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I was in my Senate office finishing off my weekly blog post for you, and it vanished! I’m sure you’ve all had similar experiences. So, sorry, no blog post today - please listen to the podcast instead by clicking here.

Things that make you go Hmm…

Drought responses get creative with watermelons and therapeutic teenage showers, while NSW unis use low-grade teaching entrants as cash cows. A Melbourne council’s war on child’s play continues as Minister Jacinta maintains jihad against Sky News. Gossip gets you sacked in more Aussie workplaces, health data’s a hacker’s honeypot and good riddance to this Gold Coast goon.

Bishop (not Julie) calls for burqa ban as religion needs the occasional ribbing, Tim Allen triumphs over PC but a Netflix show is accused of fat-shaming. Drinking and Dubai don’t mix, there’s lost mags among crim compo and ‘voice discrimination’. How do you steal a plane? and gee this is a unique tourism ad.