Thankyou for your support



This will be my final missive for the year and I want to say thank you.

Thank you for your encouragement and your support. Thank you for your generosity and advice. Thank you for your wisdom and enthusiasm.

The community of Australians who receive the weekly dose of common sense are overwhelmingly those who share a deep love for our country and have concerns about the direction in which it is headed. Whilst we may have different perspectives on any individual matter, we stand united in our desire to uphold tradition, faith and family as the cornerstones of Western civilisation.

When I first entered politics, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to achieve it. Some may call it the ‘political path less travelled’, but I was determined to speak honestly and directly address mainstream concerns. Others will judge whether I have done that over the past nine and a half years but it certainly seems that some of my colleagues and sections of the media are finally catching up on important issues.

With so many matters demanding a response from those in public life, it is only those who have a clear political framework to work within who can sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’ effectively and prioritise what is important. That framework has been lost (or was never there in the first place) from too many politicians and their advisers who prefer instead to subscribe to the whatever-it-takes maxim.

Their vision for our country is limited to their vision for themselves and the belief in their own manifest destiny. I cannot support that modus operandi and encourage others not to either because it is precisely what has led us to the sorry state of politics today.

Rather, let us all encourage those who have a true vision for our nation and her people.

Nine years ago I wrote my vision down and I have copied it for you below. Whether you agree or not, at least I know I have a template from which to work.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas and every best wish for the New Year.


Our Australia

A nation bound by virtues and sustained by faith —

where values that reflect our moral foundation are accepted as critical to our future.

A place where we recognise that what

is best for our families is best for society;

where children are encouraged to believe in their dreams,

and can work hard to make them real.

Let our country be one where government is not an obstacle,

but an advocate and ally of its people;

for when freedom resides with responsibility,

Australia will always prosper.

A land where determination will never succumb to apathy,

where those who receive will also give, because there is strength in community.

We know that sustaining freedom will not be easy;

for there will always be some who seek to oppose and restrict it.

But our nation is not for those seeking an easy path,

it is for those who dream not only of today, but of what tomorrow can be.


  • commented 2016-03-30 13:05:36 +1030
    I agree with almost everything I hear from you on television and your sentiments above-but it’s very disappointing to see you today apparently eager to help Turnbull to set in concrete the fruits of his hideous act in September 2015.
    This man was obviously on a mission to dispatch TA for several years before he swooped
    —a mission that continued after the landslide 2013 election result TA had worked so hard for.
    Turnbull flirted with the ABC even as they demonized and defamed the man who had taken all the flak to get him into government.
    His stunts-innuendo-‘leader’ speeches-assignations with Abbott enemies like Palmer with MSM in tow—-constantly undermining to sink TA’s polls—-damaging the Liberal party in the process.
    He gave TA no air—-destroyed all chances of getting the 2014 budget through the feral Senate he courted.
    Only 15 months of TA’s term passed before MT had his panicky plotters lined up & from there, no one on this earth could have countered what was a relentless blitzkrieg-despite the MSM fairytale propaganda designed to protect the usurper—the sick joke about the empty chair.
    MT has none of the attributes he claimed in his pitch for the power that he could never have won on his own by democratic means——least of all his claim to be a superior communicator! Joe Blow plucked from the street could do better at thinking on his feet and with clarity of message.
    Not once has MT spoken up in defence of conservatives as we’ve been told that we don’t matter—our votes don’t matter—we should be ‘eradicated’.
    I know he has you all in a self-protection racket where you can’t criticise him for fear of losing government- but going out of your way to give credit to such a creature is beyond the pale.
    Did the Liberal party really think that lifelong Libs were just compliant lemmings—-that we don’t value decency—democracy-fair go-sincerity—Australia—-that we’re just automatons who would vote in 2016 to make it the new normal that Australia is now an unstable country-an undemocratic country— compelled by law to vote knowing that vote can be vetoed by a narcissist with MSM backing—-that we’d jst roll over and set THAT atrocity in concrete?
    I love this country with a passion, but I’ll be forever ashamed of Australians if the 2016 election reflects that amoral mentality.
    Only the reinstatement of the rightful PM Tony Abbott will restore Australia’s status as a democratic,decent mature country.
  • commented 2016-03-30 12:12:41 +1030
    From your SKY interview just now it appears you subscribe to the view that would exonerate a Mafia Don for his extortion and murders so long as he uses his stolen money/goods/power now and then at his own whim to look after his family—-shore up his ill-gotten power for the future and give a morsel to charity. Yes?
    If so shame on you because you too have abandoned conservatives and set as the new normal that Australia is a politically unstable country where the power lies with the MSM pick for PM who will always prevail because SKY ABC et al ‘journalists’ are the most powerful people in the country.
    There’s absolutely no point in voting if our vote can so easily be vetoed by any LW bloc.