• The Power Of The Purchase

    In recent weeks I have raised concerns about the growing socialist tendencies of our major parties. Despite the ample evidence that Government meddling makes almost every matter they are trying to fix worse, it doesn’t stop them from ‘doing stuff.’ No sooner have we cleaned up one mess from the last price intervention rolled down from Capital Hill, they’re pushing others.

    The activity of ‘doing’ rather than actual outcomes, is the stock-in-trade of government and this brings out the worst in many elected representatives.

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  • If You Act In Haste You Can Repent At Leisure

    If you act in haste you can repent at leisure - I must have heard those words a hundred times or more during my childhood. They are an enduring wisdom advising prudence and caution before action. It is an inherently conservative disposition that used to be considered ‘common sense’.

    Alas, common sense has become rather rare and is sorely needed in our public realm. Its absence was evident during the first meaningful debate to take place in this parliamentary year. The subject matter was removing one of the planks in Australia’s comprehensive border protection policy.

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  • The Evils Of Socialism

    It is hard to believe that socialism is alive and well anywhere in the world, let alone Australia. Perhaps ‘alive and well’ should be shortened to simply ‘alive’ as no good comes from socialism or socialist policies.

    Lying in that halfway house between capitalism and communism, the socialist claims to occupy the sensible centre (hasn’t that become a popular term lately?) as if they have discovered how to enact the utopian dream.

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  • Truth Is The New Hate Speech

    Truth Is The New Hate Speech - If you doubt that, just consider the latest virtue-signalling stoush between television living legend Kerri-Anne Kennerley and self-appointed PC ‘celebrity’ Yumi Stynes.

    Now I confess to never having heard of Yumi Stynes until she decided to call KAK a ‘racist’ on national television. Of course, the slur wasn’t because Kerri-Anne actually said anything racist but because she dared to actually mention some of the dysfunction within aboriginal communities.

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  • Time To Get Real

    Time to pause and contemplate the nature of things is a wonderful luxury.  Many would consider it a necessity to actually maintain mental health and manage the demands of the 24/7 modern world. Quiet reflection also provides perspective with which we can make prudent decisions.

    Unfortunately, the luxury of this time is the one thing that is becoming less available as almost every minute of every day is filled with screens, noise and entertainment. It seems as if no-one can cope with switching off anymore, lest they miss a social media ‘like’ or interaction.

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  • You Can’t Trust The Major Parties

    It’s great to be back with the Common Sense community after a very restful break. I hope you managed to spend some time with those close to you and that this first missive finds you refreshed and ready for an exciting year.

    I always love a New Year. It presents an opportunity to clear the decks and change tack if necessary. Many people make resolutions that rarely see the distance but it’s still a worthwhile endeavour to acknowledge areas where we can improve ourselves, our relationships or our work.

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  • What A Year It Has Been!

    Common sense has been in short supply and politics has become an even bigger circus. Through it all, I’ve done my best to keep you up to date every Wednesday.

    The Weekly Dose of Common Sense email and podcast reach tens of thousands of people who enjoy (or are infuriated) by my perspective on what’s going on in the world. I love bringing them to you and am heartened that so many enjoy them.

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  • Facts Don't Matter

    It can be hard to comprehend the thought processes of the contemporary ‘activist’. They use neither logic nor reason in their proclamations. Facts don’t matter and words can mean whatever they want them to. So blithely unconcerned are they with the consequences of their demands that they have become dangerous fantasists; a collective of Walter Mitty characters whose dreams are unpunctuated by reality.

    We saw elements of their absurdity on the final day in the Senate. A naïve and irresponsible crossbench teamed up with Labor and the Greens to begin to dismantle Australia’s border protection laws.

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  • Cosy Club or Protection Racket?

    Being stuck in the Canberra bubble and seeing how dysfunctional our political system has become, generates equal measures of disappointment and despair.

    I am disappointed because the political class is failing the very people they are elected to represent. Interminable petty point-scoring passes as an excuse for political debate. Identity politics and whining victimhood statements are the primary discussion and meanwhile, Australia’s way of life goes down the gurgler.

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  • Lady Liberals & Show Phonys

    What a week it has been.

    Avowed socialists have won a whopping majority in Victoria thanks to weak opposition and the Federal government is listing badly after a defection because of ‘bullying’ and ‘sexism’.

    I have heard such words before and they are usually the refuge of those who haven’t a credible case to mount. It’s no coincidence that they are also usually used by those who don’t get what they want and so they then start to embrace and repeat the slurs of the intellectually bereft left.

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