• An inconvenient truth

    brussels.jpgBack in 2009 I travelled to Europe to see the impact of their immigration program and how it had affected the cultural and social fabric of a number of countries.

    I was horrified by what I saw because the inevitable consequences were obvious to anyone prepared to confront reality. At the time there were very few prepared to do so. One was Dutch politician Geert Wilders, whom I met in Amsterdam.

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  • Senate voting reform offers voters more choice


    It's the final Senate week before the Budget is due in May and the focus is on Senate voting reform.

    To say that things are a little fractious would be an understatement. Labor and the Independents are incensed about the reforms and a few Libs (like me) wonder about the wisdom of any policy that requires and receives the support of the Greens to get through!

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  • Double dissolution election looms as a possibility

    senate_img.jpgThe media speculation is that Australia will be headed to the national polls on July 2 for a double dissolution (DD) election.

    This is where both Houses of Parliament are dissolved and all senators face the voters (rather than only half as per normal).

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  • United Nations secondment

    united_nations.pngIt’s been another big week in politics since my last letter.

    It seems the rest of Australia has finally woken up to the damaging political agenda of the ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program and even though the facts are ignored or misrepresented by the celebrity ‘news’ services, the awful truth is out there. Whilst the review is still being conducted, it would be incredulous for the government not to act against this appalling program.

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  • Shorten's 'Latham handshake' moment

    Bill_Shorten.jpgPolitics has reached a new low when the leader of a major political party can only resort to name calling to defend his ideological and illogical policies.

    It happened this morning with the ‘Napoleonic’ leader of the Labor Party, Bill Shorten, who was seeking to defend Labor’s poisonous ‘Safe Schools Coalition’ program that indoctrinates children with a political agenda.

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  • Cashless society threatens our privacy

    cashless_society.jpgToday I am going to write about money. More specifically, what the government wants to do with your money.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning that Australia is ‘on an unstoppable march towards a cashless future’; with the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer Alex Hawke MP saying that a move to a purely digital currency “will lead to countless benefits for all Australians in convenience and security, and will save billions in transaction costs every year”.

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  • Keep political agendas out of schools

    gay_manual.jpgThis morning the media asked for my thoughts on a story on the front page of The Australian about a taxpayer-funded ‘gay manual’ introduced to schools.

    The program, written by homosexual activists and supported to the tune of $8m by the federal government, encourages children as young as 11 to become advocates for the homosexual cause.

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  • Media hypocrisy regarding traditional families

    traditional_family.jpgThey say age brings wisdom. I can’t vouch for that but if there was an award for frustration, I would be receiving my Master’s degree!

    Wherever I look I see a suspension of common sense and seem to be continually saying ‘the world has gone mad’.

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  • Bill Shorten fails the leadership test once again

    shorten.jpgAustralia Day marks the unofficial end of the summer holidays. Until then, even if you have returned to work, it seems perfectly acceptable to dress less formally and work within a looser structure than usual.

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  • My nominee for Australian of the Year is...

    gina-rinehart.jpgIt’s great to be back after a refreshing break with so much to look forward to in 2016.

    I was fortunate enough to spend some time at the beach with my family and friends where we walked, talked and fished.

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