• Behaviour Before Identity

    Last week I attended a funeral for a man I didn’t know well but who had a significant impact on my family. He died suddenly and far too early at just 60 years of age.

    He was the Grade 2 teacher at my children’s primary school and both of my boys had the joy of being in his class over a decade ago. He was a wonderful teacher and knew how to engage with every student to encourage their learning and development. He made school fun whilst never neglecting the important educational building blocks.

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  • The World Has Gone Completely Mad

    “The world has gone completely mad.”

    That’s a phrase I utter almost every day when confronted by the absurdities, deceptions and idiocy of public advocacy groups and government.

    So many groups are now hell-bent on fuelling the grievance industry and generating new ‘victims’ on an almost daily basis that you need to question the motives behind almost every public utterance.

    Sometimes ‘public interest’ advocacy seems to be all about money and even seemingly reputable organisations are not above selling out to feather their own nest.

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  • Keeping China in Check

    After a glorious long weekend (for most of the country) it can be hard to return to work.

    However, recent events have me more worried about the future of Australia; just how many of these problems result from naiveté and wilful inaction by political leaders?

    Regular readers will know that I have previously said that politicians only like to respond after a crisis has developed so they can ride in like a knight in shining armour to save us from the latest peril. After all, you get no credit preventing something most people don’t know about!

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  • I Have A Dream...

    Newly minted PM Scott Morrison has strongly defended Australia Day in the face of more leftist councils withdrawing their support.

    "Australia Day is our national day," the Prime Minister said. "That is the day that Australia's history changed. And it should be a day to recognise all Australians from our first to our most recent.

    "I don't think engaging in this sort of indulgent self-loathing actually makes our country stronger.”

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  • Bullying? What A Load Of Old Cobblers

    Sometimes I feel sorry for the kids of today. They are vulnerable to the experimental whims of alleged adults who make mountains out of molehills whilst simultaneously belittling some genuine concerns.

    Regrettably, it is all been done in the name of helping children but I suspect it is having the opposite effect.

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  • Instant Gratification

    It’s good to be back after a couple of weeks of holiday travel, free of phones, email and politics.

    Thanks to the Conservative Party’s Senate candidates around the country who filled in in my absence and I hope you all enjoyed getting to know them a bit better.

    Travel reminds me of just how lucky we are in this country – even with a revolving door of Prime Ministers.

    We are blessed with space, opportunity and a way of life that is second to none. I just wish more people would cherish what we have and realise the vital need to defend our values and culture. That’s the only way to preserve what makes Australia such a unique and amazing place.

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  • Your Weekly Dose Of Common Sense Podcast

    The Weekly Dose of Common Sense podcast goes from strength to strength, and this week we’re encouraging you to give it a go if you haven’t before, you’ll find it easy to listen to. Feel free to email in your questions and I’ll answer as many as I can in the popular ‘Your Say’ segment.

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  • It’s A Party Full Of The Wrong People

    Like a low budget horror movie featuring B grade actors, Australian politics has entered the realm of the absurd. It’s not as if we haven’t seen this script before either. The Coalition is taking us through a repeat of Labor’s period of dysfunctional government.

    Unfortunately the malaise within the Liberal Party is much more serious than that of their opposition. Without the structure to manage internal party disputes, they face a continuing battle to re-establish what they actually stand for.

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  • No Comment

    I was in my Senate office finishing off my weekly blog post for you, and it vanished! I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences. So, sorry, no blog post today - please listen to the podcast instead by clicking here.

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  • From Little Things, Big Things Grow

    Last weekend I attended a dinner where I caught up with a group of people united by our desire to foster conservative values.

    It was a fun night and as stories were shared I was reminded of just how the smallest of seeds can develop into mighty trees.

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