• The year ahead - my predictions

    global_economy.jpgI scarcely know where to begin this letter given all that is going on at home and abroad. So let’s start with wishing all my readers and their loved ones a healthy, happy and blessed 2015.

    The year ahead is one that I expect will be marked by significant change. A change in public attitudes, a change in the global economy and change in global politics. We are already seeing some indication of this which I will touch on below.

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  • National Press Club Address

    national_press_club.pngThank you Steve and may I thank the honourable members and officials of the National Press Club. It’s a great honour to be here and a delight to be here on such an auspicious day.

    It seems like a long time ago, in fact it was 2007, that I authored a report which ran very heavily in the Adelaide Advertiser that we needed cool heads on global warming.

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