• Facts Don't Matter

    It can be hard to comprehend the thought processes of the contemporary ‘activist’. They use neither logic nor reason in their proclamations. Facts don’t matter and words can mean whatever they want them to. So blithely unconcerned are they with the consequences of their demands that they have become dangerous fantasists; a collective of Walter Mitty characters whose dreams are unpunctuated by reality.

    We saw elements of their absurdity on the final day in the Senate. A naïve and irresponsible crossbench teamed up with Labor and the Greens to begin to dismantle Australia’s border protection laws.

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  • Cosy Club or Protection Racket?

    Being stuck in the Canberra bubble and seeing how dysfunctional our political system has become, generates equal measures of disappointment and despair.

    I am disappointed because the political class is failing the very people they are elected to represent. Interminable petty point-scoring passes as an excuse for political debate. Identity politics and whining victimhood statements are the primary discussion and meanwhile, Australia’s way of life goes down the gurgler.

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  • Lady Liberals & Show Phonys

    What a week it has been.

    Avowed socialists have won a whopping majority in Victoria thanks to weak opposition and the Federal government is listing badly after a defection because of ‘bullying’ and ‘sexism’.

    I have heard such words before and they are usually the refuge of those who haven’t a credible case to mount. It’s no coincidence that they are also usually used by those who don’t get what they want and so they then start to embrace and repeat the slurs of the intellectually bereft left.

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  • Up In Arms

    In a world of perpetual outrage, there are some guaranteed instant argument creators. I’ll be discussing one of them this week so prepare yourself.

    Here goes…

    Last weekend I shot a dozen different firearms and fired off hundreds of rounds as part of my firearms licence training. It was fantastic fun.

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  • They Can Dish It Out...

    An interesting thing happened to me last week. I was effectively refused service by a business because of my conservative beliefs. I am okay with that because I believe that every private business has a right to choose who they want as a customer.

    Perhaps the business is worried that an association with a brand diametrically opposed to their own would be negative for them. It may be that they are having to choose between one client and another. To me, it really doesn’t matter what the reason, a private business is free to choose who they want to provide services for and the conditions surrounding the provision of those services.

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  • Let Freedom Find Its Voice


    Last week I attended a free speech forum in Queensland. It was organised by a group of young people who are committed to celebrating and defending our freedoms lest they be lost to them and future generations.

    The group began to host liberty events in Townsville and are now expanding across Queensland. I hope their movement catches on and is embraced across the land.

    Their cause is shared by many but their real message to me that night was one of hope.

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  • Nothing To See Here, Move Along

    One stereotypical movie scene features an horrific murder or terrible accident, with crowds of onlookers seeking a glimpse of the macabre and a hapless police officer ushering them on whilst repeating “Nothing to see here. Move along”

    It’s a scene that we see played out by politicians seeking to hide their lack of insight or cover their shortcomings all too often.  In recent times the routine has largely been played out in reference to China.

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  • Short-Term Sugar Hits Don't Work

    No matter how they try to spin it, the result of the by-election in Wentworth was a disaster for the Coalition. It was a record swing against a government and suggests they will get absolutely smashed at the next federal election.

    That’s not good for the country or for the future of the Liberal Party. It also highlights just how important the decision of the Australian Conservatives to focus on building a strong Senate team is at the next Election.

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  • Behaviour Before Identity

    Last week I attended a funeral for a man I didn’t know well but who had a significant impact on my family. He died suddenly and far too early at just 60 years of age.

    He was the Grade 2 teacher at my children’s primary school and both of my boys had the joy of being in his class over a decade ago. He was a wonderful teacher and knew how to engage with every student to encourage their learning and development. He made school fun whilst never neglecting the important educational building blocks.

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  • The World Has Gone Completely Mad

    “The world has gone completely mad.”

    That’s a phrase I utter almost every day when confronted by the absurdities, deceptions and idiocy of public advocacy groups and government.

    So many groups are now hell-bent on fuelling the grievance industry and generating new ‘victims’ on an almost daily basis that you need to question the motives behind almost every public utterance.

    Sometimes ‘public interest’ advocacy seems to be all about money and even seemingly reputable organisations are not above selling out to feather their own nest.

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