Who can you trust?

trump_trust.jpgFaith is fragile. Once it is lost, it is very hard to see it restored.

To many, the sentence above will be seen through the lens of religious faith alone, but the fragility of faith extends far beyond that realm.

Our society depends on faith; faith in our institutions and in others is the single most important ingredient that unites our society. If we believe that our highly evolved system of interaction, discipline and ethics is working for our betterment then we are more likely to respect it. In short, we have faith in it.

But when we lose confidence in the system, the system itself starts to break down. For many, that seems to be happening now.

Too many sense that the system is working against the majority for the benefit of a few.

They feel politics and politicians have little relevance to them. They see our education system failing our children, our legal system loaded with a PC agenda, religious institutions mired in scandal, the media as untrustworthy and biased, our national debt spiralling out of control, rising taxes and their livelihoods under threat.

Is it any wonder that so many are desperate for change?

In Australia, the desire for change has seen steady erosion in primary support for the two major political parties. It has seen the rapid rise of third party political representation, with an equally meteoric fall as others take their place.

Internationally, the most recent experience is the candidacy of Donald Trump for President of the United States. Trump defies traditional political definition. He is neither a conservative, a Republican nor a Democrat. He expresses sentiments that many can identify with but many others feel are downright offensive. And yet it doesn’t really matter what he says, because for those who really feel the system has left them behind he is their voice.

Whether or not Trump is successful in this election campaign, the phenomenon of the maverick political campaigner speaking up for the forgotten people will continue to gain ground until the major parties respond to the challenge.

That challenge is to restore faith.

They need to prove to the people that the system can work for them and not just for the self-interested insiders. People want more education and less social engineering in our schools. They want less government in almost every aspect of their lives, but especially at the tax office. They want politicians who say what they mean and actually do what they say. And most importantly, they want to have the confidence that tomorrow is set to be better than today … not just for them individually but for all of us.

Frankly, I don’t know whether the reset necessary to achieve those things is obtainable within the existing framework. The rot has well and truly set in with the dominant agenda - one which reaffirms the importance of the state over the individual rather than the other way around.

What will it take to make the change? I can’t say for sure, but until it’s found we will have more Trump-esque candidates for political office and the more the establishment dismiss them with disdainful contempt, the stronger the movement will grow.


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    There are FEMA Death Camps in Australia, American, UK,.. haven’t checked all Western States, bottom line if the citizens don’t fight back you will be one of the Billion lives that need to get exterminated. America only had 325,000,000 people, so needless to say the balance is going to come from the rest of the Western World,… http://islandrepublicofdan.blogspot.com/2013/05/fema-camps-confirmed-in-australia.html
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    Cory, I agree with almost everything you say and do.
    But Sadly, until I see that irresponsible traitor to Australia, ( commonly known as Prime Minister ) and all those empty headed spineless little lapdogs that support him, along with a bunch of hypocritical parasites that call themselves the Labor Party, and that bunch of commies calling themselves Greens, removed from positions in the Australian parliament, I see very little that I can put the word TRUST to.
    Seems the Australian parliament has become a home to a whole bunch of self serving parasites who care zilch for the country, only what they can extract from it.
    If this continues, there won’t be much left of a country that once had so much potential.
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    People tend to confuse faith with either trust or belief. Faith, I believe, belongs to the world of spirituality, and as such it is unshakeable, because it is built on scriptural knowledge and has been tested and put into practice: in other words it has become part of one, hence unshakeable. Belief is transitory: one can believe something, and later change one’s mind: it is not necessarily part of one. Trust is not necessarily based on knowledge, is not necessarily spiritual, but does involve surrendering. You might hope to trust government institutions, partly because it is in the too hard basket, partly because because one might need inside knowledge as to whether or not they are working as they should. Trust can be shattered, because it is in things other than oneself: in other people; in those in positions of authority; in institutions; in mechanical things, like cars, which you trust will take you from A to B. Trust is of a lower order than faith.
    Now, unlike William Spiller, below, I don’t have any hope in our government are capable of attracting ‘ethical people with good moral compasses’.
    Firstly, we have what we have there, now, and of those there are a handful in the Coalition I’d trust. I would once have included Tony Abbot as one of them, but I feel he is more a pragmatist than a man of sound moral judgement. Sacking you for your ‘slippery slope’ argument, was not a good start particularly seeing that the Supreme Court of Canada, proved you absolutely right by ruling 7 – 1 that bestiality should be judged legal, so long as there is no ‘penetration’. I also lost any sense of trust in Tony when I discovered he was almost as much an Islamist appeaser and Malcolm Wormpill, quite simply because he was too nervous of getting a highly aggressive 2.5% of our population off-side. Quite frankly who cares two dingo’s droppings what those guys think: they have no desire to integrate with the rest of the Australian population. Then there are the 50 plus drop-kicks that voted in this Malcolm Wormpill. I mean, are they for real? Who on earth would make this guy leader of their party, when he had tried to get himself pre-selected to a Labor seat at the time of the Republic referendum. He approached Keating and he approached Graham Richardson. He is as trustworthy as a snake (again that word ‘trust’).
    No, we want to here a little more about your Australian Conservatives, and here that you’re genuinely interested in expanding it beyond South Australia, just one of six states, if I may remind you.
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    Dear Cory, thank you for standing up to your views especially because it is similar to mine. They say ’ the rules of morality never change’. I pray for your good work and may God protect you and family always.
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    The gap between the rich and poor has become so extreme in the US, and all over the world as well, that it causing severe (and preventable) suffering, disease and even death.

    If you think of society as divided into 3 classes (the upper, middle and lower classes), you can see in the following video how the wealth is being shifted to the upper class, and more specifically the super rich 1%, while at the same time many in the lower class are falling below the poverty line.

    The poverty line is now advancing to those in the middle class, which means being in the middle class is becoming less meaningful: with the way things are going, even middle class people may still end up being in survival mode and living day-to-day or month-to-month.

    Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence”. The manipulation of wealth is a form of violence been directed towards the mass population.

    Shocking Statistics of Wealth Inequality and Gap Between Rich and Poor

    This video is based on a Harvard study which reported that in 2012 for the US that: The top 1% of people own 40% of the wealth The bottom 80% of people own 7% of the wealth The top 1% take home 24% of the national annual income (up from 9% in 1976) The top 1% own 50% of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, while the bottom 50% own 0.5%

    Creating Crashes to Transfer Wealth

    It is important to remember this sort of wealth inequality and gap between rich and poor has not come about by chance. It is by design. We don’t live in a free economy or a free market. We live in a manipulated market which is thinly disguised as a free economy.

    Behind the scenes the money masters – the international banking families such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc. – own the central banks in almost every country (the Federal Reserve in the US), and thus are able to set national interest rates.

    This is essentially identical to the power to determine the exact amount of money in circulation, because they control the borrowing rate. They inflate and deflate to create booms, bubbles and busts.

    The housing crisis which resulted in millions of foreclosures, evictions and new homeless was the latest in a long list of crashes these banksters have orchestrated – to transfer even more money to the wealthy and widen the gap between rich and poor even further.
    The New World Order Agenda of a Two-Tier Society: Rulers and Slaves

    This is all in line with the New World Order agenda to create a strictly hierarchical and two-tier society comprised of just rulers and slaves.

    Their scheme is to keep tightening the screws and transferring wealth until it reaches a certain point, where the middle class will be disintegrated or become so meaningless that only two classes will exist in practice.

    This is all being manipulated! It’s time to wake up, band together and spread the word while we can. There is a small window of time to stop this disturbing trend.

    If we do nothing, more and more of us will sink into poverty and survival mode and only have the energy to keep afloat (not change society).

    Now is the time to act by spreading the knowledge of how we are been manipulated, so we can reach a critical mass, and narrow the gap between rich and poor by taking back control of our currency and government.

    A great start would be to set up a Glass-Steagal system in Australia otherwise the ordinary Australian will lose hie life savings / super when we have a banking crisis which is getting closed everyday – you may think this is a load of rubbish but have a look at Deutsche Bank see below and if there is a property crash in Australia then our banks will go the same way

    The creme-de-la-creme of the bankrupt international financial elite gathered Friday in Washington, D.C. for the opening of the IMF/World Bank fall meeting—with absolutely zero idea of what to do about the onrushing collapse of their entire trans-Atlantic financial system, including the high-profile bankruptcy of Deutsche Bank, which could be the trigger for the general collapse.

    The Wall Street Journal put it,
    “worries about Deutsche Bank AG and other potentially troubled European banks are casting a pall over the autumn meetings of the IMF and World Bank this week.”
    Similarly, the New York Times ran a lengthy article fretting that “Deutsche Bank might be the next Lehman Brothers.” The bulk of the article cited numerous experts arguing unconvincingly that things really aren’t so bad, and that “there won’t be any contagion episode” related to Deutsche Bank. But the article had to admit, in conclusion:

    “Should Deutsche Bank precipitate a financial crisis, it’s not clear how it would be resolved. It’s a European bank, so the Federal Reserve’s powers would be limited. ‘I hope there’s a global game plan,’ [Harvard University Law Professor Hal] Scott said, ‘because that’s what it would take. If Deutsche Bank set off contagion, it would start in Europe. Who would be next? This would require global coordination.’”

    Meanwhile, there is frenzied activity behind the scenes, to stitch together some sort of a bail-out for Deutsche Bank. The German daily Handelsblatt reported that a number of “blue-chip” German companies are prepared to offer a capital injection of a couple of billion dollars. And Bloomberg reported that
    “senior advisers at top Wall Street firms are speaking to representatives of the German lender about ideas, including a share sale and asset disposals,”
    to the tune of some $5.6 billion.

    None of these schemes, however, will work, nor do they address the underlying bankruptcy of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, to the tune of a $1.5 quadrillion speculative bubble which can never be paid, and which must be written off and the economy reorganized
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    Hi Cory, thanks for your good work, sadly our government system is in full regression, I remain hopeful that our Parliament will some how recover and attract ethical people with a good moral compasses.