• The Bruised And Battered Left Have Not Been Vanquished

    Some columns are much harder to write than others. This one is bittersweet.

    I am pleased that the Coalition was re-elected last Saturday but disappointed that the Australian Conservatives barely troubled the electoral scorers.

    The lack of success wasn’t due to an absence of hard work. Our candidates and volunteers worked tirelessly to get the message out. They represented our Party well, with dignity and respect.

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  • The Two-Party Duopoly Isn’t Delivering The Results Our Nation Needs

    It’s the final days before the Federal election and based on the pre-poll numbers a lot of Australians have clearly made up their minds. They voted early to avoid the rush and to switch off from the incessant political chatter.

    My theory is that people are so fed up with politics that by voting early they have ‘done their duty’ and can justify ignoring the rest of the election campaign.

    The major parties don’t like this much and you can expect them to team up post-election (no matter who wins) to try and change the system. They are frustrated that the tens of millions of dollars spent planning and implementing a set campaign are increasingly falling on deaf ears.

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  • A Taxing Time For Mandates

    I was asked about my attitude to tax reform by ABC RN this week.

    Host Fran Kelly made a fair point that Labor had made themselves a big target by releasing some significant tax policies well ahead of the election and, if they did win, shouldn’t the Senate allow them through.

    It came on the back of Shadow Treasurer Bowen claiming Labor would have a mandate to legislate their policy agenda. The online dictionary defines a ‘mandate’ as an official command or a go-ahead and a winning politician claims their victory is the official order.

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  • Time To Stop The Experiments

    With less than three weeks to election day, like most politicians I am on the campaign trail.

    Despite the geographic diversity of the people I speak to across the country, there are some common claims they share.

    Overwhelmingly people think politics and politicians have become less credible and less relevant to them than ever before.

    “If the current crop won’t work for me then I’ll vote for someone who will stick it to them” seems a recurring theme.

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  • Choices Have Very Real Consequences

    As the nation took a break for the Easter weekend, the international Jihadists caused more carnage; this time targeting worshippers in Sri Lanka.

    With hundreds killed I was not surprised by the lack of comment from the civilisation-hating, anti-Christian Greens party and their ilk in the media.

    I didn’t hear their whiny voices blaming hate speech from within the Islamic community nor the reprehensible deeds of Mohammed who is considered the model example for all Muslims.

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  • There’s Always Room For Improvement

    All the kerfuffle over Israel Folau’s ‘sinful’ tweet further demonstrates the rampant hypocrisy and anti-Christian bias of many in our community.

    There is nothing wrong with Folau’s tweet based on the teachings of Christianity.

    He listed a range of behaviours that have always been considered as requiring redemption prior to entering heaven.

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  • Risible Renewables

    The ability to laugh is a wonderful gift particularly when faced with the incoherent ramblings of the unprincipled political left. Such is their level of absurdity that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Unfortunately they are and if you couldn’t laugh you’d probably cry.

    Every week there is a plethora of contradictions in their policy agenda that doesn’t seem to trouble the ideologues.

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  • Decency Abandoned

    Like Alice through the looking glass, politics gets ‘curiouser and curiouser’ where it’s not only ‘good English’ that gets forgotten.

    Unfortunately, civility and common decency seem to have been abandoned in the modern political era.

    Words are used and abused by the opportunistic Humpty Dumpties in parliament who subscribe to the theory “When I use a word…it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.”

    How else can the views of everyday Australians be called ‘hate speech’ by the Greens yet their own poisonous diatribe is good for Australia?

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  • The Pointy End Of Politics

    It’s the pointy end of the political season and as the Grand Final kicks off, it appears the Opposition will be kicking with a ten goal breeze.

    Whilst the Coalition’s own goals have dampened their prospects of success, the Opposition have not exactly made themselves a small target. Sure, when the Liberal National internal laundry is being regularly aired, Labor disappear from public view, however overall they have put forward a rather aggressive policy agenda.

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  • The World Goes Increasingly Mad

    Some columns are tougher to write than others. This is one of the more difficult ones because I am struggling to put into words how I feel after the massacre in Christchurch last week.

    The act was barbarous, made all the more heinous because it was perpetrated on those in a place of worship. Sacred places have always been sanctuary for the faithful, a place of peace, contemplation, prayer and personal reflection. In this instance, and in others like it previously, I have little concern as to the specific beliefs of the worshippers. They were the innocent victims of a madman violently pursuing a dangerous ideology.

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