A Page from the Australian Conservatives Playbook

RAW_POLICY_energy.pngI’ll be brief today as the Senate is sitting and there is a pile of legislation that needs an injection of common sense. These include the government setting up a ‘slush fund’ purporting to be a new bank, welfare reform that won’t really reform anything substantive, citizenship half-measures towards restoring Australian values, a political-fix savings scheme that breaks the government promise of ‘no further changes to super’ and important higher education reforms that look doomed to failure.


Just another day in a Senate that isn’t working to our advantage but instead is providing headlines to those who treat politics like show business.

However, government seems to have caught one healthy bout of common sense this week. It seems that, after years of denial, they finally see just how their decisions have damaged our electricity market. Whilst they haven’t done a 180 degree turn, they have taken a page out of the Australian Conservatives playbook. 

The RET subsidy will be abolished after 2020, calling the bluff of the rent seekers who insist solar and wind power are cheaper than coal and gas base load power. The government have also conceded that renewables must provide the equivalence of base load power rather than intermittent power. 

These are small but significant concessions from politicians who have been drinking the climate Kool-Aid for years. 

It’s another reminder why the Australian Conservatives are important in shaping political debate. Those who get too cosy in their chambers of political groupthink are rarely willing to take the tougher path. Our nation needs leaders who are prepared to hack away clearing the path less travelled to make it easier for others to follow. 

Both the major parties have demonstrated they will not lead but are willing to follow. They need a conservative guide to lead them in the right direction. 

Australian Conservatives provide that considered and principled leadership. Others may seek to grab the headlines after the hard work has been done but instead of personality cults our nation needs leadership built around predictability, principle and values. That’s what Australian Conservatives are all about. 

Thanks for supporting a better way.


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  • commented 2017-10-27 11:23:55 +1030
    Why a cultural age is challenging conservatism in Australian politics

    In a multicultural Australia many people expect to receive from the age of entitlement, they
    do not have a desire for tertiary study or a good work ethic but they believe they should benefit
    from it via government funded social welfare schemes.

    Our millennials are having trouble justifying their values and opinions and struggle in making decisions,
    obsessed with image and identity they want to change everything and everyone,
    they have trouble accepting capitalistic values and claim social inequality and seek non conformity
    they would rather hike the Himalayas then climb the corporate ladder,they desire and dream of luxury.

    They exit Universities who acknowledge and are drawn toward teaching socially left of centre subjects
    like identity politics,gender diversity,and racism instead of business acumen,original thought,and
    traditional values and wisdom.

    With tears,tantrums,and tranquillisers in reserve they display poor manners and have contempt for
    authority,they lack allegiance to our country and talk it down,they ignore what other people think,and believe most people are not paying them their deserved attention.

    They believe in the socialist theory of one for all and not all for one,they feel downbeat,marginalised,
    and alienated and long to be different and engaged but mostly for all the wrong reasons.

    Today’s generation of millennial keyboard warriors and twitter tappers press the TV remote off and
    leave the likes of “Gogglebox” and “The Kardashians” behind and step outside of their security blanket and with shock and horror find a world of difference.

    Downing their cell phone and lacking the art of real conversation they find they have to confront and deal with a real society full of questioning,reasoning, and debate,these forces stare them down and demand attention and many with poor aptitude and little confidence are unable to respond or converse in a sensible,articulate,and analytical manner,so without answers to questions in defence they try
    subterfuge and bluff,when that fails they turn to abuse and bullying, and in an attempt to close you down some resort to low level violence.

    Many millennials are seen as gullible and politically naive and can be seduced with hyperbole and folly, and this is why a wily substandard opposition Labor / Greens alliance leader can sway and capture their minds and attention and win our next Federal election,not on political and economic and social substance,but bluff, and maybe if you believe in media opinion polls,they are not the only ones.

    Garry Peck.
  • commented 2017-10-24 13:38:42 +1030
    Your email/blog of 18/10/2017 is a very concise and accurate assessment of Federal politics at this time and I agree that we, Australian Conservative members and supporters, need to, through our elected members of Federal and State parliaments, provide this imperative leadership so that major and seemingly minor decisions of parliament (e.g. legalization of Same Sex Marriage) are thoroughly and openly scrutinized and that these decisions do not create greater harm than good to either the majority of Australians (most of whom make up the silent majority as well) and/or the “Aussie Battlers” who pretty much seem to have been left to fend for themselves since John Howard and his close-knit team were their major political and socio-economic supporters in parliament.
    It is very important that, as a new political force in Australia, that through our public presentations and declared party policies that we continue to aggressively expose the inherent and practical failings of the so-called “free-market economy”, “trickle-down economics” and, more importantly, the one-sidedness of the resultant free-market benefits to our financial institutions and the international multinationals through the machinations in our Australian economy especially at the micro-level where these economic machinations nearly always have major negative impacts on the most vulnerable and least resilient of participants (e.g. aged pensioners, disabled people, the unwell and Australian small business entrepeneurs).
    Let’s press on with the same zeal and determination shown by Winston Churchill in WWII because in politics our opponents are just as formidable and unscrupulous as the German Nazis, Japanese Emperor-Worshippers and Italian Fascists were back in 1936-1945.
    I applaud and encourage you to continue your petitions and presentations with renewed vigour and thereby achieve the important victories that are laid out before you in the near future – God be with you always!
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Walter Vanderpoll
    Dunbogan NSW
  • commented 2017-10-20 18:23:03 +1030
    We are in travelling through Europe and see first hand how things are decaying. The media both BBC and RTE in Ireland distort the truth. No wonder the people of Europe have been conned. We are told that carbon dioxide is a problem and they want a tax to fix the problem. Repeatedly we are told that President Trump has a mental illness. The journalist asked a military man from North Korea as if that is a reliable source. The EU news constantly tells us how great the EU is and yet there is decay everywhere we look.
    There is no Larry Pickering here. We need the Australian conservatives to push back against the likes of Turnbull and Shorten who are beating the UN drum for a new world order. Don’t let Australia go down the same path as Europe.
  • commented 2017-10-19 21:35:19 +1030
    It all seems like too little to late. I can see a Ross Cameron rolling his eyes in disbelief that a government can be seen to be dragged kicking and screaming to the beginnings of a sensible policy position, yet without even pretending to mouth the verboten phrase: ‘new coal fired power stations’.
    One could go a little further (not before issuing a few ‘trigger warnings’) and suggest nuclear power, but that’d be a step too far for even the neo conservatives amongst us. Silly me, I meant particularly the neo conservatives.
  • commented 2017-10-19 15:50:41 +1030
    Well said Cory!
  • commented 2017-10-19 01:38:03 +1030
    Base load power from renewables! Is someone going to peddle a treadmill when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow?

    I find it quite ridiculous that Australia has an abundance of coal, gas and uranium and yet it is OK to ship it all off to other countries for them to use but not for us. So we are then saddled with some of the most expensive electricity prices in the world, just so we can look virtuous in our vain attempt to reduce our small percentage of carbon emissions, while others vastly increase theirs. Absolutely nuts!!
  • commented 2017-10-18 18:54:41 +1030
    Delighted to see the coalition make steps in the right direction to affordable and reliable energy for the taxpayer. Motivational to see our views make its way into active policy and can only hope that the coalition continues to head in the direction that it has taken. Keep up the great work #abetterway
  • commented 2017-10-18 16:55:05 +1030
    While I am completely on board with the principled approach, politics is not always principled. While maintaining a quiet, measured approach to important issues is laudable, it is not always successful. Cory, the media will give you not one gram of oxygen by which you can make yourself heard in the public square. I am reminded of a biblical assertion by the Apostle Paul, who said something along the lines of “if I do not speak, who will hear?”. It is important in the context of the Gospel, and is equally important in politics. Perhaps some foot stomping is needed, especially since the Australian public seems somewhat sluggish in picking up on important public policy issues, especially when they are only hearing from the establishment forces that continue to lead us astray.

    Your questions in the Senate regarding the vehicle tax were great. But will they be aired by the media? Rather than letting others take credit for our policy positions, perhaps you need to be more vocal in reminding Australians exactly where any common sense in public policy is actually coming from. People are desperate for good news, but unless they hear from you, how will they know where to place their votes come election time?
    Keep up the good fight.
  • commented 2017-10-18 16:19:35 +1030
    “The RET subsidy will be abolished after 2020” !!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is just over 2 years away. What will the energy suppliers do to prices in the meantime. The alleged saving of $115.00 a year will be overtaken in a flash.
    When someone stands up and pulls the plug on the Paris Agreement, I will know they are serious about giving us affordable power and have the interest of this country at the forefront of their minds.
    There should be an immediate start to the building of the new clean energy coal power stations that Japan, China and India are building by the dozens. In the meantime refurbishment of the coal fired stations that have been closed. It is reported this refurbishment can be done in 18 months.
  • commented 2017-10-18 15:53:25 +1030
    The whole environmental debate has been hijacked by climate change grifters, the multinationals and scientists pushing and backing climate change policy and banking mountains of cash (at the tax payers expense) in the process. 60% of Aussies are not prepared to pay more for power to reduce the carbon footprint, that’s 60% of the vote waiting for you Corey. Scientists who dispute the mainstream figures are like doctors who smoke, you never see them do it in public, for fear of the back lash. Please Corey get rid of the puppets with the smirks on their faces who are currently leading this country to disaster.
  • commented 2017-10-18 15:30:23 +1030
    If you think Australians will cop $2 a week off their power bill in 10 years time just because it’s “better than Labor” you have a rude shock coming Cory… We want the socialist centralised Govt wealth redistribution FRAUD that is AGW named and shamed for what it is, and completely removed from our lives. We also want the EPA completely depoliticised at the same time – back to just being about clean air land and water rather than ideological BS…

    You should be aiming to attract good Conservative candidates and attempting to WIN the game and form Govt rather than being content to finish 15th… (You don’t get 1st round draft picks you know!) Seriously though, go out on a limb and tell the truth about this colossal fraud and people will get behind you… Try to join with Pauline to GET RID OF IT ALTOGETHER, because I am telling you people have had enough mate, and it just might be enough to even WIN an election for you…
  • commented 2017-10-18 13:32:22 +1030
    Where’s the debate on nuclear?