Senator Dastyari should stand aside

dast.jpgI have repeatedly warned of the crisis of public confidence in politics and its implications for the major parties. That lack of confidence has a new face: Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

Dastyari is touted by his NSW pals as a political prodigy; a man of boundless energy, enthusiasm and cunning. He is also a man clearly captured by the NSW disease that has brought such disrepute into our body politic.

The NSW disease is the ‘whatever it takes, anything goes’ mantra of Graham Richardson, where the means always justify the ends. It delivered a rotating Lazy Susan of premiers, scandals, corrupt deals and grubby ‘favours’.

The disease proved contagious, with some in the NSW Liberal Party being exposed by ICAC as having the same affliction.

Until now, there was little evidence that the virus had made its way into the Federal Parliament. That was until it was revealed that Sam Dastyari thought it was okay to send his personal bills off to a Chinese government front company for payment.

Let me make this crystal clear. This was not a donation to a political party. This was not a contribution to a campaign account. This was a personal payment, the equivalent of a bag of cash delivered in the back of a Bentley.

Dastyari received a personal account in April of 2015. He was obliged to pay it within 30 days. However, rather than dip into his own pocket and part with a portion of his hefty senatorial salary, he picked up the phone to ask someone else to pick up the tab.

This someone else wasn’t a parent, a relative or a close friend. Instead, Dastyari rang a front company for the Chinese government and asked them to pay the $1670 bill for him. Amazingly, they did so. We still don’t know what questions were asked or even how the request was justified. We just know it was paid.

The payment was declared in October of 2015. Labor are hiding behind this declaration to insist there is nothing wrong with these events.

They are wrong. No clear thinking person can defend this behaviour. It is only Dastyari’s NSW mates and the senseless Senator Lambie that can’t see the wood for the trees. This is a very grubby affair and I suspect it is only the tip of the iceberg.

How does it come to pass that a Senator with the political pedigree of Dastyari thinks it’s okay to have his personal accounts paid by a businessman linked to the Chinese government?

We know it’s not the first time it has happened, with Dastyari previously being bailed out of legal bills by another Chinese benefactor.

What sort of culture is it where a person in a significant public position thinks this is acceptable and, when caught, they are then protected by their colleagues?

It speaks of a sickness that has corrupted the NSW Labor Party and rotted through to its very core.

Dastyari may only be the fall guy for a much bigger problem but he is the one who has been caught with his hand in the Chinese till. The fact that it came to light through his own declaration doesn’t mitigate the crisis he and the Labor Party are facing.

Dastyari hasn’t explained the how and why of his request for money from Chinese government agents. He has failed to explain how they may have influenced his public views on Chinese versus Australian interests. He has failed the common sense and public probity tests.

It is time for Dastyari to come clean. He needs to explain all the links to his mentor Bob Carr’s Chinese funded propaganda institute, what benefits he has received and what he has delivered in return.

He also needs to stand aside or be sacked from Labor’s front bench. A failure to do so will tell us more about the true character of Sam Dastyari and Bill Shorten than a sleazy $1670 bill payment ever will.


  • commented 2016-09-09 12:00:25 +0930
    Colin, you are absolutely right! And now Labour proudly declares that SS will be back!!! How corrupt is that – so 3rd world, elitist and treating the electorate a dumb and believing that SS is some type of “godsend”! So predictable and designed to destroy good governance over time – such that it does not engender any faith in current leadership – or of that going forward. Simply, one feels somewhat hung out to dry, whereby one must “innovate and be entrepreneurial” by being self reliant and resorting to literally mapping out one’s own path (with respect of course) to defend our (and that of our kids) futures and patch at the front gate of our property – just like the very, very old days…………….SS is the slick end and instrument of deceit that generates what Calais looks like today – and prevails in the 3rd world! One needs to be seriously convinced otherwise by common sense actions – not PC pleasantries!! Deja vu and frustrated!!!!!!
  • commented 2016-09-08 16:06:14 +0930
    This is how espionage works. You find someone either dumb, naive or greedy. (Bonus if all three) You then offer to help them out in some way. It could be in cash small mounts or trips or invitations to shows etc. Help them a lot. You do not ask for anything because you are just “a friend”. You keep helping them out, small but growing larger. Then you ask for a small favour in return. Nothing big. Can you speak here for us? etc. Slowly, you draw them in until they find themselves being blackmailed. Just get us this info or the favours and cash given you will come out. Just the plans to this; or how did so-and-so vote and we want to influence them. Can we get the copy of minutes…
    Then we have a traitor.
  • commented 2016-09-08 00:40:19 +0930
    Dastyari has resigned from the front bench but is still a Labor senator. Dastyari’s self imposed slap on the wrist isn’t going to make the need for an investigation into political corruption disappear. The best way to do that is to have a Royal commission into political donations, private donations to politicians, favours provided by, and for, politicians and union corruption.

    Gillard was never convicted of receiving union funds for her private house and that stil needs to be investigated. It is not conceivable that Gillard had no idea where the funds came from.

    This clear corruption by Dastyari should not be left hanging around like a bad smell and at the very least needs to be properly investigated and delt with.

    The Labor party has no credibility in calling for a Royal commission into banks while questions about their political corruption reman unanswered.
  • commented 2016-09-07 17:53:00 +0930
    “shanghai sam” is gone – but must be watched!! Along with the others of his – and labour’s/greens/globalists ilk.
  • commented 2016-09-07 15:11:57 +0930
    I also found Sam Dastyari to be rude and arrogant based on his performance on the Q&A program. On that program he put him self up as a shining example of Muslim immigration and ridiculed Pauline Hanson for proposing to stop Muslim immigration.

    Meanwhile Dastyari was undermining his own political party and Australia’s national security for the sake of gaining personal and political donation from the Chinese. He puts his personal interests ahead of is own political parties interests and Australia’s interests and therefore is not fit to be a MP.

    We Only need to look at Hitler to know what happens when the world turns a blind eye to land grabs by military force. What the Chinese are doing with their military expansion must be stopped. There is no doubt Dastyari should be sacked but Shorten is too weak and corrupt to do that.

    Shorten thinks that calling for a royal commission into banks will divert the publics attention from Labor and union corruption. Australia would be much better served by having a Royal commission into corrupt political payments and other arrangements than into the banks.
  • commented 2016-09-07 14:15:12 +0930
    Having seen “shanghai sam” in action on an earlier ABC-TV Q&A (where it was exposed that he was muslim) – his very demonstrable creepy slimy self righteous arrogant nature of self and in presentation confirmed his back ground (which I suspected while watching with highest sadness and frustration), such that his current high handed action is absolutely no surprise. I have sadly seen and experienced first hand all this behavioural type and bullying by assertion before from similar character types, also from Iranian background. Come on Australia and its politicians generally – wake up!!!!!!! He is the tip of a hugely insidious creep into our systems for the sole reason to disrupt, clog up and destroy the Australian (and western) cultures by whatever means including twisting and mocking our own wordings and senses of decency against us – by saying I am sorry with a leer in his eyes. On an associated theme, if you have not already, I suggest you read a very good article of warning, about the true nature of “multiculturalism” as seen by an Iranian writer named professor Afshin Ellian titles “muslims would not tolerate multiculturalism in islamic countries”. And to compound there is the very recent IS threat against all Australians – which it is being indicated we should not be concerned about? Again politicians wake up – this is for real and has been for decades creeping in – and still the pollie heads are buried in the sand…………………….the danger is all around us – i.e.: look at airport taxi ranks to know the “weapon” at the immediate disposal of those recently called to arms, who happen to have taken over the industry in majority……………………take a look at Israel’s many experiences of these lone wolf attacks using vehicles – and then Nice – and……
  • commented 2016-09-07 12:50:50 +0930
    The point that journalists are failing to point out is that Dastyari ASKED for this bill to be paid on his behalf ! That says a lot for his lack of integrity, poor character & begs the question as to the nature of his relationships with these foreign interests.