• Growing unrest in the Australian majority

    reclaim_aus.jpgI am out and about in regional South Australia this week, so the comment will be mercifully brief!

    It is clear from my conversations with constituents that they are worried about the direction of the country. There is a sense of frustration that their politicians are letting them down.

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  • Australia leading the fight against terrorism at IPU

    IPU_English_logo_Colours.pngWhen parliament concluded last week, I joined an official delegation to Vietnam to attend a conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

    This is a bi-annual meeting of parliamentarians from across the globe that seeks to build relationships and strengthen the democratic process.

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  • Getting to the bottom of the halal certification racket

    halal.jpgEarlier this week, I went on radio to discuss one of the issues that seems to concern many Australians - halal certification.

    It is a concern that I share and have spoken about over a number of years.

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  • The Laffer Curve - why Australia needs lower taxes

    laffer.jpgFirstly, may I thank so many readers for their efforts in promoting the Conservative Leadership Foundation's writing competition. Your support will be invaluable to making this year's competition the biggest and best yet.

    The competition (and all the activities of the CLF) is my way of investing in the next generation, something that many of you also do in so many ways.

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  • Engaging the next generation in political discussion - CLF writing competition

    Writing_competition.jpgThis week I am asking for your help.

    We need to get young people engaged in political thought about the future of our country.

    We need to make sure the leaders of tomorrow are truly ready to play a role in politics, business, the media, academia and in our communities.

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  • Recognising the source of evil

    isis.jpgThere is always so much going on in the world, and particularly the parallel universe of politics, that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

    But this week, I want to write about something that someone else has written about.

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  • Submarine acquisition should be about value for money and jobs

    f79bf432-ad7f-498d-81ee-ec72df6a3281-1020x612.jpegA brief message today as I am in Senate Estimates - a week of long days and thousands of questions – that makes it hard to concentrate on much else.

    One of the subjects that came up earlier in the week was the matter of Australia’s new submarine fleet. It also happens to be an issue that a number of readers have raised with me privately in recent weeks.

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  • Death penalty is never the answer

    indonesia.jpgThe challenge for many in public life is to be considered and consistent in the application of first principles. Whilst individuals will adhere to different ethical frameworks, it can be rather awkward to apply them across a broad range of subject matters.

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  • Moving on, getting down to business

    866150-ce302b78-afea-11e4-90ab-ef3fd79aaa94.jpgThe new political year kicked off in exactly the wrong way for conservatives – with a spill motion against the Prime Minister.

    The motion failed but it took its toll in so many ways. There is no doubt the PM is chastened by the experience and has committed to changing some of the internal processes of government. If he delivers along the lines of the plan he outlined to the Party room, I am hopeful the stocks of the government will improve.

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  • Leadership discussion does political confidence no favours

    4911026-3x2-940x627.jpgRight now in politics there is only one topic of conversation: leadership and the office of the Prime Minister. It is a terrible discussion for a first term government to be having and, whatever the outcome, will only further turn people off politics and the mainstream political parties.

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