Uniting Australian Conservatives



“It’s a disaster.”

They’re the words many conservatives use to begin their election analysis. And they’re right, 

when you consider the national interest and the possible implication of a hung parliament and an even more fragmented Senate.

Even though the results are not yet finalised, it looks unlikely that either party will be able to form government in their own right. In effect, we are right back where we were in 2010, with the party roles reversed. We shouldn’t really be surprised when the same chain of events took place during a popularly elected first term government.

In my youth I was told that the definition of madness was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. That axiom has borne out once again.

However, the votes have been cast and there isn’t much we can do about it now except learn from the experience. The Australian people have spoken and basically said that neither side of politics is doing a good enough job to secure their trust. Accordingly they have parked their vote with minor parties and independents.

As of writing, over 1.7 million votes were cast for right-of-centre or conservative parties rather than the Liberal Party. From my perspective, that was the Liberal base expressing their unhappiness with past events.

Irrespective of the final election result, the clear mission now is to bring people together for the good of the country. That is going to take the formalisation of a broad conservative movement to help change politics and to give common sense a united voice.

With that in mind, I’d ask all of you to read and consider my address to the National Press Club about this subject in 2014. You can do so at my website by clicking here. I hope you will agree that the words and sentiments are even more relevant today.

It’s more important than ever that we unite Australian Conservatives, who share many views, regardless of their party affiliation. If you believe in limited government, traditional values, defending our culture and heritage, lower taxes, a stronger nation, a stronger economy and plain old common sense, then you have a lot in common with millions of others.

Now is the time to gather together. You can help kick start the movement by going to www.conservatives.org.au and registering your interest.

It’s the next step in making sure our voice is never taken for granted again.


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • commented 2017-01-06 02:03:39 +1030
    Corey – if you are reading this – as a true conservative – my humble advice:-
    If a new Conservative political party is ever established, then it MUST be one that UNITES all us Delcons, Deplorables, and genuine Conservatives.
    Right now the Delcon vote is split amongst the Liberal Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, the ALA, The Lib Dems, and other minor Parties. Even some went to Palmer before he self-detonated. If Palmer achieved anything, he at least proved that there is a large base out there that is sick and tired of the establishment. Many Delcons still voted Liberal as the ‘lesser of two evils’ anyway. (Personally, I voted for Pauline in the Senate and regrettably for the Libs in the House of Reps).
    Importantly – you will also need to attract those disconcerted voters on the right of the Labor Party. And there are ALOT of them. If you get these ‘delusional’ Labor voters across [The Delabs? ;-)] then you would have it in the bag.
    If you get all of the above, I think that you potentially have 30% of the vote – but you need to get it right.
    You need to also attract the working classes (as Trump successfully did). The Left do not represent them in this country. Pauline has managed to attract the working class in the past, and she still does. You will need to do the same. After all, as we all know, the REAL genuine representatives of the working classes are a genuine Conservative party.
    My advice to you – if you ever consider a new political party then why not speak with these smaller parties? It will not work if true Conservatives are divided. Why not get them to unite (yes unite with One Nation/ALA etc) under one political banner to form one super Conservative party. Sit down, chat with her / the ALA people etc and see if she / they agree.
    Pauline may be stubborn to the idea but hey it just might work if you approach it the right way.
    I have recently joined One Nation as a member. So how will a new Conservative Party ever get my vote if I vote One Nation? Lots of smaller divided parties on the Right just won’t work. UNITE UNITE UNITE and you will become a major political force like UKIP in the UK or Geerts Freedom Party in Holland.
    Also – follow Trump’s lead. Put Australian interests FIRST. For example – no more political donations to the UN or false climate change BS (I am an Earth Scientist and Anthropogenic Climate Change is a total load of BS – mans impact on the climate is infinitesimally small).
    Put Australia first!! No more stupid industry destroying free trade agreements. As Trump says – ONLY free trade agreements if they are FAIR trade. E.g. only with countries on a level playing field such as the UK or Japan. Why free trade with China or Thailand?? Their pay rates are so low. How could we compete with workers who get paid $10/day? It’s ridiculous. So why free trade with them?? As NAFTA has destroyed over 70,000 factories in the US, so do some free trade agreements that Australia has with some overseas countries.
    Support (not subsidise) Australian industry!! I have no problem with taxing imports higher if they directly compete with an Australian industry. China taxes our imports so we should tax theirs. I believe that the Conservatives often get it wrong here and openly support free not fair trade deals.
    We are not allowed to buy up land in China so why are they allowed to buy up land here?? Why allow foreigners to take control of Australian business icons? Enough of this!!
    No more pandering to leftist groups or green ideologies. I am sick and tired of this. The Libs have lost their base because of this.
    Cut back on our massive welfare system. 35% of our budget goes to welfare!! What a country destroying joke. Our own compassion is destroying us.
    Mass Islamic Immigration, or immigration from other non- Euro cultures – sowing the seeds of the West’s destruction. Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Canada, UK etc etc all deliberately committing economic and social suicide. These countries now have Islamic ‘no-go’ areas where even the police dare not to tread. Breeding grounds for terrorism. Why import people that hate us yet sponge off our teat? Why are Western countries doing this? Are their leaders naive? Maybe. Are they stupid? No I don’t think so. Hence I can come to no other conclusion but to say (and I am absolutely convinced of this) that it’s all part of a deliberate hard Left worldwide campaign to destroy the West. It’s all about bringing in a Left wing form of Globalisation.
    The Left has been infiltrating our institutions for the last 30 years (the Unis, Govt Depts, the media, their ABC, the legal establishment etc) and now we are suffering the consequences. Time to DRAIN THE SWAMP of our institutions!! Enough of the illegal ABC bias!!! Clean out the ABC!!! All of this just has to be done!!
    Even the Conservatives have been infiltrated by the Left (The Liberal Party, the Republicans in the US (thank God for Trump!!), the Conservative Party in England etc). Even Labor which used to be Centre Left has now moved further to the destructive Left.
    Make it Australian law – NO MORE massive foreign debt unless during wartime!! We must live within our means!!!!
    Cut back on Government bureaucracy! Cut back on excessive legislation!! Cut Green and Red tape! Retrench at least 30% of the public service!!!
    So – my final comments:-
    UNITE with One Nation, ALA, and other Conservative movements. Get Pauline on your side. It can only be done this way. She has 6% and growing to 10% soon!! Do not fight her for the Delcon vote!
    Attract the working class vote. Attract the disillusioned Labor Right. Attract the disillusioned Lib voters.
    Get Tony Abbott on your side!!
    Bring as many still conservative Liberal Politicians across (are there any left?) as possible.
    Get Andrew Bolt on your side!! Convince him to run for office!! (This likable, eloquent man is seriously PM material).
    Even consider Latham and other right of Centre ex Labor politicians. He might attract a large portion of the disillusioned Labor Right (those that still actually believe in the economy).
    And last but not least – and critical – ensure that those who you choose to follow you are as loyal as can be and none of them have a potentially dubious past! This party must be united with no scandals!!! No potential backstabbers! The media Left would have a field day if there were scandals.
    Cheers! That’s my two bobs worth. Thanks for reading Corey & all concerned Conservatives out there.
  • commented 2016-12-30 13:40:47 +1030
    Australias conservatives need to unite against a common enemy, i.e. socialism, antichrist, secularism or in a nutshell “the Left”.
    Australian Liberty Alliance, One Nation, Australian Conservatives, etc., put aside your leadership asperation, regognise your enemy in all its forms come together with one purpose to shake off One World Government and support the Council of Sovereign Nations. Do it sooner rather than later or their will be an unpleasant future.DO IT NOW!
  • commented 2016-12-23 15:22:18 +1030
    Thanks for your work Cory. I and spouse recognise the need to establish a new conservative party. Over 50% of current Lib members are in love with themselves and Malcolm. This makes the useless to democracy. I hope that TA’s call for unity is a last boarding call for him to also join the new party along with those who support him. One Nation is bound to become the major party within 3 elections because of their anti Islam stance. An alternative to them is therefore very necessary. You will find, I believe large support for the ACP.
    Thanks again for maturity and sensibility.
  • commented 2016-12-22 19:16:44 +1030
    Dear Cory – the time has come for all those on the ‘right’ to join forces. We cannot continue as is. We need that “Conservative Revolution” you wrote about and NOW!! The Liberal Party will never let you get anywhere. Leave them and be the lightening rod for a new movement. Your country needs you!!!
  • commented 2016-12-22 10:28:27 +1030
    As a horticultural scientist and botanist I am sick of Economists running the Climate Change debate along with so – called climate scientists who manipulate computer models to prove their alarmist theories without any scientific methodology. They have been caught out in the UK manipulating temperature data to bolster their claim for continued funding of their “research”? In the natural biological world and environment there is a doctrine known as " equilibrium" where organisms adapt to higher levels of different soil, water and air parameters and there is always a group of organisms that account for any increases in elements beyond normal environmental indicator levels (EIL’s). I have grown crops at levels over 2000 ppm carbon dioxide
    ( CO 2) without any adverse affects and the crops flourished. Plants thrive on CO 2 which they use to produce sugar, water vapour and oxygen. This counteracts the small increases we have seen in carbon dioxide from 312 ppm in the atmosphere in the 1970’s to now 370 ppm. We actually pump CO 2 into protected cropping structures such as glasshouses, poly houses and mushroom sheds to enhance cropping in a range of crops or we use computer control to manipulate the environment to raise and lower CO 2 levels throughout the cropping cycle without any ill effects. The climate change movement use their theories regarding anthropogenic climate change to dupe non science educated economists, accountants and lawyers to gain funding for their positions. Guess which jobs most parliamentarians had before entering parliament?
    As a geologist, Professor Ian Pliny is a lone voice in the level headed scientific world explaining that climate change is an ongoing phenomenon in the natural world order. I am tired of both sides of politics being influenced by the ill informed groups of economic pessimists who relate everything to money and economic growth at all costs. A new party based on sound principles relating to these issues would be very welcome.
    On other issues such as immigration and protection of our Australian way of life from self interest minorities supporting,gay marriage,sharia law,non recognition of our value system, republican movements wishing to destroy our heritage and discredit the lives lost in wars fought under our flag ( imagine President Turnbull???) we need a strong conservative voice as Australia’s majority has to continually swallow the plethora of judgements by the media and self interest groups and laws that support them which silence the majority of law abiding citizens to scared to speak out.

    My family history is directly tied up with the exploration and discovery of this great country by Captain James Cook who was apprenticed to my 6th generation grandfather Captain John Walker of Whitby ( in 1746-1755) and I take great offence at those now in our midst calling the discovery voyages of Cook an “invasion” ? of our east coast.This is another example of media hype induced by self interest groups looking for compensation from our weak Governments, Labour ( in the past) and Liberal both bowing to the pressure of minority groups in an order to attract votes.

    It is time for conservative family values to be protected so that our children and grandchildren will not be fearful of walking through our own streets, our farmers can farm on protected land and future generations can speak their mind in their own country without fear of recrimination by aggressive religious zealots pushing their sick misogynistic beliefs on our way of life.

    Cory, go do the right thing for our country. I’ll back you all the way as at least 1.7 Million others may do!
  • commented 2016-12-22 07:02:41 +1030
    Dear Cori, I’m a member of the Liberal Party and the only thing that will keep me in the Party would be the removal of Mr Turnbull from the office of Prime Minister. If you form a new Conservative Party I will be one of the first to join an ACT branch.
    All round Australia, especially in the country towns people are angry. They feel they are being ignored by government, by both labor and liberal. They are angry that our traditional culture, our way of life, our traditions are under siege. They have had enough of the left elites changing our culture, they are tired of being told it is wrong to say merry Xmas or to tell our children about Father Xmas and the Easter bunny because it might offend other cultures.
    I know Muslim, Budhist and Hindu people and NONE are offended by this country’s celebrations of Xmas and Easter. The people objecting and trying to change these traditions are our own people from our own culture, the lefty elites. Enough is enough, MERRY XMAS.
  • commented 2016-12-10 18:59:12 +1030
    Dear Senator Hanson / Senator Bernardi / Cathy McGowan MP

    I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.

    A moslem women has refused to show her face or stand for a Judge in NSW because "she won’t stand for anyone accept Allah.

    Therefore it is MY WILL that you introduce to parliament a bill that states that unless a person of any religion, cult or nationality accepts and acknowledges that Australia’s constitution and laws are paramount to any other allegiance they should be denied all welfare and other payments granted by the State or Commonwealth.

    Hard working Australians who pay their taxes should not be financially supporting those who do not have allegiance to this nation and who do not honour the laws of this land.

    Accepting welfare payments supported by our laws, however not accepting and acknowledging the Australian Constitution and laws is not acceptable. You were elected to represent and protect the people of Australia I respectfully ask that you introduce the above bill to parliament.

    Yours faithfully,
    Dennis Savage
    20 Garden Cove
    West Wodonga Vic 3690
  • commented 2016-12-07 08:17:20 +1030
    Malcolm Turnbull never ceases to disgust me. He must think we have very short memories. I watched him on the news last night as he denied that he’d ever promoted a carbon tax. He was rolled as opposition Liberal party leader due to his adamant opinion regarding an emissions tax.
    He is incapable of doing the job of Prime Minister. His ideas about his competence do not align with the majority of the electorate. The sooner he is replaced, along with the back stabbing Bishop, the better.
  • commented 2016-12-06 11:39:35 +1030
    The events of the past 24 hours or so, regarding the carbon tax, because that’s what they’re proposing, have me concerned. What the hell are the Libs doing? we are dropping everything that we stand for and bowing to the left.
    Cory it’s time, you need to move and i can assure you that people will hop on board. Lets get the Australian conservative party signed up, and people will come, whether they will say so or not.
  • commented 2016-10-14 10:46:51 +1030
    Political donations must be from the voters only and a maximum of $500 per person.

    We the public must maintain control of our politicians and the political system or we will end up in a US style system that does not matter left or right the politicians have been corrupted and the corporations will run the show.

    This can be seen by the cheap way that Sam was purchased and used for a couple of dollars. Just imagine what politicians will be prepared to do to this country and its people for a million dollars.
  • commented 2016-08-10 18:22:07 +0930
    I think is a great idea, Corey. Come out as conservatives and stop pretending to be liberals. Let the true liberals get on with the job of improving this country while the rest of you play among yourselves.
  • commented 2016-08-02 22:58:15 +0930
    The Australian People did warn that they would park there vote elsewhere rather than waste it , only some Prime Ministers listen, others are assured they know it all.
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  • commented 2016-07-27 10:25:13 +0930
    Hi Cory, I have been a Liberal supporter for over 40 years & it galled me in the extreme to vote for them this time round, particularly for the kid who helped stab Tony Abbott in the back ! Yes, Wyatt Roy …To say that the LNP has lost its way is to understate their position in the extreme. Far from standing up for the values that have made this nation great they are now helping Labor socialise our society to the point that those with conservative values no longer have a say or voice. Get this party up & running sooner rather than later & start your campaign for the next election so that the silent majority can reclaim this nation from those trying to destroy it .
  • commented 2016-07-13 10:09:27 +0930
    The AC questionnaire is a little obtuse, I thought.
    I don’t think Tony Abbott should be brought back as PM – too divisive in the public mind (even in the minds of some die-hard LibNat voters) and giving ammunition to the leftist media – surely a senior ministry would not go astray, though – and surely his capabilities could be utilised when & where needed?
    An articulate, capable person is needed to replace Turnbull – no doubt about it – but whom to choose? Who has the competence and experience and possible trust of the populace, to do the job – for all Australians (as well as for LibCons)?
    Perhaps AC needs to encourage other smaller (so called Right Wing) parties to enter into discussions to join the fold to enhance the appeal to a broader range of voters – because it is the voters who will determine the future success or failure – without them there is no point in pursuing the dream.
  • commented 2016-07-13 09:36:45 +0930
    first time in 30years I didn’t vote lnp because of turnbull to much like the greens from janet whyte
  • commented 2016-07-12 16:25:17 +0930

    what can be done about the changes to Constitutional Law which have allowed the inclusion of those who have allegiance to another power and laws, to hold a seat in Federal Parliament.

    A man can not serve two masters and the very idea is preposterous.

    This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency and in crucial in protection Australia;s Nation Security.
  • commented 2016-07-12 12:27:14 +0930
    Hi Corey, I have registered my interest in your Australian Conservatives movement and will certainly be keen to be actively involved if it is a movement to help to bring more conservative minded candidates up for Liberal Party nomination and to work to get such candidates nominated to stand at the next Federal Election and then to mobilise support to help those candidates across the line and into the parliament.

    I would not be interested if the movement becomes a separate political party as I do not believe that we can afford to further splinter the Non-Labour/Non-Greens vote.

    My vote had to be cast for the Ballarat seat and while I still voted for the Liberal Party candidate I felt that I was wasting my time due to the very poor last ten days or so of the Coalition campaign. I had expected that in those final days of the campaign there would have been a solid full-on assault to rebut the Medi-scare Labour campaign as well as Labour/Union links etc, but it didn’t come…..there was so much to work with. All that Catherine King, Labour’s Ballarat sitting member and Shadow Health Minister had to do was place newspaper adds simply showing her image with Labour’s “Save Medicare” message…. It stood out…No bullet list of items for readers to have to read through. Surely, when Catherine King is up for re-election at the next election, she should be a prime target as “Labour’s Shadow Health Minister” who lied about the Coalition’s health policy”.

    As with any large group, political or otherwise, there will always be people with differing views on some matters and this is where having a democratic mindset is important. I refer to a previous entry on this site by Stephen Gethin where Stephen advocated that the conservatives in the coalition put a list of “demands” on the table as the price for unity in the LNP.

    This list included that: ‘The “gay marriage” policy returns to “no vote, no plebiscite”. Plebiscite is a mistake, we will lose.’

    “We” will lose Stephen? Who is “we”? Do you consider that you are speaking for all conservative minded people? I fully support your right to have your own views on each and every matter, but I do not believe you have the right to demand that all people should not have the right to vote on something because you are convinced that the vote will not go “your way”. You may or may not have religious beliefs that are part of your opposition to a plebiscite on this matter. I am totally non-religious, but I totally respect everybody’s right to embrace a religion if they need it or want it. In respect of the Plebiscite, why not let everybody have a vote on the matter. When the question is put I would like it to have three response choices : “YES” or “NO” or “I DON’T CARE” … because Stephen "I DON’T CARE” …. Let the people who do care one way or the other decide the matter.
  • commented 2016-07-11 18:03:33 +0930
    Dear Cory, I’ve completed and returned your list of subjects that are important to me but I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by “limited government”. Please would you or one of your colleagues be kind enough to explain. Kindest regards, Mandy. WA
  • commented 2016-07-11 08:26:34 +0930
    Bill Billy makes sense. It’s hard to believe that the best a nation of 300 million people can come up with is Donald Trump. By the same token, it’s hard to understand that the best our nation of 25 million people can produce is Malcolm Turnbull.
    Still, the danger is splintering. The votes Pauline Hansen gained were the Liberal/ National parties’ losses. (Nothing against Pauline. If the Greens and ABC hate her that much, she must be doing something right.)
    How do conservatives present a more united front? I’m not sure, but will be interested to hear the ideas of others.
    I really like the idea of presenting an alternative to Get Up!
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  • commented 2016-07-10 21:23:45 +0930
    Uniting the Conservatives is a world wide problem. All Parties including the LIb Party are no longer representative enough. You cannot get people to join and contribute and participate in conventional party structures. So there are NOT enough members to make the Party have anywhere near the 2% of local area population in local “branches”. The Grass roots are informed but NOT INFORMING! The 2 WAY STREET has gone. But keep up the good work and find a common policy among all these conservative parties.
  • commented 2016-07-10 10:20:26 +0930
    Robert, your opening comments remind me of that expression about “calling a spade a spade, not a shovel”. You and I, among so many of our Aussie population, have strong memories of those times as told to us by our parents and other family members. I had two uncles who fought during the second world war – one who fought and died in an Asian prison (he lost two legs), and another who fought in New Guinea and survived but suffered many years thereafter recovering from malaria and “shell shock”. I have a photograph of him – he was then a young man on leave from his military training prior to being sent to war – and now keep that photograph inside the book published “The Purple Devils” by Syd Trigellis-Smith about our Aussie soldiers who served in New Guinea. It’s a book that really should be read by the current younger generations of Australia. In those times, the enemy was without our Australian borders; not now, the enemy is within our country, already positioned to fight our traditional beliefs and rights – and they are increasing rapidly in numbers as they have opportunity to infiltrate our country by stealth from within to impose their demands upon our own way of life.

    We in Australia have been blessed by not having experienced war conditions on our own soil. If there is war in the near future, we may not be so fortunate to survive. We need to wake up, and be prepared to protect the beliefs and truths that we hold near to the heart.
  • commented 2016-07-09 15:47:15 +0930
    We have to get rid of ‘political correctness’ and call a spade a spade, not a shovel. My father fought in New Guinea to halt the threat of Japan invading Australia. Now I’m in a fight to halt the bigger danger of Islam invading this country. Japan was a direct threat, Islam is already here as an indirect threat as it is infiltrating all aspects of our society, universities, food products, politics, councils and even our armed forces. Mohammed told his followers to fight to the last man to conquer the world under his ‘dreamed up’ Islam and to destroy democracy and all other belief systems. Until Muslims denounce and remove the hatred, bigotry, violence and dualism from the undemocratic Koran I will continue to oppose them.
  • commented 2016-07-09 14:13:48 +0930
    I was appalled when Mr Turnbull was made leader of the Liberals. I was then bound to fulfil a promise made long ago that if he were ever leader I would put Labor ahead of Liberal on my ballot paper. That hurt, but it did feel good to make that protest vote. I have read The Conservative Revolution and hope that we can help make Australia a better place by having governments that believe in common sense and decency.
  • commented 2016-07-09 09:52:35 +0930
    Cory, I have followed you for quite a while, as representing an alternative to the current hopeless diversity-loving cuckservative we have in Turnbull, and even to some extent Abbott, who invited a number of Syrians into Australia for no apparent reason. For what it’s worth, my father is a long-time Liberal donor, and I donated myself for the first time last state election. I voted One Nation this Federal election. I was surprised to learn that a close friend did as well, and so did his former boss, also a Liberal donor. We only voted Senate, because we had no House option, but I assure you they would have gotten first preference from me in the House as well. I would place Liberal above Labor, Greens, and the other multicult-loving micro-parties.

    I have yet to see a statement regarding a net migration target, and that would be the one thing holding me back from embracing the Australian Conservatives (the net migration target should be as close as possible to zero, with a possible exception for ethnic British or Jewish migration). Frankly, we conserve nothing if we give away the country. I much prefer the Australia of my youth, where we could be proud of Australia as a British colony, and where we could vote along ideological lines instead of ethnic lines as we do today. I liked it better when we did not need airport security because we had no Muslims. And even when we did have airport security, I liked it better when there weren’t Muslims manning the security. I liked it when we could be proud instead of apologizing all the time. Even then, we only learned about the Crusades and not the Muslim invasions of Europe that gave rise to them. I liked it better when we had one ABC instead of two SBSes.

    The Liberal party, or at least the politicians of the right, who want to represent the assimilated white Australia, need to internalize this graph:


    Importing non-English speaking people, and practically non-white people, as we are doing, is a losing strategy especially if they land in your electorate. The same is true in the USA. Non-white people feel safest when the white percentage of the vote is under 50%, as by then they have control of the country. They will practically never be majority Liberal voters. Non-white countries, as a rule, do not allow immigration of those outside the main races/ethnicities in their countries. So why should we?

    I am calling a spade a spade, because I believe that one of the best ways to combat PC is to deliberately ignore PC and not care about the “racist” epithet. Don’t play the games by the rules of the leftists.

    I manage a business, and frankly while I know that immigration lowers labour costs, I also realize that when everyone has access to cheap labour, the profit is driven down accordingly so no one is better off. I also think having that prioritizing an extra dollar over country marks one as a traitor. I realize this view may be old fashioned, but public opinion is changing all across the Anglosphere, and other white countries as well.

    Long story short, it’s the net migration rate Cory. Everything else is just window dressing. No change on net migration and country of origin, and Australian Conservatives will be just another useless cuckservative Liberal alternative like ALA. We are the silent majority because we lose our jobs if we say something in public, or we risk our businesses, but we are legion.

    If this post resonates, some of the best sites/books to learn more are:
    isteve.blogspot.com (search for “Classic” and read each one)
    The Bell Curve – Murray and Herrnstein
  • commented 2016-07-08 21:19:56 +0930
    I like many fellow Australian’s are disappointed in the way Turnbull and Co are leading the Liberal Party down an almost left winged path… I was also very disappointed with the backstabbing of Abbott , we’d seen the outcomes of the Labor party doing this and I thought the Liberal party was better than that…but, it’s my belief that there was a bigger player dealing the cards that put old mate Turnbull at the reigns… and the reason is because Tony wouldn’t sign the “Paris agreement”….this in turn was the biggest left-wing sell out of all time setting the liberal party down a slippery path to socialism, the very core belief that is polar opposite to the values held by the liberal party of old. Now that proves why a good many of us where and are pissed off with both sides of politics for not listening to the people, for not running the bigger issues past us, and both sides of politics were shown this in the election by the results of the independents…but listening to Shorten, they ran a brilliant campaign (WTF…coming second in a 2 horse race is coming last) and listening to Christopher Pyne saying that the Libs are an Election winning machine has outraged me….they haven’t learnt the lessons that the people dealt them via way of voting (WTF…Turnbull is on bended knee to get independents support to potentially get across the line after he’d verbalised recently, that he wanted independents removed from the senate.) The Libs need to get back to the “Old Core values” and fast.. This country needs to run by real leadership that cares for the Australian way of life, we need to stop pandering to minorities and treat everyone equally…at the moment white anglo males are very much at the bottom of the heap, and we are sick of it…WAKE UP BEFORE WE DONT HAVE AUSTRALIAN VALUES ANY MORE.
  • commented 2016-07-08 21:12:02 +0930
    Thanks for facilitating a forum for conservative opinion and hopefully this will develop into a force for driving the public agenda back to the centre/right rather than the left driven agenda we are in at the moment.

    May I respectfully suggest that a catchy name for the organisation is needed.

    Suggestions from other members of the group?
  • commented 2016-07-08 07:04:21 +0930
    The media narrative will be that the new Government is a lame duck, waiting to get smashed in 2019, à la Gillard-Rudd in 2013, which will become self-fulfilling. To avoid that outcome we need to rapidly develop our own, strong counter narrative. This must consist of economic reform policies that the average voter can clearly understand will improve their chances of getting (or keeping) a job. If we do this, we will deflect attention away from Labor/media demands that we move to the left on sodomy and other socially destructive issues.