Returning to common sense conservatism

australian-flag.jpgMy comment today will be brief as many of you will be enjoying the respite from political commentary after a marathon election campaign.

The Coalition government has been re-elected, for which I am grateful. It has always been my belief that it is better for the country to have a right-of-centre majority in the House of Representatives rather than a Labor one. The challenge ahead will be to negotiate good policy through a disparate Senate, where the final composition may not be resolved for several weeks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank so many readers for their support of my campaign. Your good wishes, financial contributions and advice were greatly appreciated. Thanks to your support I’ll be able to continue to speak up for common sense and mainstream ideas within the parliament for some years to come.

I am also heartened by the amazing response to the Australian Conservatives movement. Whilst still in its infancy, the interest generated has been incredible. Work will now begin to create a website and communications platform to serve the tens of thousands of people who have already registered and to serve as the foundation for future growth.

That said, the hard work has only just begun. Effecting meaningful change requires a sustained commitment and the application of consistent principles. This will be the true challenge ahead – inside and outside of the parliament. But it is a challenge we cannot afford to fail at. There is simply too much at stake.

We can all observe the consequences of failure in other nations. The abandonment of common sense conservatism has led to economic calamity, social dislocation, racial division and civil unrest. It’s no coincidence that these outcomes are a direct consequence of the so called ‘progressive’ agenda that has successfully undermined the social and cultural institutions that have been the glue binding Western civilisation together.

Australia has the chance to learn from their mistakes. We need to defend our culture, build our economy, strengthen our families, reduce the size of government, cut taxes and inspire free enterprise. We need to live within our means and recognise that self-government is the most efficient and most effective form of government there is.

Of course, that takes a change of mindset from both politicians and the public. Effecting that change won’t be easy which is why we have to stick together.

With your help, and that of many more concerned Australians, we will succeed. Thanks to you we are already off to a good start.


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    Keep going Cory, your doing a great job. We recognize it isn’t easy and i personally applaud your bravery and integrity. Oh and of course that much loved conservative ‘common sense’. Your shaping up to be a fine leader. We are proud of you and grateful for your dedication to the principles we hold dear.
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    Yes we definitely need a observation voice so thanks to Cory for giving us that voice. Hopefully others may listen and realise that we are not to be ignored.
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    Firstly, Thanks to Corey for recognising the growing need for the common sense “right” to have a voice.
    We should all give him our full support in this turn around movement away from poisonous leftist thinking and media.
    It has been long over due to stand up and speak out about this " thought sickness" of political correctness that seems to want to silence the truth. I for one am extremely tired of government figures being silent on glaring double standards that seem too hot to handle.
    One example that comes to mind is we have Penny Wong chastising Eddie Maguire over comments about Caroline Wilson yet Penny remains silent about comments from hate preacher Sheik Shady and how Islam treats homosexuals.
    Because our political parties have been to gutless to call this out and other ONGOING atrocities related to Islam, we have the rise of the likes of the Australian Liberty Alliance, One Nation etc. Perhaps the time is right to have a new conservative party that will have the tough conversations and some action. Hizbut-tahrir should be banned in Australia and its leaders deported as it is in other countries for a good start.
    We are at war with an Islamic ideology that seems to have no intention of a reformation- so where do we go from here ?
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    Denise, unfortunately Turnbull hasn’t got the message that our Superannuation should not be trashed to pay for his socialist money wasting on things like supporting Islamic immigrants, voting on homosexual marriages and pandering to scare campaigns on Medicare. Turnbull is a gutless socialist,backstabbing wimp who is hell bent on destroying the Liberal party. If he isn’t kicked out and the super changes canned then the Liberal party is doomed to be replaced by a new Conservative party.
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    It has been a political marathon & yes we are politically brain numbed by the experience ! Just want the government that has been elected to deliver what it was promising – stability in government & integrity in decisions & sort the unions.
    Backdated changes to super is very concerning for those of us in the retirement category – this needs to get sorted at next Mondays meeting.
    I believe Turnbull will grow into his position – he’s received a real palpable shock with this election result & I believe he is intelligent enough to respect what the voters are saying and adjust his leadership style accordingly.
    Time will tell…….
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    Cory, I am sorry but I dont believe that we have a right leaning government at all. This election there was no conservative option and I found myself, for the first time in my life, not voting for the coalition. I voted for minor parties that reflected the conservative values that I hold dear. In short I did not and will not ever vote for a Liberal party led by a socialist. The sooner Turnbull and his cronies are gone from the party the better as far as I am concerned.
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    thank you for caring,Cory
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    You say it is better to have a right of centre party in government, rather than a Labor one. I honestly don’t understand how you can make such a statement, when Malcolm Wormpill and his cronies are centre-left. It is not unlike the so called Conservative Party in England, where David Cameron and his centre-left supporters are deemed to be Blairites by Peter Hitchens, a columnist you are well aware of.
    Have you ever thought of you and the likes of Erica Betz, Peter Dutton etc moving over en masse to the Nationals? What a difference that would make.
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    Learn from the mistakes of Europe! How many events must we witness before the buffoons running the country see the problems that we need to avoid and steer the country around them?
    Time and again we the conservative see the problems and bring them to the attention of our leaders or media who then ignore us.
    The UK has been suffering the effects immigration of the wrong people for decades.
    German just opened the borders of Europe and still the remainers in the UK see no problem.
    How do we turn this around Corey? Our educators are brainwashing kids. Politicians (most often ALP) visit schools during election periods even though they can’t vote.
    How about we call for a Royal Commission into our education system. Rid it of the leftwing puppets.
    I don’t see anything changing in the next few elections unless the Liberal government acts to stop the brainwashing of kids.
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    Corey Bernardi
    Thank you for your vigilance and exposure of the perverted Safe Schools, Building Better Relationships and Starting Early… Poisonous school programs ( being promoted and inflicted on school children by the perverted Andrews Government in Victoria and by Labor…… and for reestablishing a true conservative voice for the hijacked by the Progressives in the Liberal Party.

    Please BE AWARE that Get Up! are the minions of George Soros ( worth 25 BILLION) and the push for Globalisation, open borders, collapsing of National border controls, the flooding of the West by Muslims and all achieved under SUBMISSION to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and the Islamisation ( sharia) of the West.
    The U.N. 2030 Agreement that Turnbull (& Turnbull’s son who have Goldman Sachs/ Soros connections) signed us up to within one week of becoming PM includes these Soros plans for globalisation).
    So be aware that Get Up! are just the Australian component of the World Wide Soros plan, there are hundreds of Get Ups under different names in the West.
    This is why none of us have been listened to by any government since Rudd ( the UN’s man).
    There is a much bigger plan for us by this multi billionaire and we are NOT invited.
    Good luck and be very careful.
    Helen Killen