• Debt Deficit & Data Dangers

    Federal budgets are always interesting because they have the potential to impact so many lives. They also mark the start of the ‘battle of ideas’ that will carry duelling political parties forward for the next twelve months.

    This year’s budget was notable for the change in government rhetoric and its obvious focus on the forthcoming election. Whether believable or not, it is refreshing to hear talk of lower and flatter personal taxes, smaller government, encouragement for pensioners and improvement in aged care.

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  • Gonski Attempt 2.0

    The government announced their latest experiment on your children’s brains this week. Labelled Gonski 2.0 it is a further abandonment of common sense education in favour of unproven concepts that will cost a fortune to achieve very little.

    You may recall that the government and a bamboozled crossbench threw $23 billion of borrowed money into education with no idea how it was going to be applied, no stated educational outcomes or financial accountability.

    “That will all come later” the Minister told the few of us that expressed concerns. Now we know - and it has only confirmed the wisdom of voting against giving any government an ideological blank cheque.

    Here are some inconvenient truths.

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  • ANZAC Day

    It can be hard to put into words what ANZAC Day means to so many of us.

    ANZAC Day is perhaps the most revered of all our national occasions. It commemorates all our military personnel whilst reminding the rest of us of the sacrifice they are prepared to make in our service. It reminds us all that families suffer unimaginable losses stoically and that individuals endure frightful conditions without rancour.

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  • Commonwealth Games

    As someone who has become increasingly disinterested in professional sports in recent years, I was surprised by my level of interest in the Commonwealth Games. However, the spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies wasn’t the drawcard; I was captured by the outstanding performances of the athletes.

    It’s easy to play the patriotic card and cheer when our national team-members do well, but the contests proved worthy no matter what the result.

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  • Economic catwalk fails

    After a wonderful Easter break, I wish I had better news for you. Unfortunately it is back to the dangerous reality of creeping socialism.

    Last week we saw Labor’s further financial assault on self-funded retirees and anyone else who invests to get ahead. Radical reform of capital gains, franking credits and borrowing cost deductions are just the start of engorging government at your expense.

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  • Risky quick fixes - Cory Bernardi's Weekly Dose of Common Sense

    There are so many events of note occurring in the world, one scarcely knows where to start.

    Donald Trump, Russian spies, a Chinese dictator, cricket cheats, football, South African farmers, the stock market…there are dozens of important topics I’d love to cover in this blog but I’ll be exploring some of those in the podcast. If you haven’t yet tuned in, you can listen at my website or subscribe through iTunes.

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  • No comfort for major parties from Saturday's results

    Post-election analysis is always sober reading for political parties. History is written by the victors, flattering the outcomes of those who win and diminishing the significance of those who lose.

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  • The Human Touch

    Over the last weekend my wife said words to the effect of “society is now working in such a way that we scarcely have contact with our neighbours but we invite complete strangers into almost every aspect of our lives.”

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  • Fake versus True Free Trade

    I have never been a supporter of trade tariffs. Whilst some will find the jingoistic arguments for trade barriers superficially appealing, in the end the consumer pays every time.

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  • Fundamental errors of judgment


    One of the most important roles of government is to defend our nation. There are internal and external threats that must be neutralised or mitigated to protect us all. Perhaps the most potent threat are the Islamic extremists at work here and abroad to attack our culture, undermine our values and destroy our way of life.

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