• Growing a conservative future

    HiRes-Logo-2013.jpgMay I begin by thanking so many of you who contacted me about last week’s letter. The number of messages in reply set a new record and whilst I simply cannot respond personally to every email, be assured I have read every single one.

    With some exceptions, the consistent theme was a sense of disappointment and disenchantment with politics and the Liberal Party.

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  • We were better than this

    2000.jpgJudging by the hundreds of emails and telephone calls I have received, it is fair to say that I share the disappointment of so many conservatives with the current state of politics.

    Ditching a first term Prime Minister is an unprecedented step for the sensible side of politics. Frankly, I thought we were better than that.

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  • Some can't handle the truth

    500.jpgThe political pond proved just how shallow it is this week when faced with a few inconvenient truths.

    As usual, I was the truth teller and was on the receiving end of criticism by a blancmange bunch of ill-informed puppets.

    My crime was to tell the Greens to stop hiding behind the story of the tragic death of the two young boys whose bodies were washed up on a Turkish beach, as a front to justify their absurd refugee policy.

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  • How many people does it take to connect the NBN?

    NBNready.jpgThis week my home was connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN). I consider myself very fortunate to be in an area where the early rollout was implemented as it is a very good service.

    With a family who always seem to be online for homework, entertainment and other assorted internet demands, the speed and bandwidth available from the NBN are quite amazing.

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  • Perfect economic storm brewing

    stock-market-quotes1.jpgThe unprecedented gyrations in the world’s stock markets suggest there are problems afoot with the global economy. Investors are worried that growth is slowing and they are unsure about where they should be placing their money.

    In times of uncertainty, professional money usually retreats to the perceived safety of the US bond market. This flight of capital increases the demands for bonds and as they bid prices up, the effective interest rate received goes down. Hence we now see yields under 2% for ten year investments.

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  • Food certification update and union corruption

    halal_certifiers.jpgThis week features the first hearing of what has come to be known as the ‘halal’ inquiry. In reality it is a Senate inquiry into food certification schemes but, based on the submissions received, the majority of public interest is in relation to halal certification.

    The committee secretary has received around 1300 submissions which are in the process of being approved for publication. This is an extraordinary number for any inquiry and suggests a high level of public interest.

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  • Let the people decide

    43-referendum_immagine.jpgFinally the Coalition has resolved an enduring and contentious debate regarding maintaining our long-standing policy on marriage.

    I am pleased that an overwhelming number of my colleagues stood by our Party’s current policy position.

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  • Rebuilding voter trust after 'entitlements' saga

    BBishop.jpgWe have all heard the saying “A week is a long time in politics” and that makes the several weeks since I last wrote seem like an eternity.

    I had a couple of weeks’ break with my family whilst trying to ignore the news and clear the mind. It worked!

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  • National Press Club debate on same-sex marriage - transcript


    Ladies and gentlemen, would you now please welcome Senator Bernardi to make his opening remarks.


    Thank you, Steve, and thank you to the Press Club for putting on this debate today.

    Nine years ago in my maiden speech to the Senate I said:

    “one could argue that the entire concept of rights has been so debased in recent times that it is now difficult to know what is a right and what is simply a desire. Desires are governed and formed by personal belief and self-interest, and yet they are often presented in the public sphere as a right to correct a perceived wrong.”

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  • Greece default showcases the endgame of the welfare state

    Greek_flag_waving.pngFor many years, I have been writing about the unsustainable nature of the welfare state. Over decades, successive governments have racked up debts to provide immediate benefits without thought for the future generations who have to pay it back. It has happened all over the world – including Australia.

    Today, we have seen the first national financial consequences of such practice in a Western nation. As has been forecast several times recently, Greece has defaulted on the first of its loans. Put simply, Greece is broke.

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