Dangerous dalliance with populist minor parties

Nick_Xenophon.jpgThe Australian Greens are a disingenuous and hypocritical political party. They continually hold themselves up to be something other than what they are and their actions often betray their words.

Masquerading as the compassionate, progressive voice of the parliament, they have a cavalier dismissal of the thousands of people who drowned at sea as a result of Labor-Greens border protection policies.

Whilst advocating for a ban on coal mining, they struck a preference deal with coal miner Clive Palmer at the 2013 election.

This year, they decided to preference the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) ahead of a Liberal candidate who happens to be an Aboriginal homosexual who supports redefining marriage.

Now there is nothing wrong with preferencing the CDP - if you are a conservative – but how the rainbow alliance of Greens activists can defend that particular decision is beyond me.

But then, I am trapped by trying to approach politics in a principled and consistent manner. Too many others are just like the Greens and seem untroubled by conscience, principle or consistency.

For them, it is the political tribe that matters more than the issue itself. This is a characteristic of the political left and their supporters in the media.

The examples are legion and easily gathered on a daily basis.

A couple of weeks ago, the ‘fair and balanced’ ABC took great delight in broadcasting Tasmania’s erratic Jacqui Lambie stating her desire to inflict violence upon me. Imagine the reaction from the leftists if that boot was on the other foot.

Last night, again on the ABC, we had the pleasure of listening to Nick Xenophon whinge that the major parties were not directing preferences in South Australia at this election. The fact that he does exactly the same thing appears to have been lost on him and the unquestioning ABC reporters.

The cesspool of Twitter is probably the most insightful example of leftist hypocrisy available. It’s like a pile-on of losers attacking truth and conservatism and yet it is used as a research tool by many journalists to justify their story perspective.

Not surprisingly, the groupthink that pervades Twitter and its media echo chamber is completely at odds with where mainstream Australia is at.

And yet, too few politicians and political parties are prepared to stand up to the bullying and intimidation handed out by such social pressure.

To do so actually takes character, strength and personal integrity. It takes logic to argue a case based on values and defend policy built on principle.

However, the benefits of doing so are myriad. The Australian people are desperate for people they can trust in public life. They crave authenticity and integrity from their leaders, even when they might disagree with the sentiments themselves.

And that’s why there is such a strong electoral dalliance with the populist micro and minor parties. It isn’t an endorsement of their ideas but more a lack of faith in the major alternatives and the quest to trust someone.

However, serious analysis of any genuine alternative highlights how cursory any examination of them has been.

Whatever the doubts about Labor and Liberal, no one truly knows what Nick Xenophon, Lambie, Lazarus, the Greens and their ilk actually stand for.

We know they vote together in the Senate more than with anyone else but as to core, governing principles, they remain a blank but populist slate.

I regret that our nation can’t afford to be subject to such flights of fancy any longer. It’s costing us and our children billions of borrowed dollars every year.

Now, that might not bother those who only care for today, but it sure as heck worries those of us who are concerned about the future.

With only a couple of weeks to go before the next election, I’ll be doing my best to hold my end up.

If you’d like to help out, you can still do so here.


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    Dear Cory
    I was going to write to you to explain what I did not vote Liberal. I am from a blue-ribbon Liberal family and have a strong tradition of voting Liberal myself. However I have become disillusioned, particularly with the right-wing of the party. I do not like Labor (Bill Shorten) so the minor parties are the only place I had left to go. I always thought religion taught love, tolerance and compassion, but after reading your site I am not so sure. I found the notion that only the right wing conservatives have a right to preference religious parties (where the Greens do not) just totally bizarre. I also consider that elected representatives are just that – there to represent us. On same sex marriage I think it really depends on what the majority of people want. Want I disagree with is spending $160million trying to find out. All I want is a government that acts in the best interest of its people, are good economic managers, creates social cohesion rather than division, ensures we have good health care, education, aged care and a safety net, for those who need it. A country where young people can buy their own home, where we care for the environment, where we can all live in relative harmony and where the government is not selling off the whole place lock, stock and barrel to overseas interests. I would also like a government who is prepared to take the hard decisions eg negative gearing. The current record level of immigration (ie those 100,000’s coming by plane) is an issue that neither side of politics want to deal with. Malcolm is also right that the only reason the medicare scare had any effect was because, based on the Liberals past form, it was entirely plausible. Giving tax cuts to big business (and benefiting overseas investors), just added to the impression that you were not there for the average Joe. It is the dangerous “righties” that made me not want to vote Liberal.
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    Good luck in the 2016 election Cory
  • commented 2016-06-23 12:44:10 +0930
    Bernardi, you’re easily the furthest right-wing elected person in parliament. Which is saying something. So how you can claim to have any grasp on mainstream, majority thinking is baffling.
  • commented 2016-06-22 11:08:47 +0930
    The Productivity Commission is looking at slashing copyright in Australia and look to be taking their lead from the Greens and some leftist activists who’ve written ‘research’ papers. They want to cut it from the life of the copyright owner plus 70 years to a mere 20 years after the date of the work’s creation. They seem to think an author for instance has ‘earned enough’ after 20 years and then into the public domain their book goes and the author loses their rights. A bit like being told you’ve had enough private use of your house, you’ve got to let in unpaid guests now with no comeback if they eat all the food in the fridge and rip the place apart. But 20 years isn’t as bad as what the UK Greens actually had as public policy a while back, they wanted to take away copyright after 14 years as well as making copyright piracy legal at any time on peer to peer networks and they only removed the policy after a huge outcry. The Australian Greens apparently don’t have the same policy but you can bet they like the idea because, after all, ‘property is theft’. There’s a massive irony in the Greens and left wing economists like Rufus Pollock wanting to steal the rights of the arts crowd. I suspect it has some heads spinning. I’ve little sympathy for the ones who spend their careers slurping at the public grant trough but there are many more ordinary Aussies who are part time writers and musos who don’t go after grants, they just get on with it, sell their stuff online and make a few bucks if they’re lucky. Personally, I reckon it’s a dry run to see if anyone arcs up. If they don’t then it’s intellectual property today and real property tomorrow.
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  • commented 2016-06-20 00:52:59 +0930
    No one in their right mind would vote for The Greens so their place in government is invalid in my eyes.
    ALP though may have some good qualities we’d be doomed with the influx of immigrants (may as well be Europe).
    Liberals are delusional (sorry) Turnbull and Bishop etc are its doom with their Muslim appeasing they hold a dinner and invite another bigot , misogynist scum that wants to oppress women and kill gays that was a massive WOW!!! Even for him that was a stunner.
    So I will not nor will my friends of which I have many World Wide as I am on fb, Twitter, tumblr etc. vote for the main parties.
    We will be interested in are the populist parties ALA, One Nation, etc we are a patriotic lot. Appreciate culture not Cults that worship a man that married a 6yo and raped her when she was 9yo. Polygamy, Paedophiles and those that believe Sharia Law is more relevant than ours do NOT belong here!!!!
  • commented 2016-06-19 06:45:07 +0930
    The Greens are just that, “Green”, and we know what it means when you turn green, sometimes not even good compost, just sick.
    My attention goes to the Labor party, the worst of two major parties we have in Australia and their leader, also called Loo.(Leader of opposition) in parliament.
    They have removed democracy from their party room regarding freedom of speech and conscience, you cannot be a member of the party, and then not support same sex marriage, that makes the Loo a dictator, and so also his second in charge.
    After they removed all freedom of conscience in their party, they now expect us, the voters, to support a conscience vote on an institution that is as old as Man himself, marriage. Marriage has a meaning to us the voters, not the parliament. Not only does he take us to be totally imbecilic, but then also he calls us murders because he believes we will kill homosexuals during the period of the plebiscite, or cause them to kill them selves.
    How in life can there be people in Australia ever voting for a party like this Labor party is beyond me.
  • commented 2016-06-18 01:50:33 +0930
    Vote below the line and ensure Cory Bernardi is re-elected to the Senate by putting #1 next to his name (and then #2-12 for the other candidates you support). Don’t punish Cory for the sins of Malcolm Turnbull. If you must register a protest vote against the current LNP leadership, do it in the House of Reps.
  • commented 2016-06-17 15:00:10 +0930
    Dairy industries now,already the main manufacturing industries are dead,cars, TVs ,refrigerators,clothing,shoes,steel industry,canning industries,etc etc.Then add to that they’re bringing in cheap foreign labor at the expense of Aussies having a job,they’re stuffing around with Medicare,they’re selling anything Aussie off,Farmers are being trampled over by mining companies,coal mines are engulfing towns,CSG is poisoning the land and our children,average workers can no longer afford their own home,education standards are now amongst the lowest in the world, our broadband system makes us look like hillbillies,basically the list just goes on and on and on.Consider we’ve only ever had Labor or Liberal,it’s not hard to see where the problem lies.To even consider to vote for more of the same defies any logic,actually it’s sheer stupidity.Then to rub our noses into it they all end up with extravagant pensions and whatever else they can claim, even when they end up with positions with companies that they helped to rip off Australia.The old saying, better vote for the drovers dog, would be a better alternative.At least voting in independents may have teething problems,but anything has to be better than the mafia we now have parading as a government
  • commented 2016-06-17 01:18:23 +0930
    As many here have already pointed out, anyone who supports Senator Bernardi’s stance on things is extremely welcome in the Australian Liberty Alliance. You will feel right at home.
  • commented 2016-06-16 16:42:21 +0930
    I have watched the comments with interest.
    As a traditional ALP voter who stopped voting ALP once Rudd announced he’ll introduce SSM. And as I said earlier, I am not the only ALP voter who have deserted.
    But here I see so many Liberal voters deserting this party.
    Interesting to know that old ALP voters are not switching to Liberal, and interesting to know old Liberal voters are not switching to ALP.

    How good would it be if this is a silent trend and a party with ‘Christian’ values actually won!

    Cory, I do hope you keep your seat.
    Christian values are still important to Australians.
  • commented 2016-06-16 14:46:20 +0930
    Cory, why is it considered dangerous to ‘dally’ with micro parties. one day they won’t be micro any more. But maybe the liberal party will be, destroyed by the left leaning disloyal turncoat and his 53 henchmen. The ALA is the party that most closely resembles my views. It’s no longer the Liberals, not under turnbull that’s for sure.
  • commented 2016-06-16 13:50:41 +0930
    I would like to say that cory bernardi is one of the few politicians that tells us like it is and I respect him for going out on a limb and getting the halal scam investigation implemented. (though no result from the government yet) but I must say the choice of political parties in this upcoming election does not give us much sensible choice. I have reviewed these choices and have come to the conclusion that Pauline Hansen and the A.L.A. parties give us a future that the other parties do not. so Pauline and A.L.A. all the way!
  • commented 2016-06-16 11:09:27 +0930
    Why has Turnbull not nailed Shorten about union corruption? He called the double dissolution on these grounds and yet remains suspiciously silent on the issue. In addition, not one Liberal Minister has driven home the disgraceful debt Labor left us with last time they were in office! Again, suspiciously silent!
  • commented 2016-06-16 08:53:48 +0930
    I admire and support the work of Cory Bernardi and I hope he is voted back to the Senate in his state. However, in my state of Victoria, I will vote Daniel Jones ALA first, and Liberal/Nationals after that. A new party such as Australia Liberty Alliance is not populist. It is a serious party with a twenty policy manifesto. It more closely follows the conservative values I believe in. Values the Coalition have all but abandoned.
  • commented 2016-06-16 08:50:06 +0930
    Cory, we have always held you in high regard. You stand up for your principles but you are not saying anything about the fact that your party is preferencing the greens and labor before Australian Liberty Alliance. How can this be right when your new boss told Australians that the Turnbull Coalition would be putting the greens last. Can he be serious? The rabid Greens in front of ALA???
  • commented 2016-06-16 06:23:22 +0930
    Cory has done a terrific job standing up for his values and ours in the face of terrible bullying, why punish him because of their leader Malcolm Turnbull? I will be voting for both Cory Bernadi and David Fawcett below the line in the senate. There are still enough good parties to vote for to make up our twelve senators. Who knows Malcolm Turnbull may even lose His own seat, so why risk losing two very good senators from the party. The alternative is a labor/ green alliance which will be way worse. I will be praying for you Cory Bernadi don’t give up, it must be very demoralising at times.
  • commented 2016-06-16 02:12:53 +0930
    Cory you have my respect as a politician and as a person. However I cannot vote for the Liberals this election as Turncoat has not stood up against the evil ideology of Islam. I would have voted for Abbott. On the contrary, Turncoat has stood with the likes of Waleed Aly in making our country go backwards. He has appeared on television shows talking about the ‘golden age’ of Islam – when in fact, Islam needs to have a reformation at the very least there needs to be talk of this, a reformation like Christianity went through. Christianity not perfect but at least it went through a reformation. Our nation is quickly becoming Islamised and this is the number one issue of the day. The Liberal government’s petty little attempt to control the gangs has not been very good, as was the ‘my hack’ program initiated to tackle radical Islam by internet. It has not achieved anything because it does not call out the evil for what it is. That is why I am voting Australian Liberty Alliance this time. Their policies are clear and available for all to see. They are just starting out so I’m hoping they will grow. This time they might just get a seat in the Senate.
  • commented 2016-06-15 21:45:03 +0930
    The problem with the major parties is that when they get in they think they have a right to do whatever they like, ie a “mandate from the people” like the time John Howard decided to join the “Coalition of the Willing” and invade Iraq. Most Australians were against this at the time. I heard on one of those Sky news shows that the idea of a mandate comes through from the British system but isn’t exactly pertinent and is misapplied in the Australian situation. The minor parties being installed in the senate helps to put some checks on what the government thinks it has a mandate to do.
  • commented 2016-06-15 20:46:44 +0930
    Cory, so we can avoid becoming like all those democratic countries that allowed Islam to invade, steal all their welfare while introducing a 7th century barbaric, evil ideology that has been adopted by the UN to help achieve it’s goal of world government! No thanks to Malcolm! He will be put last on the Liberal section on my vote! Along with Bill and his corrupt union party and your partners in crimes against Australia, the Greens! Voting 1 Australian Liberty Alliance for senate, CDP, Rise Up Australia, One Nation, etc! All honest, Patriotic Australians, NOT TRAITORS! “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato
  • commented 2016-06-15 18:07:22 +0930
    G’day Cory,

    As a once proud country Victorian, bloody disgusted with the union take-over of the CFA. The CFA’s the lifeblood of the bush as u know. That this can happen – and Marxists blatantly stating they want a red flag over parliament and taking over school programs, putting our children at risk – is a massive concern for average Australians! It is the job of all politicians to protect the security of Australia, as important as we who have risked our lives fighting overseas. I hope you all fight this with every fibre of your being and take on the socialist backers in the media. They need to be exposed and held to account. You are very much a rarity in that regard, for too long you have played a lone-hand in defending us! I have no confidence in the Liberals to stop this sort of thing fm happening and again think it may be time for a separate Conservative Party, one that we can be confident will stand up for the national interest – my children’s interests. Too many times the Liberals have let Labor/green/socialist plans go through to the keeper with all but a token resistance, even appointing those on the left to influential positions, as the left continues its march through our institutions! The Liberals have failed us, time to start again and give conservative Australians a choice! While I’m not a fan of Trump, his plain speaking and recognition of average people’s concerns is why he resonates with ordinary Americans. Please show some passion, show some fight on these issues, you will be rewarded tenfold by the silent majority if you do! All the best, Trav.
  • commented 2016-06-15 18:01:31 +0930
    For all of you who wish to vote ALA this time, as it seems, to protest, well best of luck if Labor is elected because of this. If we splinter our vote, it supports these minority hypocrites too. We have not the best choices we would wish, if you don’t like Turnbull, suck it up, your actions may mean Cory sits on the other side of the Senate. That would be a brilliant stroke…not! You either suffer Turnbull, or be screwed by Labor/Greens/Unions. I know who I hate more, those who sit opposite Cory in the Senate, it’s simple folks, get with it!!!
  • commented 2016-06-15 17:20:32 +0930
    My Bernardi like so many posts on here I too was a Liberal for 36 years. Tony Abbott was & will be the last Liberal that I voted for. You are a true Liberal Cory however your party is not. There has been not one issue you have stood for that I can say I do not agree. You have my total respect as a man & politician however I have become a member of the ALA & obviously that’s who I will be voting for.
  • commented 2016-06-15 17:10:41 +0930
    Hi Cory – Thank you for your insightful analysis of the current situation with the micro party’s and their shenanigans, and I wonder where Australia is heading.
    However, I believe that the situation has been created by the major parties.
    The change of leadership at regular intervals has caused untold confusion among the supporters of both parties, particularly long term supporters.

    The circus of the labor pardy was a matter for the labor pardy, but when the Liberal party, which I have supported all my voting life (I am 81 yrs of age), emulated them and turned on Tony Abbott, and so many of the members, who he had stuck his neck out for, at great personal cost to his own credit, turned on him and put the current windbag, waffler, in his place, I am lost for words!!!

    The amount of flack he took for so many of them, and that how they thank him.

    I have been spruking to my children and grand children and my many friends, about the virtues of the Liberal party, particularly when compared to the labor pardy, most of my life, and then we see the same deceitful, twofaced, disloyal, despicable, dishonest, duplicitous creeps, now running along brown nosing the waffler.

    It makes me sick!!

    So when the matter of all the micro and macro party’s pops up, I am not surprised.
    If I, as a long time loyal supporter, am confused and horrified at seeing Liberal as labor No.2, how do the many younger, disinterested voters see any difference between the two?

    No wonder the micro parties are having a ball!!

    I know you supported Tony and were not part of the plot and I respect you and the others in your camp for that and wish you all well, but I have lost the party I always supported.
    Thank you
    Bob Anderson (03 97447870)
  • commented 2016-06-15 17:00:38 +0930
    A.L.A all the way for me too and I’ll be preferencing how they direct me.
    I voted Abbott not Turncoat TurdBull.
    Get on the A L A ticket Corey, you fit right in.
  • commented 2016-06-15 16:56:14 +0930
    You seem a nice enough bloke Cory, but like many others commenting here, the LNP have lost my vote. Mark Textor’s “they don’t matter” was the final of many straws. Accordingly my HoR ballot will be informal with a big “WDM” (we DO matter) just so your LNP scrutineers know who missed out on my vote.

    My Senate vote will go to whichever six of the minor parties DON’T preference the LNP, or Labor or Greens.
  • commented 2016-06-15 16:44:47 +0930
    At 64 years of age I joined a political party for the first time in my life – the ALA. I saw Islam as a real threat to all the civilised world. This threat is being enhanced by a lemming-like hatred of free speech much of the press, Labor and of course the idiotic Greens. Then the LNP capitulated on 18C. I share your thoughts on the dangers of minor party ratbags with control, but the ALA have many good policy ideas. The trashing of your office should have been the headline news item of the week and a warning of where we might be headed if free speech continues to be treated like your office.
  • commented 2016-06-15 16:31:36 +0930
    Cory, your ideals and beliefs seem to be at odds with the Liberal Party’s current policies. The Libs used to stand for ethics and morals. I was a staunch Liberal voter but their policies are now too much aligned with Labor. I will not be voting Liberal. I like what you stand for. Have you thought of becoming an Independent or shifting to one of the ‘Micro’ parties that promote more of the Christian ideology on which Australia was founded ?
  • commented 2016-06-15 16:28:14 +0930
    Hi Cory
    I do actually fully endorse the policies of the ALA, I am sick of hearing the silly use of the term populist. If you care to have proper look at what they are doing you will see that they are well on the way to building a viable third party. It can’t happen overnight obviously, but it is happening. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that they are a one issue party.
    The Labour party, no longer represents the working people, and Turnbull and the rest of you are desperately trying to have a bob each way, instead of having the gumption to stick with your core conservative values. I’ll cut you a bit of slack here, but I reckon that 53 MPs are regretting their cowardly backstabbing of TA.

    I wish you well on July 2,