• Instant Gratification

    It’s good to be back after a couple of weeks of holiday travel, free of phones, email and politics.

    Thanks to the Conservative Party’s Senate candidates around the country who filled in in my absence and I hope you all enjoyed getting to know them a bit better.

    Travel reminds me of just how lucky we are in this country – even with a revolving door of Prime Ministers.

    We are blessed with space, opportunity and a way of life that is second to none. I just wish more people would cherish what we have and realise the vital need to defend our values and culture. That’s the only way to preserve what makes Australia such a unique and amazing place.

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  • Your Weekly Dose Of Common Sense Podcast

    The Weekly Dose of Common Sense podcast goes from strength to strength, and this week we’re encouraging you to give it a go if you haven’t before, you’ll find it easy to listen to. Feel free to email in your questions and I’ll answer as many as I can in the popular ‘Your Say’ segment.

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  • It’s A Party Full Of The Wrong People

    Like a low budget horror movie featuring B grade actors, Australian politics has entered the realm of the absurd. It’s not as if we haven’t seen this script before either. The Coalition is taking us through a repeat of Labor’s period of dysfunctional government.

    Unfortunately the malaise within the Liberal Party is much more serious than that of their opposition. Without the structure to manage internal party disputes, they face a continuing battle to re-establish what they actually stand for.

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  • No Comment

    I was in my Senate office finishing off my weekly blog post for you, and it vanished! I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences. So, sorry, no blog post today - please listen to the podcast instead by clicking here.

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  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow

    Last weekend I attended a dinner where I caught up with a group of people united by our desire to foster conservative values.

    It was a fun night and as stories were shared I was reminded of just how the smallest of seeds can develop into mighty trees.

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  • Out Of Gas

    I love experiencing new things. It opens the mind to possibilities and potential that otherwise may lie unfulfilled. On Monday I had two such opportunities, which was a wonderful way to start the week.

    The first was to take my first spin in a Tesla car. Regular readers would know I don’t think much of the Elon Musk business model. It’s unsustainable and heavily dependent on taxpayer subsidies but I was very impressed with the car.

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  • The Odds Shorten

    This is the week that could break one of our political leaders.

    A by-election usually provides the voters with a chance to kick the government where it hurts most - in the ballot box!

    Only once in the past hundred and seventeen years has a government actually won a seat off the opposition during a by-election.

    But like almost everything about the recent political environment, these elections are different to politics-as-usual.

    It is a contest between two political leaders who have both alienated their traditional support base.

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  • Stop The Rorts, Halve The Migrants

    Sometimes the political and media cycle is hard to explain. One can repeat the same thing over and over and over again with little traction but then, just when you may have given up hope, a spark catches and the issue becomes of immediate interest.

    We saw that this week when the media and the major parties suddenly became interested in population policy and immigration.

    After years of denying there was anything worth talking about, it suddenly became a very important discussion. Commentators raised the matter of visa exploitation whilst others actually started to question the number of immigrants and their impact on Australia.

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  • Courage Underground

    With parliament not sitting, I have been captivated by the discovery and rescue of the Thai boys from a caving expedition. Initially I was incredulous that they were even found alive after being stranded for more than a week. Now the improbable rescue of these young men has me cheering from the sidelines.

    The difficulty of that rescue was highlighted by the death of a former Thai navy seal who was among the first to put himself forward. It just shows how dangerous this process is and the amazing courage of all those involved…including the boys themselves.

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  • More Questions Than Answers

    After several years of abstinence I got back on the Q&A wagon this week. It was a bit like revisiting your home town after some time away…not much seems to have changed.

    There was a left-leaning fill-in host who I thought did a pretty good job, an assortment of left-leaning panellists, a left-leaning audience …and me.

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