• They've never had it so good

    many_hands_out.jpgSometimes things are brought to your attention that leave you gobsmacked.

    It happened to me this week thanks to an email from an Australian Conservatives member and concerned citizen.

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  • Broken records

    Parliament has resumed for the Spring session and one could be forgiven for thinking that although time has passed, nothing has changed.

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  • Broken Vows

    I have been on the road again this week gathering insights and information ahead of parliament resuming. There are so many significant issues that need addressing but all the media chatter is about redefining marriage.

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  • Troubled Waters

    It was at a luncheon last Friday when one of my guests said “be sure to watch the ABC’s Four Corners program on Monday night.”

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  • Breaking the culture siege

    I am writing this week’s comment at 35,000 feet en route to Townsville in Northern Queensland. It’s the final stop on a speaking tour discussing our nation and the role all of us can play in shaping its future.

    Every event has been a full house, suggesting that many Australians are truly searching for a better way.

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  • Ending Up Somewhere Else

    When I was at secondary school I was given a book by one of my teachers entitled “If you don’t know where you are going you’ll probably end up somewhere else.”

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  • ALP's Palestine

    Whenever I write about world events there usually follows a flow of emails telling me how wrong I am or questioning why I bother discussing non-domestic affairs.

    640px-Bethlehem-hamasrally.JPGI have no problem with those who disagree with my perspectives (as long as they are courteous) but those who tell me what to write about actually miss the point. 

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  • Taking Stock

    In life before politics I was involved in the business sector where a lot of focus was on the end of financial year. That date was material in measuring business performance, establishing budgets and calculating team bonuses. For me, it was the moment to take stock of where you are at and where you are going. That process has stayed with me to this day.

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  • Conski 2.0


    Your Weekly Dose of Common Sense is a little late today because we are in the midst of debating the government’s proposed education funding Bill. There is talk of all sorts of deals being cooked up between the Greens, One Nation, Xenophon and the Liberal Party. However it ends up, this Bill signals the abandonment of principle within the once proud Liberals. They are now doing exactly what they rightly condemned when Labor were in government.

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  • Foreign Investment and the National Interest

    Foreign investment is a hot topic that seems to polarise Australians. It’s also a matter that isn’t always a black and white issue. 

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