• Do The Right Thing!

    There are some days when I sit down to write this column and I scarcely know where to start. Rarely is it due to a lack of ideas; more often it is about how many important areas need to be covered.

    Just this week, the World Health Organisation decided that a man wanting to be a woman isn’t suffering from a mental condition but the person playing too many video games is. As one pundit on Twitter commented “Imagine the impact this will have on the NDIS.”

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  • Sorting Out The Senate Circus

    Another ring has been added to the circus of modern politics this week. The political wrecking ball known as Clive Palmer re-entered the fray with a new party and even more grandiose promises (aka BS) than his last failed foray.

    Politics doesn’t need another personality cult. It needs a few adults who are prepared to advocate for consistent principles and values. Our nation needs predictability not populism and policies that will strengthen families, foster free enterprise and rebuild civil society.

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  • Protecting You From Yourself

    Over the long weekend, a visitor to our home spoke of an incident that highlights the very worst of the nanny state.

    Mum, Dad and their 18-year-old daughter visited their local liquor store to purchase a couple of bottles of wine to bring to our place for dinner.

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  • A Bridge Too Far For The ANU

    Choices have consequences. It’s a simple message that sensible parents share with their children and that everyone will eventually learn for themselves.

    In a sign of emotional immaturity, where a poor choice is made, some will seek to deflect blame onto others. They will rationalise and justify whatever they can to avoid responsibility themselves.

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  • Royal Flying Doctors

    Last weekend I attended a dinner to celebrate the 90th birthday of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). It was a tremendous event befitting of this amazing organisation which has done so much for so many Australians.

    The RFDS was started by the Very Reverend John Flynn, OBE, DD. As a Presbyterian Minister, he initiated the Australian Inland Mission to minister to the spiritual, social and medical needs of those in the Outback.

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  • Dangerous Social Experiment

    Our children are unwitting participants in a dangerous social experiment. Their minds and their identity are part of an indoctrination program that threatens the very foundational values of our society.

    It is happening in our schools, our councils, our State and Federal governments and every parent should be worried - very worried.

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  • Citizenship Fiasco Continues

    There are five by-elections scheduled in coming weeks. Four of these are the result of the ongoing parliamentary citizenship fiasco and Bill Shorten’s ‘rolled gold’ guarantee that all Labor MPs were constitutionally valid.

    They weren’t - which only demonstrates Shorten’s Grand Canyon-esque credibility gulf.

    Few people seem to like or trust Shorten, which gives hope to the Coalition despite deep misgivings about their own leader. I suspect this round of by-elections may prove politically fatal for one or the other.

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  • Debt Deficit & Data Dangers

    Federal budgets are always interesting because they have the potential to impact so many lives. They also mark the start of the ‘battle of ideas’ that will carry duelling political parties forward for the next twelve months.

    This year’s budget was notable for the change in government rhetoric and its obvious focus on the forthcoming election. Whether believable or not, it is refreshing to hear talk of lower and flatter personal taxes, smaller government, encouragement for pensioners and improvement in aged care.

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  • Gonski Attempt 2.0

    The government announced their latest experiment on your children’s brains this week. Labelled Gonski 2.0 it is a further abandonment of common sense education in favour of unproven concepts that will cost a fortune to achieve very little.

    You may recall that the government and a bamboozled crossbench threw $23 billion of borrowed money into education with no idea how it was going to be applied, no stated educational outcomes or financial accountability.

    “That will all come later” the Minister told the few of us that expressed concerns. Now we know - and it has only confirmed the wisdom of voting against giving any government an ideological blank cheque.

    Here are some inconvenient truths.

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  • ANZAC Day

    It can be hard to put into words what ANZAC Day means to so many of us.

    ANZAC Day is perhaps the most revered of all our national occasions. It commemorates all our military personnel whilst reminding the rest of us of the sacrifice they are prepared to make in our service. It reminds us all that families suffer unimaginable losses stoically and that individuals endure frightful conditions without rancour.

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