Neo-Marxist’s push to reclassify gender

marxist.pngIt seems like every week throws up a new assault on normality.

This week The Australian reported on the introduction of the genderless prefix of Mx on government forms. This honorific is designed to be used alongside Mr, Miss, Ms, and Mrs for those who do not wish to reveal their gender and apparently has its origins in the United Kingdom.

For the record, I think it is ridiculous. If people don’t want to indicate their gender then they should just leave the option blank. However, I suspect such a simple solution might actually compromise the real agenda behind such moves.

This is just another ‘Trojan horse’ designed to deconstruct gender identity as part of a radical push toward neo-Marxist views.

One of the leaders of this push said as much. Roz Ward – co-ordinator of the (un) Safe Schools program and now transgender adviser to the radical Victorian government – said this in an address to the 2015 Marxism Conference:

“This push to fit people into these physical and social gender constructs that promote heterosexuality is still incredibly strong and reinforced through the judicial system, through the medical, you know, all of medicine, the media and all social institutions …

“Only Marxism provides both the theory and the practice of genuine human liberation …

“Marxism offers both the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today …

“Apart from social stigma and discrimination, almost every single structure in society is set up to accommodate only two possible genders, male or female…Everything from the toilets we use, the school uniforms, changing rooms, all official documents, passports, the process is that you go through airports, everything is divided into these two limited gender options.”

Make no mistake, the ‘don’t identify your gender choice’ isn't about not identifying your gender, it is about reclassifying gender to suit Marxist social engineering. We have seen a push in the United States for genderless bathrooms so the Mxs can choose wherever they want to go. Obama has even threatened to withdraw school funding from public schools that don’t allow ‘choice’.

I can’t imagine too many parents would be happy to have a 17-year-old boy changing in the girls change-room used by their daughter because the boy ‘identifies’ a certain way. How would any of us feel if a man walked into a ladies public toilet? Watch this video to find out!

While the UK and US governments may have fallen for it, I am deeply disappointed we are heading down the same path. It’s just another step in an attempt to deconstruct our established individual biological or societal identifiers.

And yet, the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the left is astounding in their approach. By their reckoning, it is wrong to use gender as an identifying characteristic and yet they openly encourage people to compartmentalise themselves by ethnicity, religion, sexuality and skin colour.

Identification alone by such measures is often not enough; they also demand specialist programs and policies be introduced as a means of support for the identity politics they promote whilst eschewing things like support for the traditional family.

It is a worrying trend that will ultimately further isolate individuals rather than unite them under nationhood. Public policy should be on the basis of need and the common good rather than on some characteristic that a neo-Marxist deems worthy.


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    Jesus. Talk about hyperbole. Take a simple wish to remain gender neutral (or anonymous), run it through the Bernardi filter, and you get a neo-Marxist plot to destroy civilised society.
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    I’m just as horrified as you are.
    It is sad to see the country that our forefathers fought and died for, degenerating to this trash.
    There seem to be very few politicians apart from yourself & the ALA party courageous enough to speak against such dangerous rubbish.
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    Neo Marxism’s reduction of humanity to Mx, appears to me to be in line with the historical Marxist approach to humanity of reductionism. Humanity is not considered in terms of quality, but in terms of quantity. You are one of the masses, one of the workers.
    There is no distinction that celebrates the diversity of human capacities and roles, which makes up community and organisations (or corporate organisms). The natural world presupposes ‘nature’ or character that is innate, which is expressed in community. Marxism appears to deny anything innate, but reduces community to a base common denominator, that is to be manipulated by controllers. And it does this via propaganda, manipulation and force (because it is not a natural phenomenon that can be encouraged).
    Natural community, which seeks to express and develop what is innate within humanity, flourishes as a diverse organism of workers, leaders and entrepreneurs.
    Historically, in order to apply the Marxist ‘forced society’, there is a need to remove the natural leaders, entrepreneurs and intellectuals.
    However, it also would appear that Marxism grows and rises within nations that do not promote justice within the natural order. If those given the gifting and responsibility of leadership and entrepreneurship, succumb to self gratification and exploitation of the workforce, rather than a balanced and just society, then we are in for trouble.
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    Thank you for your article Mr Bernardi.

    Regrettably as a first year Uni student, my stance against the Iraq War saw me forced to associate on a regular basis with a heavily Maxist-influenced (ISO) group. This mistake saw me forced to endure intense abuse from both male and female members based on the fact that “it isn’t very fair of you to discriminate that women aren’t allowed to abuse you while men are”, while they continually made reference to my family’s whereabouts and safety.

    It is within these Neo-Maxist groups that dominant figures (sometimes these “dominant figures” deliberately appear harmless at face value) perpetrate horrible crimes based on the fact that their victims “can’t” protest / discriminate against them and their unwanted attention because the perpetrator identifies with a popular minority group.

    Keep up the good work Mr Bernardi.

    With thanks
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    The truth is, we are what we were born to be and not what we imagine..These people need psychiatric counselling and care to deal with reality. Where has all the common sense of yester-year gone.
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    I will be very blunt. People are going to get hurt, end up in jail and or mortuaries, as there are people who will not accept this at all. Children are involved.
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    The current worldwide push to promote transgenerism is a real worry – I worry not for myself but for the upcoming generations of children who will be exposed to this dangerous agenda. People are either male or female – DNA doesn’t lie. People who are unable to identify as male or female are a small majority and as such are not ‘normal’. Why are politicians bending over backwards to appease angry minorities!!
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    Spot on again as usual Corrie. Thanks for being there and speaking up.
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    Whether a marxist idea or not- i believe that we have addressed inequality in our western society – however the continual push to eliminate differences (eg – gender) and change the accepted meaning for “marriage” will alienate those who believe our limit has been reached
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    It is absolutely unbelievable that supposedly intelligent human beings are pushing this agenda. If this trend is allowed to continue I fear for our future generations. The won’t have a clue what they are supposed to be as there will not be any guidelines left!!
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    We have had big problems with what has been going on in our schools for a long time. I have twin cousins one male other female and Peter was a very effeminate boy but not gay/homosexual but even back then the school let councillor’s from the Homosexual Movement have access to him and they tried to convince him he was a Homosexual at the age of 14 an age when boys in good Christian homes are not even thinking about having sex. He told them he was no different to the other guys in his class and he liked girls and this was back in the early 60’s. His parents kicked up such a stink that the headmaster and a teacher were stood down for allowing those faggots to have access to their son. Peter did marry and have children, he married a girl who he worked with and she was climbing the ladder very quickly with Promotions and when their 1st Child was born he gave up work and became a house husband as her salary was a lot higher than his. He is still married today. With a very happy family.

    But now like me he is worried about our economy and the MP’s & Senators who stick their head in the sand as they don’t want to rock the boat with the Fascists running the LNP & ALP.
    We are on the verge of a financial crash we are close to becoming the Next Greece. THE BANKS ARE GOING TO CRASH OUR ECONOMY with the help of the people running the Liberal & Labor parties and unfortunately all those below them are serving the PARTY not Australia.

    The Australian Banks have the worst Mortgage Bubble ever seen and the reason it is so bad in other countries only around one third of the Banks total business is Mortgages but here in Australia it is around two thirds of their total business and they did not learn from 2008 when Rudd had to Secretly Bail them out to stop them crashing. They have just got worse and they have for a long time been manipulating the Property values with reckless lending the Australian values are inflated by around 40%.
    What makes it worse over recent years most of their lending has been to small investors people with a little equity (or none) and are given mortgage on investment property and these people can only survive if they are receiving inflated rents. What makes it worse most of these people don’t have secure employment. And the ones getting into trouble now are losing their family Home and the investment property and they still end up owing the Bank a lot of money when the Banks should not have lent to them in the first place. But the Banks are virtually unregulated as Bank regulations are not enforced and bad practice is not investigated.
    When the Mortgage bubble burst it is going to cause another bubble to burst the $32+TrillionDerivatives Gambling Bubble.


    Up until the Brisbane G20 they were trying to introduce Bail-In legislation? But both Rudd & Hockey failed to introduce the legislation as the cat was out the bag and they could not hide it in Trojan horse legislation.
    And since the G20 their focus was on Australian Super one of the biggest money pools in the Western World and they set up Bail-in bonds (not called by that name when they are offloading them) and the Government only specified that they were only allowed to be sold to Super Funds & Mum & Dad investors. Not to be sold to other Banks, Businesses or Councils. They pay higher interest than honest bonds.

    But under Turnbull they have found a way of implementing Bail-In under existing Bank regulations.

    So they have already started syphoning the money out of the Super Funds so they have it on hand.
    But even with stealing Australians retirement savings and their Bank deposits they are going to Bankrupt the economy as they did in Greece & Ireland. Where the people are still suffering under harsh austerity measures as the Banks are getting more than THEIR pound of Flesh.

    WE CAN STOP IT NOW with the introduction of Glass-Steagall Bank Separation Legislation now.
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    What do you call 144 people who support this line of argument? Gross stupidity! What comes next? “I know I am black, but today I believe I will be a white man. I don’t have to change my skin, I just have to declare it!” Some people have taken leave of their senses.
  • commented 2016-05-26 12:14:48 +0930
    dear Cory it seems that the socialist left have never lived under the communist regime I worked with men who did and told of horror you can not imagine, it did not work in the USSR it is not working in China ,only when they adapt capitalist ways and idea’s ,dictatorships ,do not work
  • commented 2016-05-26 11:17:12 +0930
    Good day Cory,

    Thank you for once again for bringing a serious issue to light.

    Many seem perplexed by such changes, wondering where on earth these ideas come from. The simple reality is that we are in the midst of a religious and philosophical war. People are raised in this country to believe that religion and politics do not mix, but the reality is that POLITICS ARE BASED ON RELIGION. The Bible says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is”. In simple terms, what a man believes will always shape his policies, his speech, and his actions.

    When a Christian is a politician, or we have a politician that peddles Christian morality, the media , and others, go into a frenzy. They dream up all sorts of “shock and awe” to discredit such a person. Yet, when we have an atheist as Prime Minister, none in the media bat an eyelid. Yet, the atheist will govern according to his religion. His ideas will have consequences.

    In today’s blog you mention Marxism. However, Atheism, Agnosticism, Evolution, Humanism, and many others, are all religions that will impact upon our society.

    The point is this: the long war against God started many decades ago in this country. What we are seeing today with Mxs and the push to normalise homosexuality is just the terminus of “no fault divorce” — which undermined the value and sanctity of marriage; try before you buy — which destroyed the exclusiveness of marriage; and abortion on demand (sold under the pretense of worshiping the god of “Choice”) — which symbolised the destruction of the family by attacking one of its fundamental purposes. From here we entered upon the dread Ms, because feminist doctrine dictated that identity should never be related to marital status — another attack on marriage as God ordained it.

    Therefore, let us be sure and certain of why our nation is fast approaching the “S” bend before our impending plunge into the sewer — it is because we have forsaken God!! Every philosophy will have consequences. We lived in a semi-Christian country and we saw the benefits of that. We had law and order, people were safe on the streets. If someone was murdered, we were aghast and horrified; now it is just to be expected. Now, people have no hope. Governments promise, but do not deliver. Our current leaders have no idea of how to fix the problem. Why? Because our problem is one of morality and the one thing that our politicians will not give to us is morality — especially Biblical morality.

    We come to an election with the full expectation of being lied to ‘en masse’ by would-be candidates and those seeking reelection, yet we still play this inane game! We have no real hope; we simply toss the dice hoping that the guy who gets the job might stumble upon a better way. Yet, by this very action, we are ignoring the better way — God!

    Lastly, Cory, you need to think a little about your phraseology. Speaking of “public policy” you note that it should be for the “common good”. This is a nice phrase, but it means absolutely naught if it is not attached to an absolute moral basis. I am sure the Marxist thinks he is doing something for the “common good”. Ditto for the homosexuals, rabid “Greens”, Libertarians, and so forth.

    I do admire your stand, and certainly wish to encourage you to keep on. However, you must have an absolute moral base in order to be able to achieve the common good. Mr. Shorten
    would have us believe that he is going to govern for every Australian. Yet this is just rhetorical nonsense. You cannot govern equally for all people especially when they are divided by different religious beliefs; like those mentioned above. You cannot, as an extreme example, govern for the rights of the murderer and of the missionary. You must decide in favour of the one or the other. Similarly, you cannot support the family and the one who attacks the family as being equal. Yet, this is exactly the untenable position that modern politics espouses. The common good is designed by God and it is outlined in His Word, the Bible. If we are going to make any ground we must return to both of these in humility and repentance.

    Kindest regards,
  • commented 2016-05-26 10:45:19 +0930
    Isaiah 5:20
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
  • commented 2016-05-26 09:34:57 +0930
    Thank you again Senator Bernardi. I can’t believe the liberal party has demoted you to #2 on the SA senate ticket, a sad reflection of where the liberal party is headed which certainly doesn’t reflect the sentiment of those posting on your blog. I agree with the comment that said that world celebrities seem to me dictating government policy. Mx being added to government documents is horrific- I’m still trying to get my head around Ms…??? None of this social engineering is new, it’s been going on since the world began – look at what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah! That’s exactly where the whole world is heading – to hell in a hand basket! If you ever defect from the Libs Cory we’d love you to join us in the Christian Democratic Party- a real conservative alternative where you won’t be squeezed out for your common sense views.
  • commented 2016-05-26 09:25:34 +0930
    Distressingly, we normatives are almost out-numbered.
    The left has completely snowed the establishment, with both left and right accepting the bastardisation of our morals, culture, and behaviours, with politicians the law and educators all committed to reinterpret what reality is.
    We have no hope of pushback until a true Conservative party is available to vote for, and they would have to be actively steered right all the time too.. When are you going to form a party,Corey?
    We have the ALA in the senate in other states to potentially neuter this craziness, but only if they too are supported like Corey in SA.
  • commented 2016-05-26 08:48:12 +0930
    Corey, the building codes in south Australia are already having this bi toilet idea in them. Our school was built with shared toilet system. Not one parent complained, however, staff did. Females refused to use the same toilet there male co workers used, finally we got female sticker and male sticker on seperate doors, but still have to use same hand basin. Need to get back to building industry, as there pushing this trans gender usage also. Kids don’t really go home and tell mum….. Until its to late and something has happened. Schools need to get parents to have a say on this before a building is built. But I bet the powers that over rule don’t even let them know. I won’t be using the shopping centers that go to this system.
  • commented 2016-05-26 06:59:38 +0930
    What I find truly amazing is that Cory is ‘radicalised’ by the press for saying what most right thinking people feel unsafe to say. It’s disgusting. Well done sir!
  • commented 2016-05-26 06:57:44 +0930
    This social engineering is very divisive and could lead to forms of discrimijnation that has never before been exposed. Marxiism has been a toatal failure, when will the loony left accept this as a final judgement? The only difference between Islam and communism is that the idelogy of Islam is headed by a religion of very dubious teachings supported by sharia law, and should be treated the same way as Communism.
  • commented 2016-05-26 06:47:51 +0930
    I would love to claim this as my own but someone beat me to it:-

    President Kennedy put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in a woman’s toilet.
  • commented 2016-05-26 04:15:25 +0930
    This is lunacy. An attack on peoples freedoms, our democracy and our families. It is mental illness on a mass scale. The regressive left are so far gone i can no longer tolerate them. They will continue to push their agenda, it will continue to result in tearing apart our western democracy’s. They will destroy our legal system and everything else. There will be mass depravity and social violence and a complete breakdown in our once safe and prosperous countries.

    Malcolm Turnbull is allowing this, he is assisting it. I will never vote for him again. I will not vote for anyone who allows this insanity to continue. I know tons of people who are for the first time in their lives all voting for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation or the ALA. It is time to put up or shut up. No more fence sitting. You are either for this agenda or you are against it. Passively allowing it to continue is supporting it.

    I am disgusted by the leftist ideology. It is a vile, disturbing totalitarian movement that will result in good people refusing to comply with their insane new laws. I’ve never seen this kind of insanity, but Obama and Hillary have been pushing it for over a decade and Merkel is just as insane.

    They will push this all the way, no matter how insane, no matter how much proof there is that they are insane. They will not stop until they are made to stop. And that will happen one way or the other. It is horrifying what they have done and continue to do. How demented their mindset is. They must be stopped.
  • commented 2016-05-26 01:42:59 +0930
    Something must be done to bring these extremists to heel, otherwise, where will it all end?!!! I am fed up with the contest going on between men and women in this country, that has done so much damage to normal relations between the sexes. It is impossible to pay a woman a compliment without risking them calling the police: what has it all become? Barbarism in it’s pure form!!!

    Biology determines the role of men and women, not politics, that is the undeniable truth. Much as the rabid left might try; they cannot destroy what nature has created, and I wish the hell that they would finally grow up, and give up trying! They appear to be breaking down society in order to rebuild it in their own twisted image, and it is not working. For many years now, women in this country have been encouraged to be more like men, to the extent that many have forgotten what it is to be a woman! They are taught to be disagreeably assertive, but mostly, it comes across as merely rude. Men are being
    encouraged to be more like women, and inevitably, the homosexual lobby is revelling in it!
    Men have always admired the feminine, and until several decades ago, women enjoyed the enhanced status that they once had as women: placed on a pedestal and treated with the utmost respect in their important role as nurturers, supporters, and compassionate companions: where has that gone? Now they are encouraged to openly and aggressively compete with men on their own turf; their role is confused and nothing feminine has been allowed to survive; no wonder there is so much trouble between men and women! Both sexes are rude and empathy and goodwill does not exist any more. No rational man would deny any woman the same pay for the same work, but the fact remains that men and women are not equal, but rather, the sexes are complimentary, and there are many occupations for which women are not suitable ( and vice versa ) Those who wish to work in occupations dominated by men, should be, and are, free to do so.

    Since whitlam, the left has been allowed to seize the political agenda in this country, in gender politics, and in a long list of crimes against normal decency, in virtually every sphere of public life and regrettably, the result, is a twisted, distorted society in which basic freedoms are being curtailed daily. It will be a mammoth task to now fix the problems that have become entrenched for so long. Clearly, the need to repair Australia to what it was until about 1970, is a task far beyond party politics, but it is more urgent than ever!!!

    Arnold Oredat
  • commented 2016-05-25 23:31:18 +0930
    Hi Cory, Thank you for fighting to save the Australian society from all sorts of extremists. However, I too do not like what Libarals did to Tony Abbott and the Liberal party’s current leadership. You should seriously think of starting your own party
  • commented 2016-05-25 23:20:34 +0930
    Cory, apart from the obvious disgust about the subject, I have a question! is it true that Malcolm made a deal with the Greens to get an Emissions Trading Scheme through the Parliament? Because if it is true then Liberal is dead and it really now is Malcolm’s Party! Which begs the next question! Why are you still a part of it?
  • commented 2016-05-25 23:04:16 +0930
    Cory, myself and most of my friends have vowed never again to vote for the assassins of Tony Abbott. I suggest that you leave the Islam-hugging Laberals and join a more appropriate mini party….or else start a new Conservative Party of your own. We will never go back to the Laberals let me assure you. Never, ever.
    Best wishes, Martin.
  • commented 2016-05-25 22:20:33 +0930
    While the homosexuals are promoting their lifestyle through this sort of propaganda, items like this go largely unreported: