United Nations secondment

united_nations.pngIt’s been another big week in politics since my last letter.

It seems the rest of Australia has finally woken up to the damaging political agenda of the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program and even though the facts are ignored or misrepresented by the celebrity ‘news’ services, the awful truth is out there. Whilst the review is still being conducted, it would be incredulous for the government not to act against this appalling program.

At a personal level, my colleagues have selected me for a secondment to the United Nations later in the year. The delegation begins in September (so it should be after the Federal election) and runs for three months. It is an amazing opportunity and I am looking forward to seeing first-hand how the UN operates and just how effective and useful it is.

The media have made a great deal of my previous comments about the UN, which includes such descriptions as a “black hole of bureaucracy” and “an unelected and unaccountable body.” This secondment will provide me with a first-hand experience of whether those descriptions are accurate or not.

As I wrote to one concerned constituent, of all the people I know I am the least likely to be captured by ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ in such an environment, so my final assessment will be frank and fearless!

Whilst based in New York, I will also have the opportunity to observe the lead up to and the vote of the US Presidential election in November. This is a critical election for America with two seemingly polarising choices.

Leading the Republican field is populist maverick Donald Trump. He is tapping into the anti-politician sentiment that seems to be making its way around the world.

Long-standing readers will know I have warned of this political cultural change for many years as governments have grown increasingly detached from their citizens.

It’s a similar situation with the US Democrats. Hillary Clinton will win the nomination (unless she’s indicted first over her emails), but she is being challenged by the septuagenarian socialist Bernie Sanders. He’s the Democratic equivalent of Trump – a radical seeking to overturn the status quo. His message has a particular resonance with the younger generation who feel they have been left behind by the Washington players.

At home, the conservatives also have some work to do. Our campaign for lower taxes and limited government is resonating with many but it is pushing into the headwinds of the socialist big-spending, big-government agenda.

It has always been my predilection that we should confront the socialist menace head on. Where they offer tax rises we should offer tax cuts. Where they want big spending on ineffective programs we should resist the temptation to join them. Their social engineering programs should be rejected out of hand.

Our best weapons in these fights are plain and principled speaking, outlining the divergent paths facing the country.

One path leads to liberty and autonomy, the other to collectivism and dysfunction. We need to make this choice crystal clear to every Australian. The battle ahead is simply too important. We cannot afford to lose.


  • commented 2016-03-24 17:08:58 +1030
    Oh Cory, don’t do it.

    The UN is the socialist/communist black hole of the world, the ultimate in neighbourhood busybodies tu-tutting the sovereign nations of the world. Australia doesn’t need some Nanny State Supra-National body interfering in our business – Just look at the UN-IPCC nonsense Tax-By-Treaty plan to tax Australians through an ETS – and for emissions we DON’T ACTUALLY MAKE (Australia sinks 20 times what we emit – The Late (and Great) Bob Carter), money which in the grand scheme of things will make to the nearest 100th of a degree exactly 0.00 degrees of difference in a hundred years – What a Supra-National waste when what poor countries really need is good reliable Australian Coal powered Electricity!

    The UN should get back to regulating International Mail and Telecoms and get out of our faces on the environmentalism masquerading as socialism

    And Lord Waffle signed up!
  • commented 2016-03-19 17:21:45 +1030
    Hi Cory, thankyou for your courageous stand on the Safe Schools Coalition issue, I believe we need you here, not at the UN, which is beyond cure. Please don’t waste your talents or time there. You’d be a voice crying in the wilderness, and the last bloke who did that had his head dished up on a platter. Wishing you all the best, just keep your head!
  • commented 2016-03-17 19:20:55 +1030
    To honourable Cory Bernardi
    Hi Cory,
    The secondment might be a nice trip overseas to the UN, but I am wondering why your colleagues have selected you to go? I feel it would be more beneficial for our Country if you were here to be involved in important National issues.
    If you have ever watched “the Chase Australia” then I would suggest ‘there is an important Senator in front of the chasers (the chasers being, the Labor, greens and the communist parties etc)’ and when the Senator turns around to ask what the fellow contestants (constituents) think? There would be a unanimous “we want you back here with us”’
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  • commented 2016-03-04 22:25:01 +1030
    I am glad you are chosen to go to the UN. You will find that they have spent a million or so on an Islamic prayer room, plus a lavish lounge.

    The United Nations operate for Islam only. It is a corrupt society which one members husband is linked to Isis.
    Forcing our country to give asylum to very high stakes criminals.

    For instance The Muslim Brotherhood leaders back in 1968 who were fleeing execution.
    Government don’t know where they are, but Hizb ut- Tahrir in Sydney are a faction of Muslim Brotherhood. They infiltrate schools, education, media tv & print, government positions, security, Australia post to name a few.

    Saudi Arabia are now leading the UN, they control all decisions with their power vote of countries combined.
    Saudi Arabia do not even sign UN treaties or agreements at all, they have their separate Islamic treaty.

    Countries in the UN & NATO are funding Isis & have done for over 4yrs. They’re collectively trying to illegally overthrow president Assad so they can run their oil pipelines through the middle of Syria.

    Last year 3 staff members at the New York UN office made announcements through their social media, for Palestine people to start stabbing & attacking Jewish people, that’s when all the attacks stepped up a notch & have not stopped since.
    It has been celebrated not condemned.

    The UN camp’s are full of Sunni Muslims, the ones that attack the minority groups. It’s to dangerous for the minorities to go to UN camp’s. Child marriage is allowed in those UN camp’s as well.

    UN has not stopped slavery within Islam, starvation, child bride’s, stoning women to death just to name a few things.

    The United Nations owns all of us, owns our freedom, owns our future.

    Saudi Arabia are in control, as well as the Marxist Communists worldwide & majority of our government are communists.

    Good luck Cory Bernardi, take your A game with you.

    Ps: I predict there will not be a US election, Obama will enact Marshall Law beforehand & he will stay president.
    Him & Hilary are in deep with The Muslim Brotherhood, they are in the Whitehouse and are their official advisers.

    Pss: Be careful
  • commented 2016-03-04 22:04:50 +1030
    I would be very surprised if the UN was not as full of red tape and ineptness as it appears, however I appreciate a straightshooter getting the secondment. The opposition leader said to your face “At least I’m not a homophobe”. However the fact is Bill Shorten is exactly that – he is afraid of the public backlash he would get from the gay lobby if he stood up for what is right, and he is taking the praise from that corner as iceing. There are so many intelligent men and women in politics and the media…but we can only trust a few to be honest with themselves and us, so thank you Corey Bernadi, for being a light in a very muddy field.
  • commented 2016-03-03 21:03:47 +1030
    I am bowled over by news of your secondment to the United Nations, Cory. Wow, I already see you as Secretary-General of the UN! Just my wishful thinking but don’t they say ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’?!
    Just think, Cory! It’s what we’ve been waiting for. The chance to right wrongs, the chance to make this world a better place. You appear to have a handle on good governance with fine instincts to boot. A steady hand at the helm with insight into the challenges of a changing world together with a fearlessness to face them head-on is exactly what the world needs. Something to chew on, I daresay ……
  • commented 2016-03-03 18:27:42 +1030
    Well said Cory.
  • commented 2016-03-03 18:05:00 +1030
    I have followed you with interest and you make a sound case mostly, but what disturbs and angers me is the simple fact you are still part of the problem, change can only begin when you listen to the people who elected you and the rest of the politician. For to long now you say whatever is needed to gain power then change your tune and its the same right across the political spectrum, you are all guilty of lies and deceitful actions and have betrayed the very people you say you represent. You are guilty of selling us out to foreign countries and that fact is undenialable. Oh i am sure you say its because we need investment etc but when you have sold everything what is left. We as a country are nothing more then a quarry and a dumping ground for cheap and poor quality products and produce. This once great country is slowly sliding into poverty which you all seem to ignore, if you and the rest of the political parties keep pushing and making ordinary australian suffer then there will come a time where you all might find yourself facing civil unrest which you are ill equip to deal with. Its time people you represent are put 1st over and above corporate donors self interest group and the rest who buy you all off. I could go on for hours about how disallusioned the current political system has made me feel. Its time you all wake up and put the people and country 1st before your own self interest where are the visonaries gone who can lead our country to greatness
  • commented 2016-03-03 17:54:36 +1030
    Great to have a moral, common sense man who will report what he sees and understands after having a look at the workings of the UN, and hopefully show that Australians have no need of the tax we all pay that contributes towards the running of this useless organisation that is slowly taking our sovereignty away from us treaty by treaty and frittering away trillions on schemes that are manufactured by vested interests and have no real credibility let alone any real evidence to support their existence. Go get ’em Cory.