• Thankyou for your support



    This will be my final missive for the year and I want to say thank you.

    Thank you for your encouragement and your support. Thank you for your generosity and advice. Thank you for your wisdom and enthusiasm.

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  • Food certification report proves action on halal urgently needed

    20150513_Food_800x600.jpgIt’s the final sitting week of the parliamentary year and I was pleased to see the Senate committee report on food certification tabled in the chamber yesterday.

    Many of you would know this inquiry dealt with multiple food certification schemes, but most of the interest was centred on halal certification.

    It received over 1,500 submissions from concerned citizens which suggests a high level of community concern. The chattering classes were disgusted that anyone would even dare raise a question about halal and instantly labelled the inquiry racist and Islamophobic.

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  • Dangers of privatising key assets

    port-banner.jpgThere has been some discussion lately about granting a lease of the Darwin port to a company associated with the Chinese government. The central focus has been around the potential defence and intelligence issues associated with such a strategic asset. Media reports have suggested that even the US President raised the matter during a recent visit by our current Prime Minister.

    There is no doubt in my mind that ports are a strategic asset and that we should be concerned about who operates them; but these concerns should be more about trade than defence implications.

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  • Denial must stop, Islam needs reform

    terror_attack_on_paris.jpgMy apologies for the length of this missive. It is longer than usual because there is a lot that needs to be said; or should I say, a lot needs to be repeated in the hope that politicians and the media will actually listen and act.

    Five years ago I was excoriated by colleagues and the media for daring to utter the following sentiments through my blog and a radio interview.

    “The fanciful idea that allowing communities of people to isolate themselves from their fellow citizens somehow builds a better nation is rapidly coming to an end. Across the world there have been new waves of migrants who have decided that their greatest allegiance is to the religious and political ideology of Islam rather than their adopted land.”

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  • Remembering our fallen this Wednesday


    Today is a special day for so many of us. It is the day we remember our service men and women and those who gave all in service of our country.

    It is a day where we remember the time when the guns of the Western Front fell silent in 1918.

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  • Halal certification corruption

    2362762214_65f0a12e27.jpgThis week marked the final hearing for the Senate inquiry into food certification. The focus of the day was the fast growing halal certification industry that sees a huge variety of products certified as ‘approved for Muslims’.

    A fee is paid by companies to make that claim and it extends from exported food and medicinal products through to soccer balls, cat food and football boots.

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  • Media twists as the media will

    dfde4a01e01a2115287888f127f76b20.jpgOften what the media avoids presenting is just as important as what they do show or the ‘angle’ in which they broadcast.

    Yesterday, a man wielding a meat cleaver in the Melbourne CBD, claiming to be a “messiah of Islam,” was downgraded by media outlets to a plain old messiah who was “not motivated by religion” but was mentally ill.

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  • Media bias against Christian faith

    82775d728e4a12c8161e1c47836f93250fec0f6f.jpgAn important news article appeared on the front page of The Australian this week.

    “Media Mocks Christian Right” was the paraphrased headline.

    The story detailed how those who identify with Christian tradition are deemed ‘fair game’ as media targets - all because of their faith.

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  • Defending our culture & freedom of speech

    563791-australian-flag.jpgThere will always be debate about the most pressing issues facing a nation. For some it will be matters environmental, for others economic or financial. For me it is cultural.

    Culture determines the type of country we are and it overwhelmingly determines the type of country we will be in the future.

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  • Tony Jones should apologise

    tony-jones-q-and-a.jpgI no longer watch ABC’s Q&A program as I find it rather boring and altogether too predictable. The host Tony Jones never fails to not-surprise with the consistent insertion of his views into the conversation.

    Or so I thought.

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