• Working together to save our steel industry

    steel-mill-616526_1280.jpgIt's a joy to be out and about with my Senate colleagues on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The diversity of scenery, industry and enterprise makes this one of my favourite parts of my home state.

    Whilst agriculture is still one of the most important contributors to the local economy, there are other established and emerging businesses that give great optimism for the future.

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  • A new age of intolerance

    Protest_26_May_2016.jpgWe now live in the age of intolerance. Freedom of speech and independent thought are verboten under the progressive totalitarian agenda. I experienced it for myself in Sydney last week.

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  • Neo-Marxist’s push to reclassify gender

    marxist.pngIt seems like every week throws up a new assault on normality.

    This week The Australian reported on the introduction of the genderless prefix of Mx on government forms. This honorific is designed to be used alongside Mr, Miss, Ms, and Mrs for those who do not wish to reveal their gender and apparently has its origins in the United Kingdom.

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  • Tackling Australia's welfare state

    welfare.jpgI spent last weekend in one of South Australia’s most productive agricultural areas – the Riverland. The breadth and diversity of horticultural and agricultural interests in this area are fantastic and there are many incredible business success stories.

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  • Eight week campaign an important national test

    image-20160506-5690-1bsuyyc.jpgWe are now off and running in the 2016 federal election race. It’s going to be a battle of endurance with a 55-day campaign sure to test the mettle of runners and support crew alike.

    This election is the first double dissolution since 1987 and the first since Senate voting reforms were enacted earlier this year. That means the outcome in the Senate is almost impossible to predict accurately.

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  • Celebrating a decade in the Senate

    swearing_in.jpgToday marks ten years since I became a Senator for South Australia.

    The time has passed so quickly that it almost seems like a blur. However, on reflection, there have been momentous events that have changed the nature of politics, and our nation, at almost every level.

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  • Tackling the real issues at hand

    ice.jpgThis missive is being written around a campfire in regional South Australia whilst enjoying the serenity and majesty of the Australian outback.

    Experiencing ‘remoteness’ - what I would describe as the removal from things we often take for granted - is fantastic for the soul and for providing perspective.

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  • Learning from Britain's Islamic migration mistakes

    460-muslim-women_802356c.jpgSometimes the small things are the most noticeable.

    Last Sunday morning I woke and turned on the ABC radio news. The lead items were the arrest of the ‘third’ man from the Brussels bombings, an extremist group in the Philippines and an update on the kidnap of schoolgirls in Nigeria.

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  • The issues that matter to middle Australians

    Eudunda.JPGLast night I attended a meeting in the town of Eudunda, located less than two hours’ drive from Adelaide.

    Our Sydney readers might consider that a peak hour inner-city trek, but for South Australians, a couple of hours takes one well outside the city limits.

    Eudunda is near the famous Barossa Valley wine region and is the birthplace of Australian author Colin Thiele.

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  • A stronger conservative voice

    media.jpgLast night I was interviewed by Leigh Sales on the ABC’s 7.30 program. Sales was her professional self and we discussed my continuing efforts to create a stronger and more effective conservative voice in the public square.

    I referred to my speech at the National Press Club in 2014 which covered the dissatisfaction with politics and politicians and the potential for it to prompt a rise in anti-establishment political forces.

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