• Responding to the Marriage Survey result

    rainbow_defend_freedoms.pngThe result of the marriage postal survey is in and nearly 40% of Australians voted NO to redefining marriage.

    A great many more Australians also have concerns about the consequences for our cherished freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of conscience.

    Australian parents are worried about the LGBT agenda being proselytised through the abominable ‘safe schools’ program and parents being denied the right to have a say in what is being taught to our children.

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  • A full blown constitutional crisis


    The citizenship fiasco looms as the last nail in public confidence in this parliament and threatens the legitimacy of parliament itself.

    It is clear that some MPs have been blatantly making false claims about their eligibility to sit in the Australian Parliament whilst others have fallen foul of the Constitution by ignorance – wilful or otherwise.

    We are now on the cusp of a full blown constitutional crisis with many more questions still to be answered.

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  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery


    People say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is true, Australian Conservatives should be very flattered indeed.

    Despite beginning with a standing start in February this year, it’s increasingly clear our principles are shining through and we are leading the policy agenda for the two major parties. 

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  • The True Cost of the NBN


    It seems that I am one of the lucky ones. The NBN is connected to my home and it works brilliantly for the extensive digital demands of our household.

    Unfortunately, the cost of that connection comes at a very heavy price for the Australian taxpayer. When the Labor Party first cobbled together a national broadband initiative – literally on the back of an envelope – it was mooted to cost around $6 billion. That cost has now blown out to ten times the original forecast.

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  • A Page from the Australian Conservatives Playbook

    RAW_POLICY_energy.pngI’ll be brief today as the Senate is sitting and there is a pile of legislation that needs an injection of common sense. These include the government setting up a ‘slush fund’ purporting to be a new bank, welfare reform that won’t really reform anything substantive, citizenship half-measures towards restoring Australian values, a political-fix savings scheme that breaks the government promise of ‘no further changes to super’ and important higher education reforms that look doomed to failure.


    Just another day in a Senate that isn’t working to our advantage but instead is providing headlines to those who treat politics like show business.

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  • Schemes drain taxpayer energy


    Just when I thought politics couldn’t disappoint any further, I see more half-baked proposals to fix our broken electricity system.

    The system was broken by the actions of the very same politicians who now claim they can fix it. Such was the hysteria about ‘needing to do something about climate change’, successive governments and their collaborators in the opposition have done incredible damage to our economic prospects.

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  • A new model

    Every time I attend an event or stop and have a chat with someone in the street, I invariably learn something about them, about me and about our amazing country.

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  • Statist Sugar Hits

    What a wonderful response to last week’s missive. The messages of congratulations were just amazing, as were the stories many readers shared about married life.

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  • A successful marriage

    After writing my weekly musings for the best part of a decade, I now find the Wednesday morning ritual a cathartic experience.

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  • Sneak attacks amid Senate chaos

    Senate_Division.jpgIt's been a chaotic couple of days in the Senate and there's no sign of that changing this week!

    The usual argy-bargy over procedure and process continues but it is the legislative agenda that is worthy of comment.

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