the politically correct and dangerous ideologies are dismissed with accusations of racism.

The issues we face are a direct product of the failed ‘progressive experiment’ that has deliberately sought to undermine the family, our societal structures, our education system and social mores.

One only has to look at the cesspit of Twitter to see how debased our culture of respect has become. So-called journalists like Van Badham and Clementine Ford use the most abusive and vile language toward others whilst claiming to be victims themselves.

And yet they are better than the anonymous trolls who attack seemingly for the pure pleasure of hurting others.

Our children seem to be struggling with greater behavioural and self-esteem issues which many will attribute to the breakdown of the natural family structure. It is my unshakable belief that a father and a mother matter in the raising of children and the growing dismissal of this natural and complementary relationship will come at a grave cost.

This week we saw a horrific Four Corners report about the behaviour of guards in a NT juvenile detention facility. There is no doubt the vision was awful and that the issue needs to be investigated but the real question remains: how did these children find themselves in detention?

How does a teenager rack up such a history of criminal and violent activity? Where were his parents? Why has he been in and out of detention for the last seven years? Why didn’t authorities take these at-risk children away from such dysfunction before it got to this point?

I think we all know the answer…fear.

Authorities are fearful of being accused of racism or similar slurs by PC leftists. And now the blame falls upon those trying to prevent harm to the victims of this neglect, the children themselves. I don’t doubt that some of the actions were heavy handed but the inquiry needs to examine the system and parenting that resulted in children finding themselves in such a circumstance and why the guards felt they could act as they did.

The Prime Minister has announced a Royal Commission (as yet without terms of reference) but I hope it shines a light on the hidden horrors of sexual and physical abuse and criminal behaviour that occurs in some communities. We can no longer excuse, cover up, justify or fail to act in the face of facts that too many don’t want to acknowledge.

But it’s not just children we are failing. This week has also highlighted the abuse of our elderly in respite or nursing home care by those entrusted with their wellbeing. Despite the many allegations over many years, it took a hidden camera to wake Australia up to the treatment of some of our most vulnerable.

But our failings don’t stop there.

The cost of deliberate ignorance or dismissal of the dangerous Islamic ideology and its threat to our culture is simply astounding.

The widespread attacks on Sonia Kruger for expressing an opinion on our immigration system were a national disgrace. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with her or not; she is perfectly entitled to her view and any disagreement should be based on logic rather than abuse.

It is time we reviewed our immigration program to establish whether it is working to our benefit or detriment. First cab off the rank could be a rethink of accepting an additional 12,000 refugees from the Middle East, followed by the wisdom of remaining a signatory to the UNHCR treaty on refugees.

Why we remain bound by an outdated document that compromises our national sovereignty needs to be reconsidered in light of events at home and abroad.

Last night saw yet another Islamist attack in France. This time on an 84-year-old priest who was reportedly beheaded by the Mohammedans. If we don’t want to go down the same path as France - a situation I warned my colleagues of many years ago (only to be met with media and parliamentary derision) - we need to take immediate action. That means dealing with some unpalatable facts.

If the States are prepared to enact laws to stop consorting of bikie gang members, without any proof of an offence being committed, why can’t the same principle be applied to known Islamists?

While we are at it, I repeat my longstanding call to ban the burqa in Australia. It is a flag of Islamic fundamentalism and oppresses women – the hypocrisy of so many feminists out there that fail to call out this oppression still amazes me.

But that would require the venal leftists and the PC-elites to suspend their indoctrination that has taught them facts don’t matter, only ideology does. It’s far easier for them to dismiss a counter view with abuse rather than reason and logic.

So here is the solution: we need a commitment to truth and to supporting those who are brave enough to tell it as it is.

No longer can we accept the closure of important public debate and life-saving action for fear of being labelled racists, bigots, phobes or any other pejorative slur.

We are a few years behind the rest of the world where those who now speak the truth, often in the face of great abuse, are winning public support.

Some of those individuals and parties may eventually create a bigger problem than already exists but they are a direct result of the failure of our existing political class to deal with plain-talk over platitudes.

That has to change, and that change will depend on our commitment.

You can be the driver of that change by subscribing to Australian Conservatives and making a financial contribution to help establish and build the Conservative movement. It is a movement for truth.

With your support, we will change politics in Australia and restore the faith of the silent majority.


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    It is absolutely extraordinary that our society and politicians are being conditioned to accept that the LGBT dysfunction lifestyle of approximately 2.6% of our population is so attractive and important that we should allow the LGBT way of life to be formally taught to our kids in school under the disguise of Labor’s major government funded “so called anti-bullying program” (Safe Schools); and further that the LGBT dysfunction lifestyle should be formally enshrined in our legal system via “Marriage Equality” and the Greens’ proposed diabolical “anti – discrimination” laws; with churches and religious bodies to be forced to embrace LGBT within their organisations. Based on a 2013 American Centre for Disease Control Survey: “Sexual orientation Among all U.S. adults aged 18 and over”, 96.6% identified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual The remaining 1.1% of adults, identified as ‘‘something else’’ (0.2%), selected ‘‘I don’t know the answer’’ (0.4%), or refused to provide an answer (0.6%). Other studies specifically quote 0.3% for transgender. (American Health Statistics Report:

    The % breakup is likely to be similar in Australia and this means that the total LGBT population is roughly only around 2.6%.
    What is startling is the statistics on health problems relating to the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Trans-sexual lifestyles, compared to “straight people”.
    It has been reported that:
    • 20% of LGB adults are likely to experience psychological distress, compared to 9% for heterosexual adults.
    • 22% of LGB adults are more likely to need medication for mental health issues, compared to 10% for heterosexual adults.
    • 50% of Transgender adults report suicide ideation compared to 5% for LGB and 2% for heterosexual adults.
    • 35% of LGB youth report suicide attempts compared to 10% for heterosexual youth.
    • The list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse is alarming and includes HIV, Anal Cancer, Chlamydia trachomatis, Gonorrhea , Viral hepatitis types B & C and Syphilis.
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    I think that unfortunately much of the evil that appears to be accepted in our modern society is only accepted because of the lack of an alternative voice speaking out. The “Christian Church” has largely compromised itself to the point that many Christians are very unsure about what is the “Christian” perspective and will not publicly express an opinion on many current issues. The pedophilia scandals in parts of the “Church” have done the Devil’s work so well that now many in our society have the opinion that Christianity offers nothing; and yet those who committed pedophilia and those who covered for them could not seriously be considered Christian in the first place; they are servants of the Devil!!
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    We cannot run with the horse, and chase with the hounds!
    We live in a Christian country.
    We expect our current leader, to live by the laws of God’s Ten Commandments.
    We hope to live by the example which Jesus Christ taught and demonstrated.
    We have a Christian Queen and Royal Family family.
    We belong to the Commonwealth of Nations.
    Our Australian nation has been in existence for only a few hundred years; it reached adulthood only 115-116 years ago.
    We are one of the “young lions” in the coats-of arms of the English speaking peoples.
    We are currently behaving like young cubs, trying to reach out beyond the lion’s den.

    It’s time for us to analyse where we are going; to follow the laws of our ancient ancestors; to protect the great laws of our land, which could be lost to the spoils of ruthless peoples, those who infiltrate in an effort to undermine our own laws and religious rights as Australian citizens.
    It’s time for us to take some specific action, else it may be too late to protect our Australian nation and its peoples.

    Like many Australian people Cory, you have deep concern for the future of our nation and our people. You have shared your thoughts openly, and contributed much through your role as a Senator in the Australian Parliament. The path you have chosen demands complete dedication to the cause of maintaining those matters which make our nation great.

    Our concern, as followers of your common-sense website, is to establish and help make possible a list of needs and wants for our country, and for us to be able to take part in some way, both young and old, who can really work together towards getting results for the betterment of all. You say “The world has gone mad”, and so many of us agree. Is it almost too late for the people of our nation to do something about it?

    What should be the action plan for us Conservatives?
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    I am a descendant of 10 convicts who arrived between 1789 and 1830. I am also a descendant of free settlers who arrived between 1848 and 1923. I am about half English and half Irish. I am proud of the fact that my grandfathers served in the First AIF and my father in WW2. I have four grand-uncles whose names are inscribed on the “Roll of Honour” at the Australian War Memorial because they died at Gallipoli and on the Western Front. I am proud of my Anglo-Celtic race, its history, traditions and culture. There is no other race that has contributed so much to the building of the modern world. I am an atheist who can still admire much in the Christian Bible and the huge influence it has had on the development of Australia and the Western World. I am intensely proud of the Australian Flag and its Union Jack quadrant. I am a heterosexual male with three trade qualifications and a post-graduate degree, had a successful career and rose from a very modest working class background to professional ranks.

    That makes me: a racist, a bigot, an Islamophobe, a xenophobe, a white supremacist, an ignorant yokel and hick, a trailer-trash hill-billy, a benefactor of “white privilege”, a homophobe, a misogynist, a right wing-nut and, at least according to SBS Sports reporter, Scott McIntyre, a descendant of thieves, genocidal murderers, rapists, and invaders. While, according to Fairfax Journalist Elizabeth Farrelly, I take pride in flags that are “internationally recognised symbols of racism, brutality and barbarism.”

    I’ve had a gutful, an absolute bloody gutful, of the hate and spite directed at me, my race, my history, my culture and my people by the self-loathing liars, social engineers, Anglo-Celtic haters and traitors of the socialist left.

    It is quite clear that most of the “Racial Discrimination Acts” both federal and state, and especially S18C of the RDA, were designed to silence people like me from having any say on anything to do with immigration, refugee intakes, the utter absurdity of “multiculturalism”, or the future demographics of Australia. There are those on the left who really do want to make the Anglo-Celtic and European people in this country (and every other white western country) a despised minority.

    We’ve been reviled, dismissed and disparaged for over 40 years now – and we can see the results on the streets of this country and those of Europe and North America. If we don’t start fighting back, and fighting back soon, we, as a distinct race and culture, are sunk!
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    The issues you talked about are all part of the smoke and mirrors that is politics , All we hear is the problems that we are permitted to complain about . There are real world problems that we endure every day , Things that ensure a bleak future for our children and the death of industries and often our children as well . You know the sort of real world things I’m talking about . Cast off the acceptable crap and talk to us !!..
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    The world had definitely gone mad! However as commented by Paul Turner we need action. It will not be easy but as you pointed out we can have action against “biker” gangs with only a small amount of evidence that they may be breaking the law while another identifiable group that openly says it is out to destroy our way of life is able to do this with impunity. You will have my support in establishing a Australian Conservatives.
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    Well said again Cori! Banning the burqa is important for Muslim women as it makes their men grow up and learn to control their is too easy for these men to blame the victim when they molest less covered women…good on you…
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    excellent article and well worth a read (or two). The whole picture can be encapsulated into one word. SIN. and the ONLY cure is JESUS. Man has tried for 10,000 years and failed. Jesus tried once, and WON, on the Cross.
  • commented 2016-07-27 22:42:52 +0930
    Good point, Rod Cunningham. I too would like to be reassured that the Australian Conservatives is going to be a ‘real force in Australian politics capable of implementing change’. Your first two alternatives: the chat site and rallying point don’t interest me in the slightest: it’s the real impetus for change bit.
  • commented 2016-07-27 21:08:48 +0930
    Cory, you have clearly outlined the litany of offences perpetrated against the value
    systems, ideals and dreams of the Australia I grew up with. The structure of the family unit and sense of community has been irreparably changed to take away responsibility and authority from Australian people and replace it with ineffective government services. All designed and implemented by leftist socialist public servants and politicians. I include the departmental mandarins as major drivers of the Political Correctness and Multicultural failed experiments. I realise that political parties claim authorship of policy but much of it comes from the individual departments. You have described our current state well and have even proposed some of the things we need to do to effect change, in broad brush strokes. You have also provided a vehicle that may do the job. However, we need to determine what we want to change to – our future state. We then need to identify WHAT needs to be done and HOW to it to achieve our future state. We need a plan otherwise we will become a noisy lot of whingers on Facebook. The opposition and our competition for the hearts and minds of the Australian people already exist, they are funded, they have some excuse for strategic direction and they are organised. We need to be better than them. We need to know if Australian Conservatives is to be just a chat site, a rallying point for like minded people OR a real force in Australian politics capable of IMPLEMENTING change.
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    Thank you Cory. Keep going. You are not alone
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    I believe the burqa should be banned. It makes women responsible for men’s feelings and actions. It conveys the impression a women wearing anything less is sexually provocative; “uncovered meat” as the Grand Mufti said in response to rapes perpetrated by Lebanese Muslim youths. He blamed the victims.
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    Thank you Cory 👍
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    Well said and agreed “Warty”!!!!
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    One more thing. The concerted effort to undermine the family, to tear down our priceless Judaeo Christian heritage and to impose totalitarian ‘progressive’ rights to clamp down on conservative free speech (not their own) can be seen to originate in the ‘Critical Theory’ coming out of the early 1930s, via the Hamburg School. One can look it up on the internet and it makes for heavy, albeit chilling reading.
    Under the guise of freedom/emancipation from the ‘normative’ doctrines of established society, they aimed at undermining all the principal institutions, including, and starting with, the church, the family, the fundamentals of teaching, the judiciary (we now have a largely activist, anti democratic judiciary) etc.
    A crumbling society leaves a vacuum, and Islam hopes to fill that vacuum. Our role is to prevent that and restore our heritage. As Andrew Bolt has said: we need to take courage even if it appears that we might be losing.
    Evil will reign but a little while, but good predominates for far greater periods. Neither aspect ever completely dominates. Our role is to fight for the good.
  • commented 2016-07-27 14:52:32 +0930
    As I mentioned in a reader’s comment to The Australian, the Four Corners report showed just one perspective. For a start the CCTV footage covered several years. Somebody in the ABC got the required ‘freedom of information’ rights to the footage and went to work editing. The finished product showed nothing of the abuse, the spitting in the face, the food flung at the Correction Officers: they were only shown as child abusers. The actual abuse of children was gleaned, as I said over several years, and edited in such a way as to make it look like appallingly relentless bastardisation. Brief, dislocated, footage was shown of two separate children ‘playing up’; one hitting a door and walls with a plank, the other throwing soft and gooey stuff at one of the CCTV cameras. None of the abuse directed towards the officers was shown. There seemed to be no reason for the apparently brutal actions of the officers, as their reactions were shown in isolation to the abuse they’d received.
    Public reaction: unrestrained uproar. PM’s response: an immediate promise of a Royal Commission (not a request for the identical CCTV footage obtained by a ABC research officer; nor any attempt to find out who the civil rights lawyer was who tipped off the ABC).
    One assumes the children deserved to be there, but we have little idea of the toll on the Correction Officers facing daily abuse.
    I taught English at a secondary school level for 25 years: initially at a Catholic Systemic school and the last 20 at a top GPS school, on the North Shore, in Sydney. At the end of those 25 years I was utterly exhausted and these were far better behaved children. One has no idea what these Correction Officers have to put up with.
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    Hey Barry de Haas – you are not alone. I have been trying to have ordinary folk open their eyes since the first signs of islamic fundamentalism was obviously expressed in their “radicalised” dress sense in London and South Africa in the early 1990s – compounded by what was in effect a printed blueprint for action, or call to “jihad” printed in the Cape Times in early 1995 just before the Rugby World Cup. The utterances of Donald Trump should not be seen as dangerous because of its rhetorical style only – but for the real message in its depth of substance and reality in fact – and as a WARNING – driven by deep conviction/concern/fear of this rise in islamic presence, whose rejection of our way of life is absolute, funded by the wealthy arab nations. Other western(ised) leaders should be consulting with the “BLM/brave loud mouth”………..Remember Churchill, who was an eminently better speaker, was also not a popular man when he was warning the world of the impending threat of Nazism, and its desired domination of the world – and look what happened!!. We are now confronted by another “-ism” which simply also wants to dominate and “cleanse” the world of us – or infidels…………………….period, by whatever means. BTW – take a look at the taxi rank at all our airports and who appears to drive the taxis – in the majority, and their age – and watch their habits about so-called prayer time……………….. Cars can be considered weapons now – after Nice I suppose????
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    I feel terribly sad for the youth of our country, being indoctrinated by the sniggering left. I have some sympathy for those who believe they were born gay, however, those young people who are identifying as non gender and a myriad of other trendy sexualities have sacrificed their lives on the left agenda. I also have sympathy for the muslims in our country who genuinely are no threat. With events in the world becoming increasingly dire, suspending islamic immigration is the best way to keep Australia from the path other nations have succumbed to. It’s not too late here. ….yet.
  • commented 2016-07-27 14:31:33 +0930
    Well said Cory.
    We now just need the idle public to show some interest.
    You are not alone in trying to get people to listen.
    I am vitually an alien after trying to warn people about what is coming over the last 15 years or so.
    And still, even now, they brush me off as a right wing nut job.
    There must be a way.But they sure don’t want to hear it.
  • commented 2016-07-27 14:27:30 +0930
    All you say is clear and indicative of clearer and growing understanding of the reality of the threat all around us – but I agree with below comment to effect that “actions speak louder than words”. How can you get your esteemed political connections to start doing this, because I believe the REAL (silent majority as well as the more obvious and voluble) Australian is behind positive affirmation of our freedom based culture (which does not mean it has to have a blind inclusiveness and appeasement of ideological thuggery), and obvious action to support this from its leaders – if they (the leaders) indeed are still, and serious about being Australian!!
  • commented 2016-07-27 14:16:27 +0930
    Hi Cory
    Well said. I agree with you on these subjects and feel Sonia Kruger shouldn’t be attacked for saying what she thinks. We should not be bringing 12,000 “so called” refugees from the Middle East. Looking at Europe’s mass migration from the middle east, it is a big error and they are finding out quick smart. We could learn from their mistakes and consider ‘natural increase in muslim population within Australia’ and from new arrivals.
  • commented 2016-07-27 14:00:58 +0930
    Ok Cory, that sound good. The first step is to repeal 18C. Where is the bill?
  • commented 2016-07-27 13:48:09 +0930
    Hi Cory,
    Once again you speak the truth, thanks for having the guts to speak up for those of us who have no voice.
    People these days don’t want to be constrained by Christian laws and ethics, which is the way all countries in the west operate, they just don’t get it that if you take that influence away we will defend into chaos which is what is happening now and even though people want to be agnostic or athiest or their own god, a other religion will fill the void, and so we have Islam. I have lived in an Islamic country for a couple of years, so I know what to expect, no place for girls and women, why does no one care about that?
    the social fabric of our country is self destructing which will bring us all nothing but misery in the end.
    Quick pass the anti depressants.
  • commented 2016-07-27 13:43:07 +0930
    Great Cory but all I see is words. We want action. When will you be putting it into policy?
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