• It’s time to drain the swamp

    soros.JPGThe news that extreme environmental activism in Australia is being funded by international groups with links to the Clinton campaign should set alarm bells ringing.

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  • US & Russia's cyber-war tension

    us-russia.jpgMany defence experts expect the next war to be partly digital, fought in the realms of cyberspace seeking to disrupt essential systems. We know that many nation states already engage in security probing of other country’s systems seeking to detect vulnerabilities.

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  • Who can you trust?

    trump_trust.jpgFaith is fragile. Once it is lost, it is very hard to see it restored.

    To many, the sentence above will be seen through the lens of religious faith alone, but the fragility of faith extends far beyond that realm.

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  • Power outage a wake-up call

    sa-blackout.jpgDistance makes it hard to truly comprehend the real impact of the weather events in South Australia last week. News reports showed the world the enormous damage done by wind and water, and highlighted just how fragile some of our infrastructure is. Nothing highlights this fragility more than the electricity grid failing across the entire state.

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  • Freedom to refuse must be defended

    Source: The Catholic LeaderThe brave new world is upon us. Freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of speech are all under threat by the politically correct social justice warriors (SJW). Their modus operandi is to pressure businesses, both large and small, into conformity with their agenda.

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  • Homosexual militants’ agenda being exposed


    The public spat over redefining marriage is reaching a new level of absurdity with the homosexual activists now being exposed as the intolerant hypocrites they have always been.

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  • Letter from America

    NYC.jpgWhat a welcome to New York. Three days after arriving, a series of bombings occurred in New Jersey and Manhattan. I am not taking it personally!

    As of writing it seems a man named Ahmad Khan Rahami is responsible and whilst there have been some injuries, there have been no fatalities thus far. One can only hope and pray that will continue to be the case.

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  • Staying in touch on my UN secondment

    UN.jpgAs this missive is being delivered to your inbox I am flying to New York City to begin my secondment to the United Nations. It’s a three-month posting to the Australian delegation, which is open to two parliamentarians every year. I’ll be joined by Labor Party Senator Lisa Singh and expect to return to Australia in December.

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  • Senator Dastyari should stand aside

    dast.jpgI have repeatedly warned of the crisis of public confidence in politics and its implications for the major parties. That lack of confidence has a new face: Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

    Dastyari is touted by his NSW pals as a political prodigy; a man of boundless energy, enthusiasm and cunning. He is also a man clearly captured by the NSW disease that has brought such disrepute into our body politic.

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  • Together conservatives can take the fight to the Left

    PH_canberra.jpgThe 45th Parliament has started with a bang.

    Today I will introduce a Bill to reform section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act by removing the words ‘offend’ and ‘insult’ from the list of offences. This hurt-feelings test has been misused and abused to shut down differing opinions in taxpayer-funded lawfare.

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